Body Hair Transplant – an alternative worth looking at

body hair transplant an alternative worth looking at blog

Body Hair Transplant:
What to do when the donor area on your head doesn’t provide you with enough hair for hair transplantation? When you simply do not have a sufficient supply of hair at the back of your head to cover the balding parts?

A solution might be Body Hair Transplant

When looking at Body Hair Transplant we distinguish two types: beard hair transplantation and rest-of-the-body-hair transplantation. As the donor area, beard hair is definitely the first choice as the success rate is high: up to 60-95%. Research has demonstrated that chest hair also can be a very successful donor area. Because of the great density and also because the hair from the chest area generates hair with the longest growth after transplantation. The hair on the arms, the belly and the back of the body is not suitable as a donor for hair transplantation.

There are some boundary conditions. Our contracted surgeons tell us the possibilities are largely depending on a similarity between body hair and the length of the hairs.

The possibilities of a successful body hair to head transplantation varies from patient to patient. In order to determine which part of the body hair is suitable as a donor for the transplantation, MCAN Health contracted surgeons always perform research before the actual transplantation. To establish the number of grafts that can be collected and determine the part of the head the body hair can be transplanted to.

In general body hair seems less suitable for restoring the hairline or covering large balding parts on the head. Body hair is usually used to increase the density of the hair on the scalp. The time it takes before you can really see the result of the hair transplantation is much longer than when the hair of the back of the scalp is used. However, it definitely can be an alternative when there is not enough hair on your head.

How is it done?

Actually, the same way as it is done when hair from the back of the scalp is used for the hair transplant. By using the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique, body hair units are carefully extracted. There will be no scars visible in the used donor area.

What are the costs of Body Hair Transplant?

The price of a Body Hair Transplant is not based on the number of grafts as it is in regular hair transplantation. It is based on the number of sessions at MCAN Health. If it would be necessary to combine Body Hair Transplant with regular scalp hair transplantation a proportional amount will be added to the total sum. Of course, our case managers will be happy to inform you about the price of such combination treatment.

MCAN Health performs hair transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey, with the most experienced surgeons in this field.  We perform hair transplantation at only half the price of the same treatment in any European country.

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