Laser Eye Surgery (Lasik) in Turkey

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Laser Eye Surgery (Lasik) in Turkey​
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Are you tired of being locked up behind glasses or contact lenses? You do not have to anymore! MCAN Health is here to free you from glasses or contacts with laser eye surgery in Turkey.

Laser eye surgery  is performed to treat vision disorders by using an excimer. Laser eye surgery is used to treat nearsightedness (myopia) as well as farsightedness (hypermetropia) and astigmatism. Ageing affects the ability of reading however; laser eye surgery is not advised to be used for presbyopia due to the fact that it changes as we age. Laser eye surgery is the most commonly preferred and performed technique worldwide to treat myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism.

Anyone over 18 who has to wear glasses or contact lenses can have laser eye surgery if:

  • Diopter value is stable.
  • Myopia is less than -10 diopter.
  • Astigmatism is less than -6 diopter.
  • Hypermetropia is less than +4 diopter.
  • Corneal tissue is thick enough.
  • There is no chronic diseases such as diabetes or rheumatism.
  • There is no other eye diseases such as keratoconus, ocular hypertension, etc.
  • There is a suitable ocular structure.

Our eyes are the most beautiful and important parts of our body. Good and healthy vision is undoubtedly indispensible for all of us. Basically, with poor vision, it is not possible to function and carry out even simple daily activities. Therefore, people who do not have a good and health vision naturally, have to wear glasses or contact lenses to improve the quality of the vision. However, it may be an unpleasant experience for people who have had to use glasses or contact lenses for a long while. Not all people can wear contact lenses due to dry eyes or allergies and the feeling of discomfort in the eyes after a long-term use. The requirement to wear glasses can result in frustration owing to fogging-up glasses in winter, inability to wear fashionable sunglasses in summer, and difficulty to put eye make-up, etc. Therefore, to regain the ‘freedom of eyes’, each year an increasing number of people prefer to undergo laser eye surgery.


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Laser Eye Surgery in Turkey with MCAN Health

Vision health is important and the consequences of vision health may be serious if it is left to inexperienced and untalented hands. MCAN Health care about your eyes and offers permanent, high quality laser eye surgery in Turkey performed by leading eye surgeons at leading eye hospital called DunyaGoz. Dunyagoz is the first Turkish health organisation that has invested European health sector. Dunyagoz has clinics in London, Delft, Cologne and Frankfurt. Laser eye surgery in Turkey with MCAN Health has the expertise and quality recognized globally. Last but not least, MCAN Health offers reliable and top quality laser eye surgery with affordable prices.

MCAN Health offers you:

  • State-of-the-art laser surgery equipments that are approved by FDA (American Food and Drug Administration).
  • Eye surgeons specialized in eye laser surgery.
  • Permanent results.
  • Experienced and multi-language (ability to give service in 19 languages) medical team.
  • Inpatient treatment at hygienic and luxurious (equal to 7 star hotels) patient accommodation rooms.
  • 100% satisfaction.

All You Need to Know about Laser Eye Surgery

What is Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery involves reshaping of the cornea by laser to correct vision impairment. To perform the procedure, the surface layer of the cornea is moved aside to correct the diopter values by an excimer laser. Then the surface layer is put back smoothly. There are two techniques commonly used for laser eye surgery: LASIK and PRK Wavefront.

Instructions for Pre-Operation

MCAN Health’s specialized laser eye surgeons care about your vision. To get the best results, prior to the laser eye surgery, you need to inform your laser eye surgeon about your medical record, any chronic diseases that you have. On the day of your laser eye surgery, you should not put make-up or any other creams, lotions and you should not have piercings on your face.

Benefits of Eye Laser Surgery with MCAN Health in Turkey:

• Improved and corrected vision.

• No need to wear glasses or contact lenses anymore.

• More carrier opportunities especially as a military professional.

• No more frustration due to fogging-up glasses.

• Ability to wear fashionable sunglasses.

• Better look of your eyes; no smaller appearance of eyes due to thick glasses.

• No itchy and dry eyes due to the use of contact lenses.

• No more risk of eye infection due to unsterilized contact lenses, etc.

How is Laser Eye Surgery Performed?

You will talk to your specialized MCAN Health laser eye surgeon about the most suitable option for you. The technique to use for laser eye surgery is depended on the conditions of your eyes.

Length of the laser eye surgery: Laser eye surgery usually takes around 20 to 30 minutes.
Inpatient/Outpatient: Laser eye surgery is usually outpatient.
Anaesthesia:Local anaesthesia.

Instructions for Post-Operation

• Your specialized laser eye surgeon at MCAN Health may prescribe you with medication such as special eye drops; you need to follow up the instructions of your medication.
• You are advised to be accompanied with someone after the surgery as you should not drive. You should avoid putting make up on your eyes for at least 2 weeks.
• You should be gentle with your eyes; you should not rub your eyes and should protect your eyes from external contacts such as water, dust, etc.. You should not take a bath or wash your face for one day after the laser eye surgery.
• You should not take a shower for the first 5 days after the laser eye surgery.

Post-operation instructions may change from one patient to another. Your MCAN Health laser eye surgeon will go through post-operation instructions with you after your laser eye surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Laser eye surgery is usually outpatient.

No. After your laser eye surgery, you will not need to ever glasses anymore.

Laser eye surgery is performed on patients with maximum -10 myopia diopter. However, there are other techniques used to treat eyes with over -10 myopia diopter. Please contact MCAN Health for free consultation.

You vision will gradually get better after your laser eye surgery. We advise you to have 2 to 5 days off from work.

Yes you can but not just after your laser eye surgery. You should at least give several months after your laser eye surgery to wear cosmetic contacts.

Usually patients are prescribed with some medication including eye-drops. Your MCAN Health laser eye surgeon will advise you what to do as a part of pos-operation care.

Laser eye surgery in Turkey is very cost-effective compared to many countries around the world. Also, MCAN Health offers you a great chance of paying the cost of your laser eye surgery by instalments. Please contact MCAN Health for further information.