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Reviews from our patients

In MCAN Health Reviews section, you can find our previous patients’ testimonials.
Watch and read about their experience:

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Chantel’s Breast Augmentation / Breast Enlargement

Chantel is from the UK and had a breast augmentation in Turkey with MCAN Health. It is her second breast surgery. She had the first one in another clinic earlier. Now that she is at the safe hands with MCAN Health, she seems quite satisfied with the treatment. She loved the hospital and the service. […]

Plastic Surgery in Turkey: Josy Black’s Liposuction and BBL

Josy Black, a model and YouTuber from Germany, had a 4 area liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey with MCAN Health. Watch her tell the whole story in her review! We also recorded every step of her journey. You can watch it here: She was searching for a good service to satisfy her […]

Rhinoplasty in Turkey – Scott from the UK with MCAN Health

Scott from the United Kingdom had a Rhinoplasty operation in İstanbul, Turkey with MCAN Health. He looks quite energic after the surgery and spared us a few minutes for a great interview. From start to finish, he says it was a great experience for him. Before deciding he did a lot of research on the […]

Trasplante capilar en Turquía para mujeres con MCAN Health

Leia nos cuenta su experiencia después de su trasplante capilar en Turquía. Aunque estaba un poco asustada, después de la intervención ha quedado muy contenta. Leia ha tenido una experiencia genial con su implante capilar en Turquía gracias a la profesionalidad del equipo médico de MCAN Health. Se ha sentido tranquila y segura en todo […]

Rhinoplasty in Turkey: “I searched for the best nose surgery!”

Kate from Leeds, UK, seems quite happy after her rhinoplasty operation in Turkey with MCANHealth. In her own words: “I searched for the best nose surgery in the world and MCAN came up”. She loved our professionalism and, as she said, she felt MCAN always with her for the entire process. We are glad to […]

Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey: Josy Black’s Amazing Journey

Josy Black, a famous model and Youtuber from Germany, had Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) in Turkey with MCAN Health. Here is The Story of Josy Black’s Journey to Beauty: In the beginning, she contacted us and said that she wants a BBL. We asked for photos and get a consultation from our medical […]

Haartransplant in der Türkei – Reise von Marcus

Haartransplantation in der Türkei mit Markus: Markus hat MCAN Health durch einen Hinweis von seinem Freund gefunden, der eine sehr befriedigende Behandlung für seinen Haarausfall hatte. Er sagt, dass alles fantastisch ist und er ist sehr aufgeregt, sein Haar wieder wachsen zu sehen. Vor dem Verfahren, während der Konsultationsphase, liebte er den Kommunikationsfluss. Er sagt, […]

Trasplante Capilar en Turquia – Sergio es de España

Nuestro paciente de trasplante capilar S.E. de España, describe su satisfacción del servicio que ha recibido y recomienda MCAN Health a las personas que esten interesadas en hacer trasplante capilar en Turquía.

Hair Transplant in Turkey with MCAN: Our Happy Patients

Awarded with Best Customer Service for the last two years, MCAN Health provides and guarantees 100% Satisfaction as being the only hair transplant provider with Ministry of Health accreditation! Here you can watch the best moments from some of the testimonials from our patients. You can find the long versions on our Youtube channel.

El trasplante de barba en Turquía de Ramon con MCAN Health

Ramon Orlando Cedeño Lozada ha viajado a Estambul para realizarse un trasplante de barba con MCAN Health. En este vídeo, nos cuenta como ha sido su experiencia en Turquía para someterse al implante de barba. Está muy contento con todo el equipo de MCAN Health y recomienda este tratamiento a todo el mundo. ¿Estás pensando […]

El trasplante capilar en Turquía de Sergio y Javier con MCAN Health

Sergio y Javier nos cuentan su experiencia después de realizarse un trasplante capilar en Turquía con MCAN Health. Los dos están muy contentos con los resultados y han quedado muy sorprendidos con la calidad del tratamiento y nuestro equipo médico. La verdad es que se han llevado una grata sorpresa, tal y como nos cuentan […]

Hair Transplant in Turkey Review: Ricky’s Hair Transplant with MCAN Health

Ricky is from Netherlands and had a hair transplant in Turkey with MCAN Health. 3000 grafts are perfectly implanted! He is saying that he searched for the best clinic in Turkey for his hair transplant and found 200 clinics!! Out of 200 clinics, he chose MCAN Health as the best one and we are proud […]

Couple’s Treatment: Liposuction and Hair Transplant in Turkey at the same time!

