Hair Cloning – Too Much or Far Out?

hair cloning too much or far out blog

FUE Hair Transplantation is by far the most popular hair loss treatments at the moment. It is a safe and also very effective approach to get back the hair you once had before you started to lose it.

But the possibilities of FUE Hair Transplantation are limited. They are highly dependent on the potential of hair follicles in the donor area. For people that have a small number of hair follicles and a very large balding area to cover, hair transplantation alone is sometimes insufficient to achieve the desired result.

For decades now researchers have been working on new methods to overcome hair loss. The latest development in research is hair cloning.

Cloning you say? Hair? Can you clone hair? Let us first explain what cloning is.

Clones are organisms, living things that are exact genetic copies. Every single part of their DNA is identical. Clones can happen naturally, like identical twins. Or they can be made in the lab. The most famous example is Dolly the Sheep. Back in 1997, she was front-page news all around the world. Most people will remember her. She wasn’t the first organism made by artificial cloning techniques though, they have been around for much longer. However, it was probably the first time the public heard about the possibilities of cloning. It raised a lot of questions at the time. But the world continues and more and more cloning has become accepted and has developed itself from an interesting idea to a serious possibility for doctors to cure certain diseases.

The concept of hair cloning is to extract healthy hair follicle cells and cultivate clones of them by a variety of culturing methods in a lab (in vitro – outside the body). These clones can then be reimplanted on the balding parts of the scalp. After growing the new hair follicles produce permanent hair.

But the concept is still a concept and not a reality. Not yet. However, in a future that will not even be so far away, I am sure it will be the real thing. The question is not if it will happen but when? Discovered techniques have always found their way. Hair loss treatment has become a serious business. Over the last decades millions of dollars have been spent on the development of new treatments and although experts say it will take at least another 10 years, several companies are racing to be the first to market this revolutionary method in hair loss treatment.

For now, FUE Hair Transplantation will remain one of the safest treatments for hair loss and it will certainly keep its current popularity. In a country like Turkey, in addition, it is a very affordable treatment. At one of the respectable clinics, MCAN Health, the hair transplantation surgeons use only methods that meet the latest state of science. They are on top of the newest technologies. Perhaps that is why patients are coming from all over the world to Istanbul. Needless to say, MCAN Health will participate in possible future clinical trials of hair cloning and will keep you informed on the latest developments.

So! Although it is too early to use this technique, we are confident about the future. And let’s be honest: Did she not have beautiful hair, Dolly? Far out!

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