10 things you need to know about Brazilian bum lift

10 things you need to know about Brazilian bum lift

Summer is just around the corner, and who doesn’t want to put the bun out to the sun? As the big bum trend is growing, so the BBL surgeries are. Are you wondering why? In this article, we will tell you the most important things you need to know about the Brazilian Bum lift before you go for it.

1.  What is a BBL?

A Brazilian bum lift or BBL is a cosmetic procedure based on transferring fat from other parts of your body to the buttocks to create more fullness and enhance the buttocks . The aim is basically to get peachy and perky booty! A Brazilian butt lift is two surgeries in one! You get liposuction to remove the excess fat, and then it is grafted into the glutes while creating a round and contoured hourglass shape.

2.  How does BBL procedure work?

A BBL is a procedure that consists of 3 steps.

Step 1: It starts with liposuction from the areas where there is excess fat. Usually, the fat is collected from the hips, thighs, abdomen, or lower back.

Step 2: The extracted fat is purified from blood and liquid before it gets injected into the buttocks. At the end of this step, only fat remains.

Step 3: It is time to graft the fat into the glutes while reshaping them. It is injected into the buttock muscle and deep fat tissue through small incisions that are made in the body area. With this procedure, the results are natural-looking, as the fat is injected by natural layers, contouring the buttocks and the shape of the body according to the patient’s expectations. 

Brazilian bum lift with MCAN Health

3.  How is the Brazilian Bum lift recovery?

The recovery is one of the most essential parts of the surgery. At the early phase of recovery, there is minimal pain that can be controlled through pain medication. During the first two weeks you shouldn’t sit or lie directly on your buttocks without using a BBL pillow. It is very important to avoid pressure on this part of the body. The recently grafted fat needs some time to settle down.

Usually, most of the patients can go back to work after 1-2 weeks, depending on the kind of job they perform. You will be able to walk after week number 4 and start practicing sports after week number 8.

Keep in mind that everyone is different, so the recovery after a BBL surgery will individually vary. All the BBL post-op care instructions will be given by the surgeon and need to be followed to get the best results possible.

4.  How long does the fat of a BBL last?

A BBL lasts several years or decades, depending on each person. Also, the fat can last on the buttocks for a lifetime for some people. Post-op care is the most important part of this treatment. If the person sits on the buttocks after the surgery or sleeps on the back, there is the possibility the fat grafts won’t survive.

5.  Why having BBL surgery?

Buttocks are largely determined by genetics. Even though you work out and follow strict diets, sometimes you cannot get the round and lifted shape you would like to have. When you feel your bottom is flat and you have some unwanted fat, a BBL surgery is the best solution to get the body shape and contouring you ever dreamed.


6.  Is Brazilian butt lift safe?

BBL is not a dangerous cosmetic surgery, but it may have some risks like all the procedures that require anesthesia. You need to make sure you are going to the right clinic with an experienced and certified surgeon, and of course, in an accredited clinic to be 100% safe and avoid unnecessary risks.

7.  Where to get the best BBL surgery in the world?

You can have a BBL in many clinics and almost in all the countries in the world. But here we need to tell you that Turkey is one of the top-notch destinations to get a Brazilian Bum lift surgery. The cost of the procedure is affordable, and the surgeons have years of experience performing this treatment. Last but not least, the hospitals are using the latest and newest medical technologies.  

8.  Difference between butt implants vs. a BBL surgery

The butt implants and BBL are surgeries to enhance the buttocks. The main difference is that the first one requires silicone implants to be placed in the bum. The surgeon will choose the best shape of implant according to the patient’s expectations.

BBL surgery uses your own body fat to reshape and contour the buttocks, and the hips. The results are very natural and the risk of rejection is practically nonexistent.

9.  Tips to develop the Brazilian Butt lift results

As we said before, the results of BBL depend on the recovery time and how the person follows the aftercare instruction. In MCAN Health we have some tips and recommendations for the patients to make sure the long term great results.

In the beginning, you have to wear medical garments to ensure the fat keeps in place. You should avoid smoking and driving during the first two weeks. You have to learn to sit on your thighs instead of sitting on your bum, and you have to stay hydrated all the time.

10. How much would it cost to have BBL done? 

The price of a BBL surgery depends on the clinic and country where you want to get it. In the UK and other countries in Europe, the price of a BBL can be between €7000 and €30000. The cost of a Brazilian Butt lift in Turkey is 60-70% lower, and all the patients get the chance to stay in a high-quality hotel, discover an incredible city and enjoy a unique culture in the world.

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