Here we have a lovely couple from the UK, James and Jade! James was losing his hair and wanted to have a hair transplant while Jade just needed a little support to have her ideal form with liposuction. They did their research together. They browsed and called a lot of clinics abroad and in Turkey. […]

Sam Modlinsky: Watch Sam’s In-depth Journal of Hair Transplantation

Sam Modlinsky is from the United Kingdom and had his hair transplant in Turkey with MCAN Health. In his youtube series about hair transplantation in Turkey, he is answering all the frequently asked questions and honestly evaluating the service and treatment he gets from MCAN Health.

Nick from the UK

MCAN Health dealt very efficiently with my stay in Turkey and all their staff were very responsive and helpful throughout the whole process. Their medical team was fantastic and offered top quality service. Everything was very professional and I would highly recommend them for anyone looking to do a Hair Transplant surgery in Istanbul. Hoping […]

Bojan from Canada

Extremely satisfied with the way they conducted the procedure. Whole MCAN’s team was very helpful and made me feel very comfortable during my stay. Knowledgeable and highly skilled trichilogists were with me during the procedure and made the operation very  easy to deal with and explained the post-op instructions thoroughly . I will recommended MCAN […]

Luke from the USA

Hi, I’m Luke Spence from the US. I was looking to fill in some gaps in my head. I didn’t feel so much pain, very middle. After the surgery, there was no pain. MCAN Health Services are very professional. Ozlem and Tuncay did a great job. Arda was great staying in touch and explaining the […]

Diego from Brazil

I had a great experience. Even at the beginning, before the operation, everything was very fine. MCAN Health did a very great treatment. During the procedure, it was not painful at all. It was a long procedure…

Sharon from the UK

I ve had a breast augmentation. I had 385cc implants because I wanted a natural look. I am very pleased with the results. I was very happy with the MCAN Health doctors who were able to speak English and made me feel comfortable throughout my treatment. I was extremely happy with the arrangements made by […]

Christina from Switzerland

MCAN Health doctor is very good and the hospital, as well. Istanbul is very nice. I find MCAN Health very efficient. As soon as I was emailing to ask anything, I always got a reply as fast as possible. I was very happy with that…

Jose from Spain

Thank you very much, first of all. The treatment went quite OK. Doctor Bayer is very professional. I am happy with the results. It took …

Alfredo from New York

I came to Istanbul for the hair treatment. I was really afraid of the anaesthesia because I had read that is the most painful part. I was really surprise actually because it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be! It was nothing major. The staff was just amazing. I was […]

Zahraa from Sweden

I did my breast implant with Dr Cahit Vural because I have in long time thinking about the operation and wanted more symmetrical and bigger breast. He was very professional and listened at my wishes, I come all the way from Sweden to get the operation with him. The service was so good and they […]

Maissa from New Jersey

I had Vaser Liposuction 4 areas and tummy tuck and breast uplifting. I tried exercises and diet but in the areas it didn’t effected and I have a 4 children and I diceded for the surgery so I can get the body before I had kids. I like the result but you have to be […]

Andrew from the UK

My hair loss really started to bother me so I got a hair transplant. No pain, no scars, amazing doctor and team and amazing MCAN Health. Even 6 months after MCAN Health called me to make sure everything was good.


MCAN Health is very good. The value you pay for is very good. The hospitality and hair transplantation of MCAN Health is very good. I would recommend MCAN Health to my friends…

Chantel from the UK

I had a breast implant and uplift and liposuction to inner thighs,arms,stomach,hips,waist, lower and upper back. i expected to be in pain but was more swelling and bruising i struggled to get up and down for a few days due to my breast implants but with pain killers i felt more at ease. by day […]

Sabra from the UK

You had liposuction in six areas. It was a very good experience. Was welcomed by helpful people. They helped me during the whole procedure. The whole procedure, everything from hotel, to the clinic, to the hospital was all organised. I would recommedn 100% MCAN Health to the people for their aesthetic procedure. I picked the […]

Iben from Denmark

I had breast uplifting, breast implant and tummy tuck (mommy makeover). I had a very big amount of weight loss and then I decided to make the treatment. I choose Istanbul/Turkey because it is cheaper then Denmark and I thought that I would have better treatment and the better service which I am not disappointed […]

Jennifer from the UK

I had breast ımplants surgery for the second tıme which went very well, the surgeon understood straıght away what I wanted. I dıdn t have any complıcatıons so wıll defınıtely be back for my next surgery. the stuff was really friendly and welcoming. they took care of me very well as they were checking on […]

Tomine from Norway

I had rhinoseptoplasty. The hospital was good the location was very reachable and the staff was very friendly and helpfull. I recommend everyone the hospital and the surgent A. Cahit Vural. Everything was great. Great service and nice people. I recommend this clinic.

