Getting To Know MCAN Health In 15 Short Questions (and Answers!)

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1) Who is MCAN Health?

MCAN Health is a medical tourism facilitator for plastic surgery, hair transplantation, dentistry and eye surgery, founded on March, 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey. Its aim is to create an excellent patient experience by providing services such as accommodation and transfers and medical treatments at very affordable prices.

With a great team, reputable surgeons and world-class standard hospitals, MCAN Health has become a trademark in most of the European countries when it comes to plastic surgery and hair transplantation. MCAN Health facilitates the treatment of thousands of international patients per year.

2) In what kind of treatments is MCAN Health specialized?

MCAN Health in Turkey has a wide range of plastic and hair transplant surgeons. The plastic surgeries vary from Brazilian Butt Lift to Breast Augmentation, from rhinoplasty to face lift.

Besides the plastic surgeries, MCAN Health also provides Medical Aesthetic such as botox, fillers, spider web, fat grafting to its patients.

MCAN Health hair transplant contracted surgeons are all experienced in their field and have treated thousands of patients successfully.

3) Where do most of MCAN Health’s patients come from?

40% of patients are coming from United Kingdom, 15% is coming from USA and Canada, 30% is coming from the rest of the Europe and 15% is coming from other countries. We have patients that are coming from Australia, Japan and Brazil to have their plastic surgery and/or hair transplantation. After the treatment is completed and before they go to their home, we ask them “does it worth to come all the way?” and the answer is always “yes”. They emphasize mostly the huge price difference and the quality of the surgeons and the hospitals we provide them in Turkey.

4) Does MCAN Health have availability in other countries?

MCAN Health has a representative in London. Once every quarter, MCAN Health organizes a consultation day in Marylebone, London. The previously treated patients are coming to see their doctor for a check-up consultation, new patients are coming to discuss and decide on their treatment plan and to actually meet the doctor who will be treating them and ask their questions face to face. For the patients who are unable to attend these consultation days, we provide special online consultation sessions with our contracted surgeons.

5) In which languages does MCAN Health provides their services?

We believe the best way our patients can express their preferences is in their native language. Therefore, we have English, German, French, Arabic, Russian and Spanish speaking people working  at MCAN. We support the patient at the medical consultation at their doctor, during the check-up and whenever the patient needs it during their stay in Istanbul.

6) Does MCAN Health provide insurance, any type of protection to its patients?

Yes, MCAN Health provides Medical Travel Insurance to its patients. MCAN Health works with very reputable and experienced surgeons. But as with all medical treatments, there is a small risk of complications. MCAN Health’s agreement with Global Protective Solutions protects a patient with any given complication s/he might encounter after the procedure for a period of 6 months. When the patient includes the medical travel insurance to the treatment package he or she will be covered for any complications regarding the treatment. Because the medical travel insurance will be valid in the patient’s home country there will be no need to travel to receive treatment. The medical travel insurance also covers any accidents that are not related to the treatment during their trip.

7) What kind of services does MCAN Health provide other than the treatment itself?

MCAN Health welcomes its patient at the airport and provides an airport transfer. Patients stay in 4-5 star hotels in the city center close to touristic attractions and shopping areas. MCAN private chauffeur takes care of the transfers between the hospital, the hotel and the clinic. A patient-host is always there to support the patient during his/her entire stay. A half day city tour is provided for the patients with an English speaking guide. So in fact both hair transplant and plastic surgery packages are on an ALL-INCLUSIVE service basis.

8) How are the hospitals certified, where MCAN Health contracted surgeons perform the surgeries?

MCAN Health contracted surgeons perform the hair transplant and plastic surgeries in hospitals that  hold quality and hygiene certificates from international bodies. Combined plastic surgeries are performed in a non-profit private general hospital that was founded at the end of 19th century. Of course with the most advanced techniques and resources…

Hair Transplant and single plastic surgery cases are performed in a very modern and new plastic surgery hospital.

9) Do the MCAN Health contracted Surgeons speak English and what are their qualifications?

Yes, all of the contracted surgeons of MCAN Health speak English. All of them regularly attend to medical congresses in USA and Europe to meet with their international colleagues and to update with new trends and methods in plastic surgery and hair transplantation. They have all graduated from top medical schools and all are very experienced in treating international patients.

