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MCAN Clinic proudly announces that in the past 10 years we treated more than 50000 hair transplant patients from all over the world. As the pioneering hair transplant clinic of Turkey we are proud to show the amazing changes of our dearest patients.

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The all-inclusive price of a hair transplant in Turkey cannot be determined without a prior medical consultation, as the cost depends on the selected hair loss treatment, the degree of hair loss and the chosen clinic. As an estimate, the average cost is €2,350, which equals approximately 2,015 Pounds Sterling. The minimum cost is €1,450, and the maximum cost is €3,300. The most expensive packages include a 4 night stay at a 5-star hotel, needleless anesthesia, the best graft extraction treatment and all after-care products.

The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is more reasonable than in Europe and the US, and results are also generally better, as the high demand for hair loss treatments means that Turkish surgeons are usually more experienced than their European or American peers.

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MCAN Health is formed by professionals with over 30 years of experience in the medical and tourism fields. Fueled by the desire to improve people’s lives, we take care of our patients at every step of your journey.

Treatment benefits with MCAN Health include:

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    Maximum number of grafts guarantee with no hidden costs

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    Over 95% operation success rate

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    Treatment by a leading hair transplant clinic certified by the Ministry of Health

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    ISO-abiding standards of quality and approval by TEMOS International

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    Treatment in a safe and familiar environment by a friendly and international team

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Simple Guide to Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplantation is a surgical hair relocation procedure consisting in transferring follicles of hair from a donor area to a recipient area, the latter usually being the head, the eyebrows or the beard.

In other words, a hair transplant is a hair redistribution process, consisting in the transpositioning of hair from dense to hair loss areas.

The operation involves the following steps:

  1. Consultation - the surgeons decides the best transplant method and determines with the patient the preferred areas of extraction and relocation
  2. Local anesthesia - sedation is applied for a painless procedure
  3. Extraction - follicles are extracted from the patientʼs donor area and stored for relocation
  4. Implantation - hair grafts are implanted into the selected hair loss areas

*Donor hair is immune to the DHT hormone that causes male pattern baldness, hence why the operation offers a permanent cure for androgenic alopecia.

Proven Hair Restoration Techniques

MCAN Health offers different hair implant methods, according to each patient's needs and expectations.

Is DHI Better Than FUE?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, the answer is: not necessarily! It all depends on your case and medical condition! Both the DHI and FUE techniques have pros and cons that will be assessed by both you and your doctor. You may wish to consider the following to compare and contrast:

  • DHI uses the CHOI Pen to precisely control the angle, depth, and direction of each implanted follicle. This method creates a more natural hairline and a more natural look.
  • The maximum number of grafts in one session with DHI can be around 2,500 grafts, whereas in FUE it can be up to 5,000 grafts. Twice as much! So patients who need over 2,500 grafts shall accept more than one session with DHI, or a single FUE session.
  • It is possible to implant 45-60 grafts per cm2 in FUE, however, it is possible to implant 80-90 grafts per cm2 in DHI without reducing the scalp blood supply. In simple terms, that means that greater density can be achieved with DHI. For example, in a certain receding area, if the maximum number of grafts with FUE was 1,000; it could be 2,500 with DHI. Bear in mind that Sapphire FUE allows for greater density than standard FUE, however!
  • There is no crusting, pitting, and postulation in DHI.
FUE Motor in Operation
DHI Hair Pen
  • In the DHI technique, extracted grafts are directly implanted into the recipient area, whereas in the FUE technique, extracted grafts are kept in a special solution. Then, canals are opened in the recipient area, and finally extracted grafts are implanted into the opened canals. There is no extra step of opening canals in DHI. Thanks to the CHOI Pen, it combines the last 2 steps of FUE (canal opening and implanting) into one step.
  • There is no bleeding in DHI since the implantation is performed with the CHOI Pen without opening canals.
  • Giving angle and direction to the implanted grafts is much easier and more successful in DHI with the CHOI Pen.
  • There is no need for shaving in DHI, only the donor area is trimmed. In FUE, the whole scalp should be shaved before the procedure.
  • The patient that has DHI can go to your normal routine much quicker than the patient has FUE Hair Transplantation.
  • The recovery is faster with DHI.

