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Laser Eye Surgery (Lasik) In Turkey | MCAN Health

1) Is laser eye an inpatient or outpatient surgery?

Laser eye surgery is usually outpatient.

2) Will I still need to wear glasses after laser eye surgery?

No. After your laser eye surgery, you will not need to ever glasses anymore.

3) I have myopia with -14 diopter, can I have a laser eye surgery?

Laser eye surgery is performed on patients with maximum -10 myopia diopter. However, there are other techniques used to treat eyes with over -10 myopia diopter. Please contact MCAN Health for free consultation.

4) Can I resume working right after the laser eye surgery?

You vision will gradually get better after your laser eye surgery. We advise you to have 2 to 5 days off from work.

5) Can I wear cosmetic contact lenses after my laser surgery?

Yes you can but not just after your laser eye surgery. You should at least give several months after your laser eye surgery to wear cosmetic contacts.

6) Can I have a laser eye surgery for only one of my eyes?

Yes, you can.

7) Do I need to use eye-drops after my laser eye surgery?

Usually patients are prescribed with some medication including eye-drops. Your MCAN Health laser eye surgeon will advise you what to do as a part of pos-operation care.

8) Is it expensive to have a laser eye surgery in Turkey?

Laser eye surgery in Turkey is very cost-effective compared to many countries around the world. Also, MCAN Health offers you a great chance of paying the cost of your laser eye surgery by instalments. Please contact MCAN Health for further information.


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