Testosterone and Hair Loss, Do Hot Balding Men Have Any Benefits in Sexual Power?

Baldness is generally seen as a sign of sexual power. Even in ancient times. Aristotle was one of them who believed that there was a relation between baldness and being sexually active.

But Are Bald Men More Virile?

Hot Balding Men

Jeremy Meeks, Jason Statham and Mark Strong, the three hot balding men in one frame

The research that has been done by the Royal Hospital of Britain shows that this concept is untrue. In this research, both bald and non-bald men were analyzed and in the end, it has been proved that there is no correlation between going bald and having sexual power.

The Correlation Between Male Sex Hormone, Testosterone and Hair Loss 

how does baldness happen

DHT is the product of testosterone and 5α-reductase and causes hair loss

The reason why most people think bald men have higher libidos is because of a misunderstanding of the definition of male-pattern hair loss, which is also known as androgenic alopecia. 

People think bald guys have more testosterone, while male pattern baldness as the reason for losing hair is happening as a result of high Dihydrotestosterone.

Dihydrotestosterone Is Being Produced by an Enzyme Named 5α-reductase, Which Catalyzes the Testosterone to DHT. 

5α-reductase enzyme causes hair loss

Hey gentlemen! Please meet with the main reason for your hair loss! 🙂

As it can be figured out by the name, Dihydrotestosterone contains the famous hormone testosterone. Testosterone is converted into DHT with the help of certain enzymes that get into a chemical reaction with testosterone. So, it can be said that dihydrotestosterone is a byproduct of testosterone.

The converted DHT, will decrease the lifetime of hair follicles and make them smaller. So the receptors of hair follicles cannot resist and fall out. 

In summary, the reason behind the male pattern of hair loss is not the high level of testosterone but the level of Dihydrotestosterone which is an inherited condition. The gene can be passed down from one of the parents.

The Bald Man Libido Ain’t No Different from Men with Hair

sex and baldness

The sexual power is not different in men with hair and balding men

The hair loss happens when the 5α-reductase enzyme is too much and therefore converting too much testosterone to DHT. Testosterone as the main sexual drive is produced before this process, so all in all being bald is not a sign of having more sexual power! 

Do Bald Guys Look Sexier? 

According to some surveys, the majority of women’s answer to this question is positive! But we should also consider that it depends on your skull type and of course, you should consider partially bald men are not rated attractive! So if you want to be in the sexy category make sure to shave your head completely before any action! 

Famous Bald People

Let’s take a look at the celebrities with hair loss! 

Prince William Hair Loss Made Him the Sexiest Bald Man Alive in 2021! 

Prince william hair loss

Prince William, the first hot balding man 🙂

Researchers analyzed blogs and google searches and they found out Prince William is mentioned as sexy 17.6 million times! 

According to Himself: The Rock with Hair or without hair will be the sexiest Forever! 

the rock hair loss

The Rock is the forever hot balding man 🙂

The former professional wrestler, actor and businessman was also named the sexiest man according to people’s magazine in 2016. He is sexy anyway, but he is the best just without hair! 

Bruce Willis Balding Changed the standards of Being Sexy!

Bruce Willis hair loss

Bruce Willis is the hottest balding man ever! 🙂

Nothing could make Bruce Willis iconic except his bald head. “I’m a man and I will kick anybody’s arse who tries to tell me that I’m not one because my hair’s thinning,” once he said.

Wether You Are a Sexy Bald Guy or Just a Bald Man, It Is Important to Feel Good About Yourself 

Patient story hair transplant with MCAN health

David, our patient in MCAN health before and after hair transplant

No celebrities, no media and no societal criteria should not affect your decisions! If you need to make a change in your appearance you should simply do it and remember you can always contact us if you are considering a hair transplant and you want to get more information about it.