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All About Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery Operations

Dove Cameron plastic surgery can come as dubious to the unspecialized eye; that alone is quite amazing, if you think that Dove has been under the spotlight from the earliest age! The actress and singer has never confessed her surgeries, but MCAN Health’s plastic doctors have something to comment about it.

We will rely on Dove Cameron before and after pictures to determine what is true about her surgical speculation, and what is not. Keep reading to know all about it!

Dove Cameron Before Plastic Surgery

Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery is evident in this Before and After Picture

Dove Cameron plastic surgery speculation is no wonder

Dove Cameron was born in 1996 as Chloe Celeste Hosterman. A true representative of her generation, the actress’ life was marked since the very beginning by a history of clinical depression, most definitely caused by her father’s early death by suicide. The young Chloe chose her artistic name ‘Dove’ as a memento of her father, who used to call her by that loving name.

Double Picture of Dave Cameron's Father in Sepia

Dove’s Father

Such a tragic event marked the rest of Dove’s life to this date. Cameron has openly talked about her struggles with anorexia and pressure to fit into beauty standards, as admitted in an interview for StyleCaster. Some would argue that tragedy would have precisely turned her into a great artist, as her meteoric rise to celebrity might suggest.

Dove Cameron’s Rise to Superstardom

Dove Cameron in a scene of the movie descendants with hair dyed in purple

The actress in the movie Descendants. Dove Cameron plastic surgery is already noticeable

History shows that the fastest road to Hollywood goes through Disney. Like Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande before her, Dove Cameron premiered on a Disney Channel show called Liv and Maddie before being casted for the movie Descendants, which catapulted her into worldwide superstardom.

The young actress made herself a reputation from the very start as a versatile talent able to fit into multi-facetted roles in the entertainment industry. This is further proved by the fact that Dove is not only an actress but also a Billboard-charting artist with singing roles in her movies, with almost 2 million subscribers on YouTube and 15 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

All of Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery Operations

Dove Cameron Face Close Up From Boyfriend 2022 Videoclip

Dove Cameron plastic surgery looks obvious in her 2022 Boyfriend videoclip

As the spotlight becomes brighter, so does the pressure to fit into ever greater beauty standards. And Dove certainly suffered from such pressure. To the point that most fans don’t have doubts regarding Dove Cameron plastic surgery. The release of her latest single seems to confirm this, as Dove’s face has experienced a major transformation as seen in her recent Boyfriend videoclip.

Let’s now take an in-depth look at Dove Cameron before and after pictures.

Where it started: Dove Cameron Nose Job

Dave Cameron Before and After Face Picture

Dave Cameron before and after nose job

On the left, we see a picture of the 2008 movie A Secret Garden, where we meet a 12 year old Dave Cameron with a bump on her nose. Next to it, we see a 2018 picture showing a clearly barbie-dolled face. Dove’s bump has disappeared, while her nose tip has also become smaller and downward-bending. Both are typical nose job procedures, and neither can be explained alluding solely to puberty.

This is so because the nasal structure remains almost unchanged since the age of 12, particularly when it comes to bumps and the tip’s angle. There is no doubt about it. Despite her reluctance to talk about it, Dove Cameron surgically altered her nose shape.

Breast Augmentation

3 Dave Cameron Before and After Pictures of Dove in a bikini with visible breasts

Dove Cameron plastic surgery might have included a breast augmentation

A breast augmentation is a harder call, yet also possible. Dove’s chest tends to remain the same regardless of her weight, which is suspicious. However, she was never a small size to begin with, which means she could compensate with push-up bras and good posing.

We will leave this one for you to consider, but chances are Dove might have opted for a fat injection or even small implants to enhance her breast size. Whatever the case, she has a beautiful figure and looks truly stupendous!

Dove Cameron Lip Filler NOT JUST Speculation

Dove Cameron Before and After Picture showing a clear lip enhancement

Dove Cameron lift filler evidence

Lip fillers are extremely obvious when you check Dove Cameron’s pictures as a kid actress. Combined with jaw and cheek fillers, the young artist did not hesitate to go all out on acid cosmetics for facial rejuvenation. There is absolutely no doubt about this one either.

The young actress augmented her lip size enormously and must get acid administered on a more or less regular basis, probably every 6 months.

Face Implants or Just Fillers?

Dove Cameron posing on the street with a white and blue blouse and blond hair

Dove Cameron plastic surgery barbie-doll face

To be sure, it is hard to tell if Dove truly has facial implants or is just using a disproportionate amount of fillers on a constant basis. Our guess is that she went for implants because such a constant use of fillers will ruin her face before she turns 40, as everyone accustomed with plastic surgery knows all too well.

Dove Cameron Plastic Surgery Might Include an Upper Blepharoplasty

Dove Cameron 3 Before and After Pictures

Dove Cameron’s eyelid evolution

Another of Dove’s facial features that has experienced a substantial change over the years are her eyelids. Cameron could have acquired that cat-like upward-bending curve on the outer extremes of her eyes through the before mentioned fillers, or she could have opted for a blepharoplasty instead, also known as eyelid surgery.

Dove Cameron Before and After Plastic Surgery

Dove Cameron Before and After Picture

Dove Cameron Before and After

2019 was Dove’s big year, the year of her greatest physical transformation. Despite her naturally thin morphology, Dove always had a thin layer of fat over her facial bone structure, giving her a cute look. In 2019, she was done with that, and, just like Ariana Grande, she decided to go for a more intimidating, femme fatale style.

Since the actress did not experience any major weight loss that could have resulted in such a facial change, we must assume Dove Cameron plastic surgery speculation is correct.

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