Sabrina Had a Gastric Sleeve in Turkey

This is Sabrina from France living in the United Kingdom. I just had a breast lift with implants. Its my second time doing a procedure with MCAN Health. First, I came 10 months ago for a gastric sleeve, the result is spectacular. I’ve lost all the weight that I wanted to lose very safely and efficiently. The doctor who performed my gastric sleeve was a professor and he did a handover that was very seamless. So, when I went back to the UK, all I had to do was to drop my file to my GP. And my GP took over with a very good care. I have lost almost 6 stones now which brings me to my second visit.

I decided to get my breast done. The bruising was minimum. I choose MCAN Health because they did not just give me breast but they gave me the perfect breast. They used very safe and top of the quality implants. Even after a few days, the result seems spectacular.

Both in my first time and the second time, I was surrounded by a lot of people from MCAN Health with great support. I am almost friends now with my patient host. It is very important to know that everything is very well organized and well taken care of.

Because medical tourism does not mean discount tourism. So, treat yourself and get what you deserve with the best. Thank you MCAN Health!

Sabrina from United Kingdom