Astrid from Denmark

I had liposuction of the inner and outer thighs as well as above the knee. Everyone here at Mccan Health was so incredibly sweet and helpful. You immediately get answers to all your questions, and you are surrounded by professionals throughout your entire stay. Although the conversations sometimes happen in Turkish, they will explain everything […]

Nazam from the UK

I felt welcomed at MCAN and comfortable. I was assisted with all the information and informed by Kerem of all the procedure step by step. I would recommend this company to anybody who want Hair Transplant. The quality of work is very high level and they really look after you. The clinic is very clean […]

Yehuda from Israel

Its very good its very special operation for me and operation was very successful for me also I always recomend MCANHEALTH services because they giving the best treatment for my hair transplantation. The hospital is very good and very hygienically for everything also MCAN Health doctors and nurses are very kind for me and when […]

Milaim from Canada

I suggest to people who is not comfortable with their hair to do FUE Hair Transplantation. Because it is easy and simple procedure. Medical Team of MCAN health was great. They teach you what to do after. MCAN Health services was very good. The hotel, the transfer, the translation services. Everything was great, perfect. I […]

Wasim from the UK

Hair Transplant Treatment went absolutely fine. There was no pain, only little injection.  But besides that, it was absolutely fine.  Istanbul is a very beautiful city and the hotel was perfect. MCAN Health was helpful from the very first moment. Thank you very much, MCAN Health.

Amin’s pain-free hair transplant

My name is Amin. I’m 31 years old. I wanted to have hair transplantation because I was losing my hair at the front of my head. So I wanted to have a full hair at the front. During hair transplantation, there was a little pain just when the injections were happening. but overall it is […]

Hassan from Australia

MCAN Health Services are very good. Everything went well as it was planned. MCAN Health made everything easier. I am happy with the results and I have a lot of friends who are interested in Hair Transplantation…

Hamid from Afghanistan

I am Hamid from Afghanistan but I live in Norway. I came to MCAN Health Clinic. MCAN Health is an affirmative and suggestive clinic. I had my hair transplantation yesterday. It worked fine and I feel OK. It is good, I am happy. Let’s see the results.

Hassan from Denmark

Hello, my name is Hassan. I am living in Denmark. I am losing my hair for about 5 years. So I am happy with the results and everything. During my hair transplantation, I didn’t feel any pain. Everything went smoothly from the beginning. I definitely recommend MCAN Health to the others. I liked my hotel, […]

Asif from the UK

I would recommend MCAN Health to my friends who need Hair Transplant. My Hair Transplant treatment was OK. As I don’t like the needles, I felt a little bit pain during the procedure. That’s just because I don’t like needles.  Apart from that, everything was fine and I would recommend MCAN Health Hair Transplantation to […]

Sotiraq from Sweden

MCAN Health was really helpful, answer to any question directly and fix everything well ! The doctor and his assistance was very kind, happy and most very good at their job ! Transportation it was good also the hotel it was nice, clean room and everything in order !

Angela from the UK

Hello, my name is Angela. I am here at the hospital and I am ready to have liposuction and Brazilian Butt lift. Next year I will have Tummy tuck operation. I will have a tiny waist and big bootie. I trust my doctor; he has 37 years’ experience.  So I feel I am in good […]

Dean from Scotland

My name is Dean. I am from Scotland. I wanted to have hair transplant because over the last 5 years or maybe 10 years I recognized gradually some hair falling out. So much from the front crown area…

Trudy-Ann from the UK

My treatment is the best…I would recommend it to all my friends Bestest doctor ever. Love my boobs it is very very perfect for me. Doctor cahit viral is the best doctor. So intelligent..Caring…and kind. Very clean. Caring doc/nurse. Perfect. Arda ugurlu he was our patient host. Very caring….Humble…Polite. He is one of the best […]

