Is Hair Transplant Possible in your 20s?

is hair transplant possible in your 20s blog

“MCAN Health Turkey advices all patients a double hair loss treatment: Hair Transplantation & Protecting and Thickening the Natural Hair…”

As MCAN Health, patients in their 20s often ask us if hair transplantation is a solution for their receding hair and balding parts. Some of them have used or are using different kinds of medicines or have tried natural remedies, but so far none of them seem to show any result. So they start wondering if hair transplant could work for them.

Both with men and women, the most common cause of hair loss – 95% – is genetic-pattern hair loss. The question is: can male pattern baldness be CURED by hair transplantation? The answer is: NO. Hair transplantation is not a CURE. It is a hair distribution process by getting the hair from the back of the scalp and then placing them to the balding and receding parts of the scalp. But although it is not a cure for hair loss, it provides a balance between the hair at the back of the head and the balding parts of the scalp. The reason why the hair at the back of the scalp remains available even though we are aging is that it is resistant to DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), a hormone which is the cause of baldness.

Regardless of the various methodologies that are available, doctors are not curing, but in fact MANAGING hair loss medically. For example, Finasteride is an oral medication for male pattern hair loss which reduces DHT (the cause of male-pattern baldness). Finasteride slows down the process of hair loss, but it does not CURE or STOP thinning hair process itself.

The Essential Factors to be Considered in Hair Transplantation

In order to determine the specific treatment for hair loss, we have to take into account:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Age when the process of hair thinning started
  • Rate of Progression (Some men become completely bald in less than 5 years, however in most cases, it takes 15-25 years. One study found an average rate of hair loss of about 5% per year)
  • Degree of Hair Loss (the Norwood Hamilton Scale determines the stages)

In fact, there are two ways we can manage hair loss:

1) FUE Hair transplantation to put the hair in balding and receding parts.

2) Protecting and Thickening the Natural Hair.

The second one’s objective is to keep existing hair follicles alive. Because dead hair follicles cannot be recovered. Once a hair follicle is gone, it is gone forever. So, the aim is to slow down the process, to repair and recover the hairs that are getting thin.

Whether hair transplant is a possible solution in your 20s, largely depends on your specific situation. The rate of hair loss progression, the degree of hair loss, the age when the hair loss started, they all form part of the consideration if hair transplant could be useful.

But not only the hair transplantation itself is important, but also the follow-up during one full year is essential to get a natural result for younger patients.

MCAN Health Turkey advices all the patients a double hair loss treatment: Hair Transplantation & Protecting and Thickening the Natural Hair.

For the young patients in their 20s, to have these two types of hair loss management is even more important than for a man who is over his 40s.

For its international patients, MCAN Health Istanbul always bases its decision on their pictures, the answers to the questionnaire and their medical history. Only after a positive evaluation, we invite our patients for FUE Hair Transplantation. After the hair transplant and after the year of follow-up, we provide our patients with advice how to protect their current hair.

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