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Laser Eye Surgery (Lasik) In Turkey | MCAN Health

Why to pay more for a less quality? I asked this to myself before I decided to have my laser eye surgery in Turkey with MCAN Health. Definitely better quality at better hospitals with cheaper prices; this is what MCAN Heath offered. It has been 2 years to be free from glasses and my eyes are as sharp as they were when I was young. Great job MCAN Health!

No more fogging up glasses, no more eye make-up problems thanks to MCAN Health. My vision is great now! I also had an amazing time in Turkey. My personal host was amazing, who accompanied me to see around and have some amazing Turkish food. Even with half of this budget, I would not be able to have my laser eye surgery in my country. I had a first class laser eye surgery and plus an amazing holiday in Turkey with MCAN Health.

My sister who lives in Germany had her laser eye surgery with Dunya Goz in 2012. She was very happy about the results therefore advised me to have my laser eye surgery with MCAN Health in Turkey. I travelled to Turkey with almost no concern. Everything went perfectly well. After my surgery, I also had some cultural sightseeing tours offered by MCAN Health. MCAN Health combines health with tourism, affordable prices with high quality service, professionalism with a friendly approach.

Reliable, affordable, high quality laser eye surgery in Turkey with MCAN Health. I had LASIK, the latest technology laser eye treatment and I had great results, no complications, no problems after my laser eye surgery. It has been a year since I had my operation. Now I enjoy the freedom of being ‘glassless’. Well done MCAN Health!

All my childhood years, I was bullied; I was called ‘four eyes’. I used to wear glasses from the very early ages. Finally last year, my eyes were stable enough to have a laser eye surgery. But to be honest I was scared, I heard that if a laser eye surgery is not done properly, there could be some long terms effects even blindness. I knew that I need to get it done at a reliable eye specialized hospital. Budget was important for me too. Upon an extensive online research, I could find MCAN Health. They work with the top eye hospital in Turkey: Dunya Goz. This was the reason that I chose MCAN Health. But then I realized that there was much more about MCAN Health. They have a wonderful and caring customer service not just before the treatment but also after the treatment. So happy of choosing MCAN Health.


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