Five Recovery Tips After Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is one of the most preferred plastic surgeries in the world. Not only women but also men undergo a tummy tuck due to a number of different reasons. Abdominoplasty is a type of plastic surgery that involves reforming the waistline and removing the saggy skin and fat deposit around the abdominal area. The aim of the tummy tuck operation is to reform and reshape sagging and loose abdomen.

Even if Tummy tuck is performed easily thanks to the cutting-edge technology and the expertise of the doctors, the recovery period may take some time after you have had an abdominoplasty. In the first few days after the operation, you may feel pain, numbness of abdominal skin and incision discomfort. Below you may find some general post-op instructions. As the conditions may vary from patient to patient, you should always consult your doctor first before following them.

1. Rest and Have a Balanced Diet!

During the first two weeks, you need to keep your head and shoulder elevated while sleeping. To do this, put one or two fluffy pillows under head and back. While resting, you should also keep your knees bent. This position will make your skin on your abdominal area relaxed and you feel less tension on your tummy tuck wound.

You should have a balanced diet and avoid junk food. For the first three days after the tummy tuck, you should make sure that you drink plenty of water. Water helps your body to get rid of the liquid in your tummy tuck wound.

2. Wear your compression garment!

Your doctor will advise you to wear a compression garment. This is to support your abdominal area and to prevent swelling. Wearing the compression garment after tummy tuck is extremely important and you should not take it off at least during the first five days after abdominoplasty surgery. It will not only accelerate the healing process but also helps you to get better tummy tuck results.

3. Walking:

After the surgery, it is normal to have pain or tension in your belly area. In the first week after abdominoplasty, small walks in your house such as going to the restroom or kitchen are acceptable. However, as the weeks go, you should do more. Walking will help you to get in shape easily and quickly and also walking reduces the swelling after tummy tuck operation.

4. Don’t Forget to Take Your Medicines on Time!

Your surgeon prescribes you some certain painkillers or antibiotics. All these are to help you heal faster. That’s why you shouldn’t forget to take your medicines on time.

5. Drains:

After tummy tuck operation, your surgeon will insert surgical drains to prevent a build-up of fluid behind the abdominoplasty incision. The drains are really important for abdominoplasty patients as they collect fluid. The drains should be emptied a couple of times a day in the way your surgeon instructed you.