International Hair Transplant Doctors at the MCAN Clinic

MCAN Health works with internationally recognised doctors in the best clinic in Turkey. Our surgeons are meticulously selected according to their medical experience, international accreditations, their quality and their success rate.

MCAN doctors have achieved international recognition through their outstanding surgeries and the publication of medical articles in acclaimed international reviews.

Dr. Uslu stresses on the importance of after-care procedures to achieve the best possible results: ʻwearing the bandages, not using any hats and following hair wash instructions carefully will make all the difference.”

“A hair transplant can be performed as long as the patient has no chronic illnesses or medical conditions making him/her unsuitable for the procedure.” DR. USLU

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Step by Step Hair Transplant Recovery

A hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgical procedure with very little chances of complication. The donor area will take a little longer to heal, but its recovery will be complete within a month, whereas beard hair grafts (if transplanted) are liable to be shaven even 7 days after the operation.

On a general note, these are the steps you will need to follow before and after a hair transplant in Istanbul:


In this phase, your doctor will check your medical and health conditions. If you are under any other kind of medication, you need to let him/her know. It is also recommended to stop alcohol and smoking.


Redness and swelling are expected to occur within the first week after a hair implant Turkey. Symptoms will be gone completely after seven days. In the second week, all scars will disappear. Afterwards, there will be no visible signs of the operation.


1 to 2 months after the operation, implanted hair will start to grow. Soon after the new transplanted hair will fall out, only to grow back in the coming months. This is called ʻshock lossʼ and it is perfectly normal, so donʼt worry


After the shaded hair on the recipient area starts growing again, 3 months after your hair transplant in Turkey, you will be able to cut your hair with scissors. Continue to avoid all chemical products.


At the beginning of the 4th month transplanted grafts will be 4 to 6 cm long and much thicker. 6 months after your hair transplant, you will be able to cut your hair anyway you want.


In this period your hair will continue growing and thickening. The best hair transplant results also depend on the patientʼs own aftercare and following of the doctorʼs instructions. If you do this properly, you will soon have all of your hair back!

Hair Transplant Overview

  • Operation


    FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

  • Time


    6-8 Hours

  • Stay


    Minimum 3 Days

  • Anesthesia


    Local Anesthesia

  • Recovery


    4 Days

  • Results


    Lasting for Life


Ask Now

I would like to go for hair transplant at mcan. How to get appointment and budget for the transplant.
Please let me knwo the procedure in the getting appointment, coming to Turkey, accommodation, trasnport, and transplant cost.

    Op. Dr. Polat

    To get an appointment for hair transplant you can reach us by filling our consultation form or from our official whatsapp number +90 850 255 6226

Danny B

Can you do hairline and beard at the same time?

Jonatan Gomez

How long does the head take to heal?

    Op. Dr. Polat

    Most people go back to work 3 days after surgery, whereas all redness and scarring is expected to disappear in the first 1-2 weeks after the operation.


When can I remove my bandage?

    Op. Dr. Polat

    The hair bandage can be removed 1 day after the transplant takes place. Patients should not remove bandages by themselves. Our medical staff will remove them during your check up appointment at the MCAN Clinic.

ronald richard

How long does hair take to grow after a hair implant operation?

    Op. Dr. Polat

    A3 months after your operation a substantial amount of new hair will begin to appear. 12 to 18 months after, you will see the final results of your operation.

Ron Arora

How long after the operation can I workout?

    Op. Dr. Polat

    Patients can resume sport activities 15 days after their operation. It is recommended to exercise lightly at first, avoiding sweating. More engaging work-outs should be postponed for at least 1 month after the operation.


How long does the operation take?

    Op. Dr. Polat

    The duration of the operation depends on the type of technique performed and the number of grafts to be implanted. Generally, the surgical procedure takes around 6 to 8 hours. DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) might take longer depending on the number of grafts.


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