Rami Had a Nose Job in Turkey

I’m Rami. I came from London to get a rhinoplasty and buccal removal surgeries done in Turkey with MCAN Health. To be honest, all the experience to start with has been absolutely amazing. I was quite cynical because it is the first time I am getting surgeries done so I was quite paranoid. But it was amazing just reading the reviews about MCAN Health and there is a reason why people had left such good reviews about this company. I start my first touch with my case manager who was quite helpful, very informative. She hasn’t ever ignored any of my inquiries because you can appreciate it when you get these things done for the first time, you are so paranoid. You have so many questions but she was very patient and then she gave me a quote. I found the price very competitive. I mean I had cheaper quotes but I did not go with the cheaper ones because of course you pay for quality and it comes with a price.

Then the journey started from the United Kingdom. All the feedback I had about this company were all spot on right from the airport arrival till the time they took us to our hotel and then to the hospital. Everything was absolutely amazing. I am like how are these guys managing these things so perfectly? That’s amazing!

When we arrive we have been gratified by my patient host who is another legend in the company! Honestly guys, this is really really scary when you are coming from another country. During this time, having my patient host by my side who is always beside you when you need them emotionally for any kind of help because it is quite dramatic for these treatments but she was always beside us.

These doctors, these people give you such a good thing to boost your morale, boost your confidence, it is amazing! Especially when you know that you are in the safest hands. To each and everyone reading this review who struggle because of their looks, MCAN Health is your place!

Diva from France