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Rhinoplasty in Turkey – Scott from the UK with MCAN Health

Scott from the United Kingdom had a Rhinoplasty operation in İstanbul, Turkey with MCAN Health. He looks quite energic after the surgery and spared us a few minutes for a great interview. From start to finish, he says it was a great experience for him.

Before deciding he did a lot of research on the medical providers abroad and in Turkey. At last, he decided to go with MCAN Health, the best of all for Scott. He got all the help he needed with our great English speakers. He felt at home as he can communicate with everyone as our Customer Experience Specialists were with him through his whole journey!

Scott loved the hospital and the hotel as well. He stayed in a 5* hotel and enjoyed his time in İstanbul. In his own words, the operation was like a mini holiday for him! The best part is MCAN Health helped him to have the operation he was dreaming for 20 years! Touching the intimate feelings of people all around the world is the best part of our job.