Rachael's Breast Augmentation Revision and BBL Journey

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Post-Op: 2 Weeks

“I think it is important for MCAN to use real patients because as a prospective patient, it is important to relate to the campaign that is being aimed at them.”

1. Why did you want to have cosmetic surgery?

I have always had massive body insecurities and no amount of healthy eating and exercise gave me the body shape I desired.
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At the end of an emotionally abusive relationship that left me fighting for my life after taking an almost fatal overdose, I made the decision to do all I could to be happy with myself both inside and out.
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I already had implants that were 10 years old and following the birth of my second son, I had always wanted them replaced but my ex-partner never supported it. My parents were kind enough to loan me the money to have them done and whilst I was researching I realized I could afford to have not only my breast implants changed with an uplift, but to have liposuction and BBL too at a fraction of the cost of the breast surgery alone in the U.K. The confidence I may have had at one time had been sucked out of me and this wasn’t to help me get over a breakup, it was to help me find myself and an opportunity to live in a body I love.

2. Why is body confidence important to you?

Having spent so many years with a huge lack of confidence in myself, being body confident will change everything. I’ve always been too scared to wear a crop top, I haven’t been without a bra for years and the thought of wearing a bikini fills me with dread. It will be so nice to sit on a beach in the summer without people questioning why I won’t take my shorts off or covering up with a kaftan. So many people say it’s about being happy on the inside, but if I’m not happy with what is on the outside then that won’t come naturally to me.

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3. What do you think about MCAN Health only using real patients in all of their campaigns?

I think it is important for MCAN to use real patients because as a prospective patient, it is important to relate to the campaign that is being aimed at them.
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4. Are you happy and satisfied to choose MCAN Health for your plastic surgery? Did you recommend our services to others?

I am MORE than happy and satisfied that I chose MCAN for my plastic surgery! I have recommended MCAN to numerous people and I will continue to do so. I don’t feel I need to make recommendations though when my results speak for themselves!
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5. How would you evaluate MCAN Health In-House patient care services and aftercare services?

The services provided are second to none. From being picked up from the airport to meet the rest of the in-house team, the wonderful surgeon, and the 24/7 nurse – I couldn’t have asked for more.  
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I would never have elective surgery in the U.K. again as I have not once received the same care and attention as I have been given at MCAN. I have been home almost 3 weeks now and I still have messages from all of the team asking how I am and checking in on me. I went to Turkey alone but not once did I feel lonely with the team looking after me.
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6. How have things changed after your procedure? How does cosmetic surgery affect self-esteem?

I can’t really answer this at present purely because I am still in the recovery stage, but I don’t hate what I see in the mirror anymore. It will take some time to fall in love with myself but they say all good things take time. One thing I do know is, that moment will come, that moment will be unforgettable and my life will never be the same again.

7. What advice would you give to someone looking into having the same procedure as you?

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Rachael is documenting the plastic surgery journey on her IG account called @mcanhealth.doll

I wasn’t prepared for the process your body goes through when healing. I had several down days wondering what on earth I had done to myself. I found reaching out to other girls who have been through it too really helped put my mind at ease and of course talking to the team too. It’s getting worse before it gets better but IT DOES GET BETTER – I promise. 


Interested in BBL in Turkey with MCAN Health?

MCAN Health offers all-inclusive packages and a perfect journey!

8. Why did you choose MCAN HEALTH? As we all know, there are lots of clinics in Turkey. Why did you proceed with us specifically?

I chose MCAN health because, from the offset, the care and attention paid to prospective patients were incredible. I had actually paid a deposit to another company and once the deposit was paid, the contact seemed to become less and less. The other company did nothing to ease any worries and took so long to reply to any questions. With MCAN, you could always rely on a speedy reply and honestly, sometimes I would message my coordinator 20 times a day with what I thought were silly things, but it was never too much trouble for her. My gut told me MCAN were the ones to choose and my gut most certainly wasn’t wrong.