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Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) in Turkey

Not happy with the shape or size of your nose or having breathing problems due to the shape of your nose? No need to worry anymore! MCAN Health is here to help you with rhinoplasty (nose job) in Turkey.

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose job or nose surgery or nose reshaping, is a surgery involving re-shaping and re-construction of nose. Nose is one of the most defining features of the face. The shape and size of a nose can drastically change the appearance of the face. Being unhappy with the shape or size of nose can cause low self-esteem and emotional problems. Therefore, nose surgery is preferred by not only women but also men and it is one of the most commonly performed treatments worldwide.

Rhinoplasty in Istanbul (nose surgery) offers a permanent solution to patients who are not happy with the shape, size or functioning of their nose. There are different reasons to have a nose surgery. A nose job can be done for medical reasons as well as cosmetic reasons. Being unhappy with the shape or size of the nose, having a crooked nose due to a previous injury and breathing problems due to the shape of the nose are among the reasons why people choose nose surgery. A nose job can be done to alter (reduce or enlarge) the size of the nose, to reshape the nose, to increase or decrease the size of nares (nostrils).

Nose surgery in Turkey is known as reliable, high quality and cost-effective. Therefore, a significant number of people from different parts of the world prefer having nose job in Istanbul.

Why MCAN Health is the Best for Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) in Turkey?

MCAN Health’s plastic surgeons are very well-known in nose surgery because of their talent and expertise. Choosing rhinoplasty (nose surgery) in Turkey with MCAN Health will enable you to get the highest quality service with affordable costs. For its international patients, MCAN Health asks for profile pictures of the patient from front and side. The case manager of the patient also asks a set of questions to understand the type of nose surgery in Turkey. For example having rhinoplasty for the first time or second time as a corrective surgery, having problem or not in breathing all effect the type of nose job in Istanbul by MCAN Health. After the case manager collects all these information together with the picture, she or he will consult our plastic surgeons regarding the type of rhinoplasty to be applied.

Rhinoplasty cost in Turkey

Did you know that you can save up to 60% on your Rhinoplasty operation?  The average price of Rhinoplasty in the UK is around 4500£ while Rhinoplasty price in Turkey starts at only 1900£. The cost of Rhinoplasty in Istanbul includes:

  • Internationally reputable talented nose surgeons who also offer ‘ethnic rhinoplasty’.
  • Fast recovery thanks to latest techniques.
  • No last minute surprises and excellent patient satisfaction thanks to virtual nose job simulator.
  • Enhanced nose appearance with improved nasal breathing.
  • Nose job at top quality hospitals.
  • Accommodation and VIP transfer from the airport to the hotel, hotel to clinic and back.

Check Here for in depth information about Rhinoplasty Istanbul.

All You Need to Know about Nose Job

What is Nose Job?

Rhinoplasty, also called nose job or nose surgery or nose reshaping, is a surgery aiming to alter the size or shape of the nose. A nose surgery can be carried out for cosmetic and medical reasons. In some cases the reason of a nose job can be both. If a patient has a nasal septum deviation resulting in breathing problems, an additional technique called septoplasty can be used along with rhinoplasty. By using these two techniques together, the surgery aims to enhance the appearance of the nose and to solve breathing problem at the same time.

The size and shape of a nose is determined by inheritance and develop until the age of 16. The result of a nose surgery is permanent. Therefore, it is advised to have a nose job after the age of 16.

How is Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) Performed?

The characteristics of the nose and the expectations of the patient from the nose surgery can affect the length of the surgery and the length of hospital stay.

Length of a nose job: A nose job may take up to 3 hours.
Inpatient or outpatient: Usually, patients stay in the hospital for 1 or 2 nights.
Anaesthesia: Nose surgery is usually performed under general anaesthesia.
Types of Rhinoplasty: There are 3 types :

• Standard rhinoplasty: Full nose correction including the bridge, nose tip and nostrils.
• Septorhinoplasty: Full nose correction along with fixing nasal septum deviation (for patients who have breathing problems as well).
• Rhino-tip: Correction of the tip and nostrils.

Incisions: The incisions for a nose surgery can be made inside or outside depending on the circumstances of the patient. In open surgery technique, the incisions are made outside the nose. In closed surgery technique, the incisions are made inside the nose.
Reshaping the nose: The process may differ from one patient to another. Depending on the needs of the patient, the nose bone can be re-positioned or the cartilage can be re-shaped. Finally, the skin on the top of the nose is adjusted according to the new shape of the nose.

Instructions for Pre-Operation

Your MCAN Health surgeon will explain how to prepare for your nose surgery. For example, you may be asked to:

• Stop smoking 2 weeks before rhinoplasty if you smoke.
• Stop taking alcohol at least a day before the nose reshaping surgery.
• Stop eating or drinking 6 hours before the nose job.
• Stop taking certain medication 2 weeks before the surgery.
• Undergo certain medical tests.
• Avoid direct sunlight and tanning on your face for at least 1 month before the nose surgery, etc.

