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Another Me

The New You

It is just everywhere: the focus on female looks.  For a long time, I have resisted the pressures of society. But more and more often I felt like less of a woman.

I spoke to a lot of friends. I found that actually most of them were very realistic about breast implant surgery. Some of them had their breast enlarged, some had not, but all were clear about the fact that when you are not happy with your body and wish to improve it you should just go for it. Your self-esteem does not depend on it, they said, but it will get a boost. And you will look more satisfying to your own eye and to others. I decided to do it.

And now, after surgery?

I can’t even describe how happy I am. I can’t believe how natural I look. Like they have always been there. Not the ones you sometimes see on the street and immediately know are a fake. Natural, but different all the same.

The breast enlargement has not just changed the look of my breasts. It changed my life completely.

Before the treatment, I was told not to smoke for at least two weeks. And there it was: I suddenly saw the opportunity for me to be a healthier person. The breast augmentation pushed me, so to speak, into a healthier lifestyle. I started eating healthy foods, exercising, … It felt like everything was going in the right direction It is exciting.