M.CAN Polyclinic is at the service of all MCAN Health patients!

Everybody is beautiful and beauty is not exclusive to the rich or celebrities. Then why would any beauty journey, that makes us even more beautiful and attractive, be so expensive that many cannot afford it?

Some may think that hair transplant or plastic surgery treatments are performed for “cosmetic reasons”, therefore, it does not matter if you cannot access it due to budget restrictions. But we strongly believe the opposite; hair transplant or plastic surgery should be as accessible as possible. The people who argue that these are “just” cosmetic procedures ignore the psychological effects caused by constant unhappiness with the look. It may affect you emotionally, it may even lead to some serious mental health issues. So, yes this is a healthcare issue, too. And accessibility is very important.

As you may know, MCAN Health’s motto is “beauty for everyone” and we work very hard to realise this motto. Since 2015, we have been offering high-quality hair transplant, plastic surgery, dentistry, and bariatric surgery treatments for affordable costs. We try our best to make hair transplant, dentistry, bariatric, and plastic surgery treatments as accessible as possible with affordable costs. To date, we have supported thousands of patients in their beauty journeys and we cannot get enough of their happiness and increase in their confidence.

Therefore, we strive to go above and beyond to better support you during your beauty journey. This is the very reason why we have partnered with M.CAN Polyclinic in Istanbul.

M.CAN Polyclinic is here to spoil you!


M.CAN Polyclinic is a private polyclinic that has opened in 2019 in one of the most prestigious locations of Istanbul, Levent, where is the main spot for beauty and aesthetic clinics. M.CAN Polyclinic, a very well-known beauty and aesthetic clinic in Istanbul is authorised and accredited for medical tourism by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

Since 2019 MCAN Health’s hair transplant patients are having their hair transplant treatments at M.CAN Polyclinic, an authorised, licensed, and accredited polyclinic that is run by qualified medical staff. One of our hair transplant patients has described his hair transplant experience at M.CAN Polyclinic as “having my hair transplant in a polyclinic where luxury meets hygiene, quality, and professionalism was just awesome and beyond my expectation”.

In addition to hair transplant treatments, M.CAN Polyclinic offers a variety of aesthetic treatments performed by qualified and experienced medical staff. The aesthetics treatments M.CAN Polyclinic provides include but not limited to filler, botox, mesotherapy, salmon DNA, Hydrafacial, 3-D microblading, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) massage, upper eyelid and prominent ear corrections under local anaesthesia.


Being the number one choice for celebrities in Turkey, luxurious M.CAN Polyclinic is now open to MCAN Health’s international patients coming from all corners of the world. The fact that celebrities choose M.CAN Polyclinic should not scare you. As a patient of MCAN Health, you will benefit from special prices and indeed very affordable aesthetic and cosmetic procedures.

With our partnership with M.CAN Polyclinic, we aim to provide our patients with a complete and holistic beauty experience at affordable costs. So, when you come to Istanbul, let’s say to have your liposuction surgery, you also get the chance to have a glowing and youthful skin. Meaning that when we say goodbye to you and send you home, you will have even more confidence and feel happier with your “new look” thanks to the ultimate beauty experience you had.

And the best part is that your friends back home may know about your hair transplant or plastic surgery treatment but they would just wonder about the glowing look on your face without knowing what it is. You can just say “ah it is just the look of happiness!”


So, why not treat yourself with some of M.CAN Polyclinic’s aesthetic procedures while you are here in Istanbul for your hair transplant or plastic surgery treatment? And sometimes M.CAN Polyclinic offers some free of charge procedures exclusive to patients of MCAN Health such as lymphatic massage, hydrafacial, PRP therapy for the face, anti-ageing injection with vitamins – you may benefit from some exclusive offers too.

So, while you inquire about your hair transplant and plastic surgery treatments, do not forget to ask and find out more about the aesthetic and cosmetic procedures performed at M.CAN Polyclinic.