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Every FUE hair transplant procedure looks like a little miracle. But in fact, it is a carefully planned and meticulously organized procedure designed by professionals. From start to finish. From the moment you start to make your inquiries on the Internet to the months following the actual surgery when you look in the mirror and will see your hair has grown again. A Hair Transplantation, of course, is a very personal operation. But that only makes it all the more necessary to plan each step of the way very carefully. Let’s walk through the procedure together step-by-step:

10 steps of Hair Transplantation Turkey

1. Consultation

The moment you have arrived to the hospital, our customer experience specialist will meet you downstairs and take you to the doctor’s consultation room.

The doctor will discuss with you about your best options that can achieve the optimal result such as, the number of grafts that will be extracted, the position and the shape of the hairline, and your expectations from the surgery.

Also, the doctor will explain to you the medications that need to be used after the surgery in details and answer any questions you have in mind.

2.Preparations before the surgery

After the consultation is over, your hair will be trimmed and our nurses will escort you to the pre-prepared operation room. In the first session of the procedure, you will lay face down on the operation bed. The nurses will sterilize your donor area before starting the local anesthesia.

3. Local Anesthesia #1

The anesthetist will perform local anesthesia on your donor area either using a needle or needle-free numbing medication injectors in order to have completely pain-free surgery.

4.Extracting and collecting the grafts

After making sure that the donor area is completely numb and pain-free, our team starts removing the grafts using micromotor with 0.6-0.8 punches.

While the doctor is removing the grafts, the team starts to collect them. Then the team separates the grafts with multiple follicles from those with only one follicle. The separated grafts are grouped and placed on trays with special solutions.

5. Break

When the extraction phase is completed, you will have a break to eat in order to gain back energy to continue the rest of the operation and if you would like you can call your beloved ones to tell them how everything is going.

6. Local Anesthesia #2

Now that you have the rest, the anesthetist will again perform local anesthesia on your recipient area in order to numb the area before implanting the grafts.

7. Opening Canals

Our contracted surgeon will start opening canals to make a place for the grafts to be implanted taking into consideration the shape of your head where are the baldest spots. The canals on the front part (hairline) are made with 30 degree angle and forward. Temple area canals are made with 45 degree angle also in forward direction. In the crown area however, the canals are open in the direction of the natural hair. If there was no hair at all in the crown area, then the canals are made as much natural as possible with between 30~45 degree angles and sometimes up to 60-degree angle while the direction changes depending on which part of the crown is being implanted.   

8. Implanting the grafts

Now it’s time to implant the grafts. After finishing with opening the canals, the team starts implanting the grafts one by one into the opened canals. Starting by implanting the grafts that have the lowest density (one ~ two follicles)  in the front hairline and as the team goes back, they gradually implant the grafts with higher density in the middle and crown area.

9. Wrapping up

The hair implantation is over. The team will clean you up,  help you to put on your shirt, wrap the donor area with bandages and make sure all the implanted hair are in place.

Our driver will be waiting for you to take you back to the hotel so you can have rest from the long day. Remember to take your medications as the doctor prescribed them to you.

10. The next day

It is the check-up day. Our driver will take you from your hotel to the clinic. The doctor will check on you and make sure the hair transplant surgery is successful and all the implanted grafts are in place.

After that, the team will teach you how to wash your hair and how to take care of your hair for the next couple of weeks and show you a demo by washing your hair for the first time.

Now, you can go around and enjoy the beautiful city of Istanbul after your FUE hair transplant or fly back to your country. MCAN Health Hair Transplant Turkey will be in touch with you for one year after your hair transplantation to make sure everything is going as planned, to remind you after-care instructions and make sure you are satisfied with your results.

Thank you for choosing MCAN Health and we wish you a head full of hair.

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