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Micro Motor FUE Hair Transplantation | MCAN Health BLog

MCAN Health Hair Transplantation Clinic is performing micro motor FUE Technique

Micro-motor FUE in Turkey with MCAN Health

It is very important for us to look good. Physical beauty is one of the cornerstones of our self-esteem. And we are very vulnerable in that. Our hair plays a big part in how we feel about ourselves. The loss of the hairline changes our appearance substantially. It shifts the balance of our face to the forehead and makes us look older.  Given the choice, no one would want to lose his or her hair. The reason why a hair loss treatment in Turkey is so popular is the modern techniques that give you precisely that choice: the choice to keep or to bring back the hair you always had.

Hair is important in our physical attractiveness and a way of expressing our individuality. At MCAN Health we know this very well. That is why we use the best hair transplant surgeons and all modern techniques. Did you know that 75% of the men feel less confident when they start to lose their hair! Not only in their work but also in approaching the opposite sex. But also women experience a huge emotional setback when they start losing their hair.

The low costs of the hair transplant related to other countries and the fact that technologies for hair loss have come to such a professional and perfected stage ensures that people from all over the world now have a real choice between baldness or to have hair transplant surgery. The latest technology in this field is “Micro FUE” (Micro Motor FUE). With this technique hair transplant is now easier and faster than ever before. This FUE technique allows the hair transplant surgeons to do more number of grafts in one session and obtain a more natural and dense look. The Micro FUE technique can cover more balding areas in less time than the manual FUE which can take up to 2-3 days to do.

Hair transplant procedure done with Micro Motor FUE technique is a procedure done with local anesthesia. Depending on the number of grafts a session takes about 6-9 hours. The morning after the transplant there will be a medical check by the doctor.

Turkey is not only famous for its hair transplant clinics and surgeons but also its sights. After the transplant, you can enjoy the city, visit the Byzantine monuments, have a delicious dinner at a lovely restaurant, go shopping in one of the ultra-modern malls in Istanbul or just walk the Bosporus, in the evening, when the millions of light color the water and the banks in Europe and Asia.