Body Hair Transplant Turkey

Body Hair Transplant (BHT) is becoming popular among men who do not have a sufficient supply of hair in the donor area over their scalp, but have body hair with high density. Today, patients with a large balding recipient area are asking if their body hair can be implanted to their balding scalp.

This possibility, as hair transplant experts tell us, depends on several variables, such as the similarity of the hair between body and head, the size of the donor area and the length of the body hair.

The beard is usually the first donor choice for transplantation besides the head. The success rate of beard to hair transplant is much higher than the rest-of-the-body hair transplantation (60% to 95%).

Observations show that chest hair is the second-best alternative. It has the greatest density and the highest success rate and it generates hair with the longest growth after transplantation. The hair on the back, the abdomen, and the arms generally are not considered suitable donor areas.

The possibility of body hair to head transplantation varies from patient to patient. After the consultation, our surgical team will determine which part of the body is suitable as a donor area, how many grafts will be to be collected successfully, and the areas to implement the body hair.

According to MCAN Healthʼs experience, collected hair from the body is generally used to increase crown area density. Our team finds body hair as less suitable for restoring the patientʼs hairline.

Patients should be aware that the time needed to see results is much longer compared to regular hair transplants where your scalp is used as a donor area.

Simple Guide to Body Hair Transplantation

Body hair units are carefully extracted with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique. There will be no visible scars left in the donor area. The extracted body hair grafts are implanted to the recipient area in the same way as grafts taken from the scalp.

Simple Guide to Body Hair Transplantation
The Cost of Body Hair Transplant

The Cost of Body Hair Transplant

The Cost of a Hair Transplant Turkey at MCAN Health is not based on the number of grafts but the number of sessions.

If it is necessary to combine body hair transplantation and regular scalp transplantation, the cost will include both the regular hair transplant and the body-hair transplant.

If there is a need for a second session, then the cost will be considered as a different session price.

MCAN Health performs body hair transplantation in Istanbul, Turkey, with the most experienced surgeons. Our prices halven those of any European country, due to Turkish Government incentives for medical tourism and relatively cheap labor cost.

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