10) What happens when the patient goes back home? Do they still need you?

Surgeries are not finished on the operation day. The process has many steps. That’s why for each patient, we send e-mails to ask for pictures at certain intervals to observe their latest condition. Our contracted surgeons will examine and evaluate these pictures and will guide the patient in their recovery period to get the best possible result.

Whenever a patient feels the need, he or she can communicate with our Customer Experience Specialist Team and ask them all the questions they have or consult one of our contracted surgeons.

So, yes, we add value for our patient by following their case regularly for one year, both in plastic surgery and hair transplantation.

11) How can MCAN Health offer 75% Lower Prices on procedures in Turkey than Europe?

Medical personnel labor costs are much cheaper than in Europe. And not only the low labor costs, but also cheaper rental expenses ensure that operational cost are lower than in Europe. In Turkey a surgeon performs far more operations in plastic surgery, hair transplant and dentistry than in any European country. This certainly contributes to their quality of care.

12) How can the international patient get in touch with MCAN Health?

Most of our international patients found MCAN Health searching the Internet. They contact MCAN Health either by phone, e-mail, WhatsApp or by using our contact form in our website.

They can also start a live chat on our website and get a direct response.

30% of our international patients were referred to us by our previous patients.

Some of our patients visited our consultation days in London and got detailed information there.

13) After a patient contacted MCAN Health, how does the procedure evolve in order  to get a plastic surgery at MCAN Health?

Once a patient contacted MCAN Health, a case manager is assigned to him/her. The case manager asks for the pictures of the patient to be able to evaluate what will be the treatment plan. For example: for a nose job, the case manager will ask for a profile picture from the front and the side and then discuss them with the surgeon. The surgeon will draw up a detailed treatment plan for the nose job that will be sent to the patient by case manager.  Meanwhile MCAN Health will check the health information of the patient to establish if the patient is medically suitable for the surgery. Patients also have the opportunity to make a free Skype consultation with their surgeon to ask their questions directly. Together with the treatment plan, the case manager will provide a price indication. Once the patient decides to proceed, the patient will make an initial deposit payment. MCAN then finalizes the booking and reserves time, space and the medical team for the surgery. The patient receives a very detailed Travel Itinerary.

14) What the patient expects from the moment of arrival to the departure?

After the patient arrives at the airport, the MCAN private chauffeur will welcome the patient and drive him or her to the first location, either the hotel or the clinic.

The MCAN customer experience specialist (CES) will assist the patient during his/her entire stay, at the hotel, the clinic and the hospital. Patients can communicate 24/7 with their CES and get assistance for almost anything: where to eat, what to see, where to shop…

Before going to the surgery, the patient always first gets a consultation with the surgeon and will be able to ask all his/her questions directly. The treatment plan is finalized at the first consultation. After this stage, blood tests are done. After everything has been checked, the patient will go to the surgery.

After the surgery, our contracted surgeons are performing several check-ups and will monitor the patient’s healing process before patient is leaving Istanbul.

15) Lastly, why an international patient should choose MCAN Health for hair transplantation and plastic surgery?

The digital world is full of dirty advertising and information. MCAN Health’s philosophy is always being transparent, sincere, real and truthful.

MCAN Health is trying to provide the best prices with the best surgeons. Of course, in surgery there are always risks, but it is our task to minimize those risks at any costs. Therefor we never ever sacrifice quality when cost is an issue.

MCAN only works with plastic surgeons and hair transplant specialists who have degrees from top medical schools, who are specialists in their fields, experienced in treating international patients and who are recognized by international professional associations.

MCAN Health provides Medical Travel Insurance to create a security for its patients. Among medical travel insurance, corrective treatments, however unlikely it is they will happen, are provided at no charge.

We want all of our patients to be completely satisfied with their results and get a great experience during their treatment period. Because that is who we really are. Not a company that only organizes a treatment for a patient, but a team of people, themselves from all over the world, dedicated to give you a personal and warm experience in a beautiful, but foreign city. And of course, the best possible treatment!

Are you interested in receiving a FREE PRICE QUOTATION from MCAN Health’s experts on your surgery or procedure in Turkey, contact MCAN Health today.

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