Fareed from New York

I had a 3625 graft fue treatment from MCAN and it worked out great in the front and crown area. The operation took about 10.5 hours. The staff explained everything to me at every step of the procedure to make sure I was comfortable. I am a very very happy patient/ customer from New York. […]

Christopher from North Carolina

I traveled to Turkey to have treatment for hair transplant with Ozlem and Tuncay. They did a great job making me comfortable and I had a good understanding of the process. They are very friendly and knowledgable. I would highly recommend them for hair transplant in Istanbul. Arda was a great resource for someone travelling […]

Bianca from the UK

I wanted my body to be more sculptered, and have more shape. The clinic is lovely. It is clean and staff are very friendly. They made my stay very pleasant, and they were helpful, when needed.

Daniel from the UK

Thanks for wonderful, greatly improved chest contour from gynecomastia surgery. You gave me the confidence I have waited for very long time. You bring much joy to the lots of people with great work that you do, using your talent and skill. Definitely I will recommend you and your team to every one I know […]

Nima from the UK

Hair Transplant: Coming into this I was slıghtly nervous about the whole procedure. Afterall, I am about to mess with my head so I was anxıous to say the least. I was made to feel very comfotable by all the staff here and I had a team of 3-4 people doıng my treatment. The operatıon ıtself […]

Magnus from Denmark

I had a great experience with MCAN Health. Right from the beginning a sensed that they where very professional about their job – and also making me, the costumer feeling confident.I would defiantly recommend this for others. Overall good experience. I was searching the internet for this kinda solutions, and accidentally felt over MCAN. Great […]

Matthew from Riccarton

Good team Everythig was good for me from the beginning till the end They picked me up from the airport, Hotel was great and located in good location.With doctor’s team made me feel very comfartable about the operation.After care was good.I got all the necessary after care manuals. I would definetely recommend Mcan Health Clinic […]

Alan from France

I came from France for haır transplant and had 3650 graft transplanted on my head at MCAN. The operatıon took around 8 hours and the staff was very frıendly and very professıonnel, ı’m very satısfıed wıth the servıce at the clınıc but also the organısatıon ın genenral from the rıdes from and to the aırport […]

Ben from the UK

I had a haır transplant as ı had a recıdıng haırlıne ı am very happy wıth the results, the staff were very nıce and helpful,they gave me extra grafts as they could fıt more than they thought on my head ı would reccomend mcan to anyone lookıng for thıs type of procedure, defınatley good value […]

Fatih from the UK

Treatment was very well, it was completely how I wanted. At first I was very nervous because of I didn’t know the staff and I was thinking how they gonna do and thinking that they will put just some hair and they will tell me that’s done. And then they keep doing they job continue […]

Regan from the UK

I received 2500 grafts . The procedure started at 1 pm and ended at 7pm. Staff were very professional and friendly and made me feel at ease. Dr Bayer is highly experienced with decades in professional service. The clinic was well run and organised. Everyone seemed to know exactly what they were doing even though […]

Rami from Saudi Arabia

It was an amazıng treatment wıth MCAN Health Doctor. The clinic was perfect and the staff as well. I am extremely satısfıed from the hair transplant and i will defenitely recommand my friends to do it. Mcan health were extremely professional starting from arranging the medical trip from my country with Mr. Kerem that was […]

Md. from France

I am verry happy about my treatment . first 3/4 minutes was bit pain but after 3/4 minutes really I didnt feel anything until has done. first time I thought they gonna put few grafts just on my forhead but after finished surgery I did see my head and I was really verry verry happy […]

Villamor from Italy

I was searching for FUE Hair Transplantation Clinic in internet. MCAN Health was very fast in responding. e-mails and phone calls…I’m really convinced that MCAN is you can trust to. Good service, friendly way of handling the clients. Good doctor and good facilities. Istanbul is nice. The climate and the people are warm and friendly. […]

Anonymous from Denmark

Although I did not see the result yet, until now on it was very good. I had FUE Hair Transplantation with 2500 grafts for the front part. The medical team made a long treatment. However it worth. I read about MCAN Health in internet. There were good reviews and good service with e-mail from Kerem. […]

Damir from Croatia

I had FUE Hair Transplantation. I received 4300 grafts. Actually I didn’t plan to do it at all. But I started to read about the procedure. And then I found MCAN. I did it because it is possible and it is good price. When I started to search for clinics, Istanbul appears as a first […]

