COVID-19 Update from Turkey

COVID-19 Update from Turkey

COVID-19 Update from Turkey

“From 5 November to 2 December 2020, travelling away from home, including internationally, is restricted from England except in limited circumstances such as for work or for education.” This is one of the lockdown measures of England against COVID-19. There are similar restrictions in the rest of Europe too…

On the other hand, we are still having our patients from the US and Canada. Currently there are no travel restrictions from these countries to Turkey.

As MCAN Heath, we are saddened by the news, so are many patients of ours from Europe who were planning to come to Istanbul to have their desired treatments with us.

We know that globally we are all going through some difficult times due to the pandemic and the governments are trying to take steps to protect their citizens. And thanks to the promising developments in the scientific field about vaccinations, we also know that hopefully, this winter is going to be the last winter under lockdown.

While we are dreaming of a mask and COVID-19 free days, we would like to share some updates from Turkey. So, how is the situation in Turkey at the moment? What are we all up to?

Minor Lockdown Measures with Great Awareness of “Golden Rules” Among Public

The title summarises the current situation in Turkey. The Government of Turkey has taken some minor lockdown measures such as the closure of restaurants, cafes, and bars from 10 pm. Other than that, there are no restrictions on flying in and out of Turkey or for domestic travel.

If we look at the numbers related to the COVID-19 pandemic, likewise other countries, there is a slight increase in the spread of coronavirus here too. The number of patients who are receiving COVID-19 treatment either at home or at the hospital is around 2,500. As you may have heard, Turkey’s COVID-19 numbers do not include the number of asymptomatic cases who may be tested positive but do not require any treatment.

One thing that stands out in Turkey’s “fight against” COVID-19 is the awareness of the citizens. People are taking all the required measures when they are out and about. Almost everyone respects the rules of wearing a mask, keeping good hygiene, and respecting the physical distance.

Recently we had two lovely nurses from the NHS (United Kingdom National Health Service) having their plastic surgery treatments with us. They honestly shared that they were very surprised how people in Turkey were taking the rules seriously. So, they felt extremely safe during their stay in Turkey.

We believe that this is the very reason why Turkey still attracts tourists from all over the world. Most of our patients share that they feel safer here in Turkey than in their hometown thanks to the commitment of the public to the rules.

In Turkey, people are not isolated at home, most people are working in their offices, use public transport, and even socialize. So, we continue with our pre-COVID19 daily routines but with one important change. In addition to the measures taken at the governmental level, each individual is taking responsibility and respecting the three “golden rules” – mask, distance, hygiene.

We are trying to adapt the new normal of COVID-19. Up until now, it seems to be working well.

So, this is how we are doing here in Turkey. We hope we could give you some insight!

So, in short, Turkey’s border is open to the citizens of the world! We will welcome you here in Istanbul as long as your hometown does not put any travel restrictions.

Until we see each other again, take care of yourselves!