FAQ During The Times Of Covid-19

1. Can I still book and have my treatment with MCAN Health during the times of Covid-19?

Yes, MCAN Health continues offering its services to patients and helps them to book and have their treatments. However, there may be some travel restrictions in your home country. Therefore, MCAN Health strongly advises you to check the information provided by the authorities.

2. I am required to provide Covid-19 test upon my return to my country. How can I have the Covid-19 test in Turkey? Can MCAN Health support me on that?

Yes, MCAN Health supports you on that. MCAN Health is one and only medical travel company that collects the sample at the hotel by medical staff and delivers the test result to the patient electronically in 6 hours. The laboratory making the Covid-19 PCR tests is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health and their test results are accepted by every country except Qatar.

3. While I’m in Istanbul for my treatment, can I go shopping?

Yes, you can. All stores are open from 10 am to 9 pm.

4. Are restaurants and coffee shops open?

Yes, the coffee shops and restaurants are open but only for take aways. So, you cannot sit and dine but order food, drinks, etc. Your hotel restaurants and rooftops are open to sit and enjoy your meals.

5. Can I go out and do sightseeing to enjoy Istanbul during the weekend?

Yes, you can. Although there are restrictions for local people during the weekends, there are no restrictions for tourists in Turkey.

We wish you good health and cannot wait to see you here in Istanbul soon!

Best regards,
MCAN Health