Adda Had a Rhinoplasty in Turkey

I’m Alan from United Kingdom. I had my hair transplant in Istanbul with MCAN Health. Got the bandages off today, got it washed, I am feeling really good! I’m really happy with the improvement I’ve had a great experience here. People is so nice and very helpful. Although during the pandemic, everything is very safe. They’ve got masks, they check tempature when you come in. Hygiene is all very good. The airplane as well, there is social distance, they check your tempature before you fly. The hotel where I was staying, they check your tempature, only one person is allowed at the elevator. It’s really really safe to travel. I’ve never actually felt safer than even being at home and the shops. So I’ve had a fantastic experience, I’m really excited to see the final results. So thank you! I’d definitely recommend MCAN Health. At least saying from my experience, you will love it!

Alan from United Kingdom