Facelift (Rhytidectomy) Turkey | MCAN Health

“Look 10 years younger now thanks to face lift job in Turkey with MCAN Health. Fantastic service with affordable prices. Don’t miss it!”

“My flight arrived to Istanbul with a four hour delay due to unexpected weather conditions. I was so stressed about my transfer from the airport to the hotel and that I would not find anyone waiting for me at the airport. I was wrong. My personal host was waiting for me there with a big smile on her face as if she hadn’t wait for that long. The rest of my experience with MCAN Health was same; I felt their hospitality in every step of my treatment.”

“World class face lift surgeons, world class face lift job, world class hospitals, world class hotels, world class treatment with cost-effective prices. No it is not a dream, it is offered by MCAN Health! Thank you MCAN Health for helping me regain my youth.”

“One of my friends had a face lift and she suffered from visible scars afterwards. I really wanted to have face uplift but was not sure and was a bit scared due to my friend’s bad experience. MCAN Health understood my concerns and offered me a free live consultation via skype. I talked to a surgeon who explained me the technique he uses which does not result in visible scars. I felt so relieved that I went for MCAN Health and I am glad I did! I have no visible scars and my face looks so natural that no one believes I had a facelift. Thank you so much MCAN Health!”

“After I got 45, I started feeling the effects of ageing on my face every time I was looking at the mirror. I was feeling so depressed about it that I made my decision to have face uplift. I chose MCAN Health in Turkey because even on the phone, they were so open and transparent to me about facelift in Turkey. They assured me that if I have any problems, even if I have to have the second surgery their insurance will cover me and I would not pay any single extra penny. There were no hidden costs. I had my face uplift with MCAN Health and thanks to my surgeon’s talent with no problem.”


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