Real Boobs vs Dream Boobs

Real Boobs vs Dream Boobs mcan health

Breasts… one of the most important features of women that are mostly linked with femininity and attractiveness.  Therefore, it is no surprise that breast enlargement surgery, also known as breast augmentation or breast implants, is the most popular plastic surgery treatment. More than 1.5 million women have breast implants every year globally.

As women, we are all different so are our breasts. But in general, we can put the types of breasts in 9 categories.

The Types of Boobs – Which One Are You In?

1. Asymmetrical

Did you know that our boobs are not the same/identical in size and shape as our hands and feet? One is always different from the other for every single woman. But while for some women this difference is not visible much, for some it is. When one boob is visibly different from the other in terms of size and shape, then the boobs are considered asymmetrical.

2. Athletic

When we hear the word “athletic”, we certainly think of muscles. So the breasts that fall into this category come with more muscles and less breast tissue. They are also wider. And just in case you wonder, not all athletes have athletic boobs

3. Bell Shape

These breasts are narrow at the top and bigger at the bottom. The reason why they are called “bell shape” is that they resemble a bell.

4. East-West

This is when the nipples look in opposite directions outward. If your nipples are away from each other and pointing in opposite directions, then you may have East-West breasts.

5. Relaxed

This is when the nipples are looking downwards and your breast tissue is relaxed or saggy. On the contrary to what many believe, relaxed breasts are not a problem that comes with ageing or breastfeeding. Some women may naturally have relaxed breasts as they have loose breast tissues.

6. Round

These boobs are the “dream boobs” for many women. While some women naturally have this type of boobs, some undergo breast surgery to have one. Round boobs are the boobs that have fullness both at the top and the bottom.

7. Side Set

These breasts are similar to the east-west type of breasts. But for the side set breasts, not only the nipples but also the boobs are further away from each other. Therefore, there is a gap between the two boobs.

8. Slender

Slender breasts are generally small in size. They are also long and narrow. Similarly to relaxed breasts, the nipples may point downwards as well.

9. Tear Drop

Like round breasts, teardrop breasts are famous among women as well. While for some women teardrop breasts come naturally, some need implants to achieve this shape. Teardrop breasts are round and have more fullness at the bottom.

Which category do your breasts fall in?

Are you happy about the size and shape of your breasts or not really. Well, the research suggests that around 44% of women are not happy with their breast size and shape. So, if you are unhappy about your breasts, you are not alone!

And celebrities ain’t no different when it comes to being not satisfied with their breasts and most have been under the knife to change the size and shape of their breasts.

Celebrity Boobs and Boob Jobs

Shall we first look at the most famous celebrity boobs with implants?

Kim Kardashian Boob Job

kim kardashian breast mcan health

When we hear about Kim Kardashian, the first word that comes to our minds is “fullness”, don’t know why maybe because of the fullness of her backside and boobs! Her breasts are round and to achieve that she has had round-shaped breast implants.

Cardi B Boob Job

cardi b breast mcan health

Cardi B had gotten her first boob job when she was 19 and then the second one after giving birth. She was complaining about the “relaxed” look of their breasts so she had a boob job. Now she has fuller and rounder breasts.

Victoria Beckham Boob Job

victoria beckham mcan health

One of the hottest spice girls, Victoria Beckam, the mum of four has admitted that she had a boob job after her first son was born to improve the size and shape of her breasts. Victoria Beckham has been upgraded from size 34A to a 34DD.

Are You Ready to Have Your Dream Breasts?

And there are many more celebrities with boob jobs. When seeing celebrity breasts, one cannot help but think “yeap these are my dream breasts”.  But this does not need to be a dream, anyone can and should have their desired breasts. And breast implants are no longer for celebrities thanks to medical tourism.

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