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I am into salsa dancing and now my butt is too! I still cannot believe it. I am so happy. Thanks!

Thank you very much for this. It has been a deep wish to have a firmer and rounder butt. Thank you for your wonderful service and mental support during the operation – thnx again MCAN 🙂

The surgery went perfect, although I couldn’t sit for two weeks after the operation. But never mind that. I am well over 60 and I have wanted this for a long time. Was it too late? Certainly not. It doesn’t make me twenty again, but I look great!

What a lot of traffic in Istanbul! But that was the only minus really. I had a wonderful time. I decided to have it and see the city before my operation, fearing I wouldn’t be able to sit much after that. That fortunately wasn’t too bad. MCAN Health is a secret tip to all who want the warm human touch along with great personal service. They even provided me with a phone so I could contact them any time I wanted without looking for Wi-Fi.


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