Diaa from Turkey

I had FUE Hair Transplantation. The result will come after 3-6-10 months. The medical team who did the operation was very nice and very experienced. It is normal that operation takes time, it was about 8 hours. But I think it is ok to do more relax and for good result. I saw someone did […]

Barry from China

I had been thınkıng and researchıng haır transplant procedures for many years. Fınally I thought ıt was now or never, my haır loss seemed to stabılıze and I certaınly wasn’t gettıng any younger or lookıng any better! So, a lıttle bıt more research and I selected MCAN Health ın Istanbul. It had very good revıews […]

Rajan from Norway

It was worth coming to MCAN for the treatment. I received a nice consultation and the procedure went all fıne. Not much pain and I feel I have achieved a lot just the 2nd day after transplantatıon. I was convinced to come here through the messages in viber with almost 2 months of continuous contact. […]

Albert from Stockholm

I had a rhinoplasty on August,2015 in Istanbul. I contacted MCAN Health by e-mail. They replied to me immediately. They answered all of my questions before I decided to go with them. Finally I made my decision and I chose Dr Vural. I am very happy with the result, my Doctor, my hospital and MCAN […]

Kamal from Morocco

The treatment was fluid and efficient. I felt i was in good hands. Mcan people have been highly professional and ethically beyond reproach. their follow up was really to my liking. The transportation part is lacking though

Maiwand from the UK

stuff were very frıendly, polite, easy to ask question and Mr. Kerem was proffesional and he convinced me to choose Mcan and He was right about it.Hotel was very good they gave me bigger room as a compliment. Clinic was clean, Hygenic and the stuff was very friendly.

Gabriela from Grays

I had a rhinoplasty operation by Dr Cahit Vural. After the surgery they gave me painkillers and it was not painful. The day after when i am back to the hotel, my nose start to cure. The healing process was fast. No pain at all. My Doctor was helpful and really nice. And the hospital […]

Sameer from the UK

I was picked up by a friendly member at the airport and taken to my hotel. The next day, they took me to the clinic where I spoke to the doctor about the desired position of the hairline. Afterwards they shaved my hair and local anaesthetic was administered to numb the area. This was the […]

Nilufer from London

I had my RhinoSeptoplasty on the 23rd Feb 2016. The staff have been extremely helpful. The people at MCAN are just very professional and I would honestly recommend MCAN to all my friends and family! The hotel I stayed at (pera tulip) was clean and was 10/10. I liked how close it was to everything […]

Joyce from Turkey

I had vaser lipo and lip enhancement with MCAN Health. The staff was really kind and gentle with me and I am also really happy with the results so far! I would definitely recommend MCAN doctors, as they seem really experienced to me in comparison to other institutions I had procedures with! Also the aftercare […]

Natasha from Ireland

MCAN Health arrenged everything for me. I ve had breast implant and uplifting surgery. MCAN doctor did an excellent job. He was really helpful and caring. MCAN hospital was very nice, clean and modern. Everyone was very responsive and helpful 24 hours. The hotel was in central place. My transfer went smoothly. MCAN Stuff is […]

Anonymous from Birmingham

I ve had abdominplasty, breast augmentation and liposuction. Dr Cahit Vural performed my surgery. He is a really nice, caring, expert surgeon by the way he performed the surgeries on me. I felt minimal pain and have acceptable brushing from the Lipo meaning he took care not to be overly aggressive whilst performing the tasks, […]

Flavia from the UK

For years I lived with large breast, and always wanted a reduction, so after those many years I decided to search online for breast reduction. I had it done in November 2015, it was second to none. From the time I chose the Clinic and confirm my surgery date, everything went like clock work. I […]

Mariya from Birmingham

I came to MCAN for an abdominoplatsy and Liposuction to my stomach, back, hips and arms. The best decision I made to have my treatment, I feel greât and will continue to feel better, the more I recover. I recommend the MCAN team to EVERYONE! After much searching around for appropriate clinic, I decided to […]

Michael from the US

I came here to undergo three cosmetic surgeries. I had some lipo done, as well as a hair/beard transplant. All of the procuderes went smoothly and I experienced very little post-op pain. The technicians made sure to keep me comfortable. The clinics in which I underwent my procedures were all great. They were clean and […]

Jane from the UK

I was fascinated with the level of quality and service offered by MCAN Health in Turkey. Everything was so organized and professional that I did not even lift a finger. It was all flowing and smooth. I have no complains at all. Thanks a lot! Excellent quality and service with affordable prices. MCAN Health is the […]

