Dr. Guzide

Speciality: Medical Aesthetics

Dr Güzide is performing medical aesthetics in M.CAN Polyclinic with her 30+ years of experience.

Born in Erzincan, she was graduated from Bakırköy Highschool and took her medicine training at Cumhuriyet University’s Medicine Department. After her first practice at Çorum – İskip Primary Healthcare Center for 2,5 years, she started to work in Bakırköy Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital.

Between the years of 1998 – 1999, she took her mesotheraphy training from Dr J. Le Coz in Paris.

In 2004, she received Medical Aesthetics Practitioner certificate from the Turkish Ministry of Health.

Proceeding her education meanwhile, Dr Güzide also graduated from Health Institution Managership of Atatürk University in 2017.

Other certificates: Ozone Therapy Certificate, Mesotherapy Certificate

Location: Istanbul

Surgical Experience: 33 years

Field of expertise: Medical Aesthetic Treatments (Botox, Filler, Mesotherapy)

Memberships: MESTDER Society of Medical Aesthetics

Languages: Turkish and English

Nationalities Treated: Turkish, European, Asian