Instructions for Post-Operation

You will be instructed about post-operation care and you will be supported by MCAN Health even after you go back home via calls. Some examples of post-operation instructions are:

• Taking the prescribed medication after your nose surgery.
• Treating the nose with cold compress regularly.
• Sleeping on your back with your nose looking up at all times for a week.
• Not making any pressure on the nose by wearing glasses or sunglasses.
• Not blowing your nose for 2 weeks.
• Wearing a bandage until your check-up day.
• Not sneezing through your nose, etc.

Results of Nose Job

You can check our before after gallery for results of nose job here.

Benefits of a nose surgery in Turkey with MCAN Health:

• Enhanced satisfaction with the overall face appearance.
• Improved ability of breathing.
• More comfortable sleeps thanks to enhanced nostrils.
• Enhanced self-esteem.
• Better look of your face from every angle.

1) Can you fix the breathing problems by rhinoplasty?

Yes. MCAN Health offers nose surgery for both cosmetic and medical reasons. With Septorhinoplasty technique used by MCAN Health nose surgeons, you can satisfy your cosmetic and medical expectations. You can have a nose proportional to your face and you can get rid of breathing problems at the same time.

2) Am I going to have visible scars after nose reshaping surgery?

No. Thanks to latest technology that MCAN Health’s rhinoplasty surgeons use, you will not have any visible scars after the surgery.

3) Does nose surgery affect the sense of smell?

No. On the contrary, nose job offers a solution to people having breathing problems due to a nasal septum deviation.

4) Does MCAN Health carry out ethnic rhinoplasty?

Yes. MCAN Health’s surgeons are very talented and also have experience working abroad with people from different ethnic backgrounds.

5) Do I need to take time off from work?

Yes, you do need. The length of it depends on the type of work you do and how physical commitment your work requires. Usually patients go back to work 1 week after the operation.

6) Can I have nose piercing after nose surgery?

Yes you can but not immediately after the nose surgery, you can have it sometime after the nose job.

7) Does MCAN Health perform nose surgery on men as well?

Yes. MCAN Health offers nose job for both women and men thanks to its experienced surgeons.

8) Can I wear my glasses after my nose surgery?

You should not put any pressure on your nose for while after your nose job. We advise our patients not to wear sunglasses or glasses for a while.

9) I am planning to have a long haul journey right after my nose job, is it going to be OK?

No. We would not advise our patients to take a flight right after the nose job. As the pressure on the plane may have negative effects. But of course you can travel some time after your nose job.

10) What is I sneeze after my nose job?

Sneezing is natural but you should not pressure or force your nose for a short while after your nose surgery. If you feel like sneezing, try to do it not via your nose.

“My only worry about having a nose job in Turkey was all transfers from hospital to hotel. In a foreign country, I thought it would be pretty difficult. But with MCAN Health, it was not difficult at all. I had a personal driver who drove me from hotel to hospital for all my appointments. He was entertaining as well with a good level of English. I was not worried about the quality of surgeons as I had made a little research about them before I made my decision. I was sure that they would be talented and experienced. My surgeon listened to me very carefully and understood exactly what I wanted. Thanks to advanced technology that MCAN Health uses, I could even see my ‘future’ nose on my face via a virtual simulator. I love my nose now, no more embarrassment, no more low self esteem. Thanks to my surgeon and MCAN Health, I feel much better now.”

“If I was asked to rate my experience with MCAN Health’s nose job, I would rate MCAN Health 10 out of 10. They care about you and your health at every phase. I would pay double or triple of the amount that I paid for my nose job in Turkey if I had my nose job in my country. It is very satisfactory to have this kind of high level service with affordable prices.”

“Thank you MCAN Health for your spectacular hospitality, quality and service. I had my nose job at 5 star hospitals. My surgeon was the master of his work, he did his ‘magic’, my cracked nose is gone and I have my exact desired nose now. My host was such a friendly and caring person that made feel like a queen. My holiday in Turkey was an awesome experience. Thank you MCAN Health!”

“I was 57 when I had my nose job. For years I lived with a giant nose. Raising kids, economical issues did not let me have a rhinoplasty. A friend of mine in London who is a physician as well recommended me MCAN Health. He knew some MCAN Health cosmetic surgeons from international physician conferences. A nose job in Turkey was tempting because of low costs and internationally known cosmetic surgeons. From the first time of contact until the end of the nose job, my surgeon along with other MCAN Health staff was absolutely marvellous. My surgeon called me even after I left Turkey to ask how I was doing.”

“I was not sure about having rhinoplasty in Turkey because I had loads of concerns. When I checked the qualifications of nose job surgeons of MCAN Health, I saw that most of them have international educational and professional experience. My surgeon has a diploma from a UK university and a work experience with NHS. After I saw this, I made my decision and contacted MCAN Health with no hesitation. And I am glad that I did. I cannot stop staring at my nose in the mirror. It looks natural. Such a great talent! I cannot thank enough to my brilliant surgeon.”

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