Riel from the UK

Liposuction by MCAN Health: Professional and helpful staff, excellent patient service, high quality, very qualified surgeon, JCI accredited hospital! I strongly recommend MCAN Health without any hesitation. When I saw the price of lipo, I thought that the quality would not be as good as it could be in England. But I was completely wrong; […]

Peter from Amsterdam

I had rhinoplastic surgery in Istanbul. It went perfect, the result is just wonderful really. Wonderful doctor and medical staff. Also I was very happy with the great support by MCAN Health. Thanks again a million times for all your support. A wonderful doctor and staff. From the first moment I felt in good hands. […]

Danielle from the UK

A friend of mine recommended MCAN Health when I told her that I wanted rhinoplasty. She had her nose job in Turkey with MCAN Health and told me that the doctors were known internationally and that they were very experienced. Also the Turkish hospitality was amazing. I took her advice and called MCAN Health and […]

Janette from the UK

From the moment I met my personal host at the airport to the day I left Turkey was an extraordinary experience. My host spoke fluently English and was very helpful with whatever I needed. In fact I didn’t have to think about anything because she had thought it for me. My surgeon and his medical […]

Jessica from the UK

Due to enormous weight loss my boobs were very droopy and saggy. I knew that I wanted a breast Uplift but because of the high cost in my home country I always delayed it. One day I stumbled upon an ad from MCAN Health and decided to research it further. I surprisingly discovered that MCAN […]

Afzaul from the UK

Excellent response from the representative, very informative, helpful and great to communicate with. Really sad not able to do transplant at present, but maybe in the future.

Ashraf from Kuwait

Excellent customer service, was contacted within hrs with continuous support

Yousof from the Netherlands

I chose MCAN Health for hair transplantation. They offered me a few alternatives. I chose the one with the doctor. Thank you to MCAN Health doctor for his patience and wonderful treatment. The clinic was also very nice, clean. Staffs were very helpful. I am very glad to go with MCAN Health. I dont think better […]

Najib from Manama

I got FUE. I have had transplanted 2,000 grafts to cover the front head, top and part of the back. I started losing my hair 10 years ago and even if I wasnt bald, I felt some discomfort when I was looking into the mirror. I ve been thinking about this operation for 3 years […]

Lukas from München

Hello. Im 28 years old and from Germany. I decided to have hair transplant. What I was scared about most was if I get the treatment done and the hair line looks unnatural. I applied to a few clinics. However the most professional doctors were from MCAN Health Clinic. Based on my researches I saw […]

Michiel from Leiden

It took me a long time to decide for a hair transplant. I have been bald for so long that nobody knows me otherwise. And when I finally decided to do it anyway, it took me a long time choosing where to have it done. The internet is helpful but also a place where you […]

Umar from the UK

It wasnt very painful as people have been suggesting. Stay calm, you are in safe hands. The doctors know how to take care of you. Theyre very proffesional. The doctors are talkitive, they make you relaxed. Very much recmommended the clinic if your thinking of getting hair transplant. Excellent service and they look after you […]

Abdoull from Torquay

I had 4,000 grafts transplanted in my forehead, the procedure was very long but it was worth it as the result has been top standard, the design and consultation was done by highly experienced Doctor and the staff who were doing the job were absolutely brilliant, from the first moment moment until the last moment. […]

Vikjoe from Oman

I flew in from Dubai to Istanbul to get a FUE transplant through MCAN and found the team to be very professional and helpful. I was guided through the entire process and and having them on the other side made the entire trip and procedure a breeze. I would highly recommend MCAN Health. I had […]

Mohammed from UK

Ive had a hair transplant for 3000 grafts. Thats very good for my head shape also Hospital is very clean and looks good. MCAN Health doctors are very knowledgeable and experted for hairtransplant. Hotel is clean and good and also so close to hospital , Transfer is clear. The driver took us from airport. MCAN […]

Amrit from London

Ive had 3700 grafts done by the Mcan Doctor. The treatment was great. The doctor was very professional. I was told he has over 20 years experience and it shows. The whole team seemed to be very on the ball as to what was required which insured the treatment went quite efficiently. If one was […]

Robert from Medford

I am very glad that I had Dr Bayer and his team perform the hair transplant . The team was very friendly and helpful. They seemed to bend over backwards to do anything to help. Even when I had difficulty getting a taxi to take me back to my hotel they had their own driver […]

Sameeh from Canada

Mcan health Dr. Bayer he is very well experienced and had a very great and freindly team, i felt safe in their hands all the time . The operation is quite long and needs patience but the results should be satisfying. Mcan health was so helpful i chose them after lots of good condideration, they […]

Mohammed from UK

Everything is good, I like the technology, treatment and doctor. It is a little bit painful but not man cant stand. My only problem is very few people speaks English except Mcan Crew. I do like Mcan Health services.

Ali from Sweden

I had a hair transplant on 7th April 2016 by MCAN Health Doctor. He said that I get 3000 graft to cover the front area, and must come back next year to cover the crown area. All things were very organized by MCAN health and by the best Gul who take care of me during […]

Riaz from Newcastle

The whole experience if i am ranking is 5 star. From the doctor to medical team, all are well experienced, friendly and very cooperative. Their commitment was very strong. They took care of me from the airport to the ending very professionely. They are well organised and vast experienced in this field. I will recommend […]

Haris from Croatia

It was very fast and simply communication before surgery and I got a appointment for surgery three day after I contact a Clinic for my Hair Transplantation. Everything was done as agreed. Kerem was my first contact he was indeed very good in helping me choose Mcan againt others. The surgery was made by doctor […]

Darren from Marseille

I went for the FUE treatment of 3500 grafts. after careful review of my hair MCAN decided this was the best treatment for me. I have been wanting to fix my balding problem ever since i started to lose my hair and after lots of research i found Turkey to be the number 1 in […]

Mohamed from London

I had FUE Hair Transplantation. This is my first time. The first 3 minutes were painful, because they injected anaesthesia. After that I havent feel any pain till four days today. I am still in Istanbul. I stayed in Taksim. This is very peaceful and relaxing. We can have shopping, make some sight seeing. MCAN […]

Mushtaq from Dublin

After the treatment of FUT back ın 2010, I was happy with the result but with the time passed my head start showing baldness spots again so I decided to go through FUE process. I had my FUE process with MCAN clinic in Istanbul .Staff is so co operated and guided me through whole process. […]

Ayman from Qatar

I had FUE Hair Transplantation for the second time. I would like to wait and see the results. Everything was good, however the procedure was very long. Patient can have more pause for relax and at least sit down like for 2 minutes in between. For example when the doctor go out for some reason, […]

Ali from Malmo

During the treatment the approaching of the staff was very friendly and helpful.Till now situation it is more than what I expected, they made a good job. Everything looks new and clean. Clinic is in a very local area, it is very easy to reach. I really appreciate the services of MCAN Health employees from […]

Shahid from London

Hi, my name is Shahid. I’m 34 years old based in London. I did a hair transplant because I didn’t have hair from the front and the back. The surgery was good. I didn’t feel pain after the surgery. There was a slight pain at the beginning but nothing was unbearable. I highly recommend MCAN […]

Andrew from London

Very pleased with the surgeon, clinic and price I have previous work in London, I can say my Istanbul experience is better with of course excellent price!

Natalie from the UK

I love MCAN Health because it gives me the best services.

Troy from Australia

I came to Turkey to have my plastic surgery done with MCAN Health. I couldn’t ask for a better outcome. I love the work that they’ve done and I sincerely hope you will, too.

Samrin from Oslo

I have always had insecurities about my nose and decided to have rhinoplasty this year. I was so scared of the pain I was expecting, but I really felt nothing at all. I received medicines (painkiller, antibiotics and two creams) that worked very well and throughout the whole week I didn’t feel any pain. However, […]

Brett from the UK

It was very good doctor saıd ın 3 months will look great so very happy The service is very good would come here again

Ruksar from Birmingham

I had an rhinoplasty, essentially it was quıte scary first as the treatment was abroad and not within the uk setting,but comıng over thıs barrıer and came to ıstanbul was very good ıdea as it had highered my ential though about the surgery process, very helpful ın that sense. ı thınk ıt was an good […]

Anonymous from Turkey

I had breast uplifting, breast implant and tummy tuck (mommy makeover). I had a very big amount of weight loss and then I decided to make the treatment. I choose Istanbul/Turkey because it is cheaper then Denmark and I thought that I would have better treatment and the better service which I am not disappointed […]

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Great service. I had luposuction 4 minths ago and very happy with the result