MCAN Health Is Collaborated With DrEthos For Virtual Hair Transplant Consultation

virtual hair transplant consultation

Are you interested in a hair transplant and receive your hair transplant consultation 24/7 wherever you are in minutes, learn whether you are a good candidate for hair transplant, which method is good for your hair transplant treatment, how many number of grafts need to be extracted and implanted and finally book your treatment.

MCAN Health has cooperated with DrEthos since November 2020. MCAN Health is proud to provide free virtual hair transplant consultation to its patients with a 24/7, efficient, instant, and secure virtual hair transplant consultation experience.

Before we begin, we would like to clarify the confusion around the concepts of online consultation vs virtual consultation.

The Difference Between Online Hair Transplant Consultation and Virtual Hair Transplant Consultation

There is some confusion in the field on that. Most companies use these different terms interchangeably which is misleading. Virtual hair transplant consultation is way different from online hair transplant consultation.

Online hair transplant consultation is simply communicating with your doctor via some online communication tools such as zoom or skype. Any clinic would offer this option to their patients. On the other hand, Virtual Hair Transplant Consultation is a whole new concept and a whole different experience.

Virtual Hair Transplant Consultation involves each and every step of traditional hair transplant consultation (sending the pictures of your head, getting your treatment plan, asking your questions, booking your treatment, paying your deposit, arranging and conducting a video call with your doctor) and assists you from the beginning to the end!

DrEthos is a virtual hair transplant consultation platform. And for now MCAN Health is the only one in the world offering this service!

OK, sounds fancy but what exactly is DrEthos?

What is DrEthos?

DrEthos is an online platform that enables patients who are interested in hair transplant:

  • to find out whether they are a suitable candidate for a hair transplant instantly,
  • to find out how many grafts they can get instantly,
  • to see their hair transplant treatment options instantly,
  • to book their hair transplant treatments instantly,
  • to book and conduct video consultation with their doctor if they want to.

Yes, DrEthos loves the word “instant” as it is smart and efficient. It is powered by artificial intelligence and always happy to assist you with your personalised hair transplant treatment plan and booking. You can consider DrEthos as your smart virtual hair transplant consultation platform that is exclusive to you and available for you anytime you need, 24/7!

Sounds even better, but how does DrEthos work? Does it require some tech knowledge?

How does DrEthos work?

DrEthos is smart and at the same time, it is very easy to use. It does not require you to be a tech expert. Using DrEthos is as easy as using your email account. Let’s go through the main steps of using DrEthos:

1. Sign-up: You first need to sign up to the platform.

2. Select your treatment: You need to select that you are interested in a hair transplant.

3. Yay! Your Virtual Consultation starts: You can ask any questions you want to your personal hair transplant consultation assistant.

4. Your Treatment Plan: You will answer a couple of questions and upload the pictures of your head and here you go, your treatment plan is ready.

5. Select Your Treatment Package: You can select your desired treatment package; for instance, if you want “all-inclusive” you can add hotel and transfers.

6. Book Your Treatment and Pay Your Deposit: Then, you can book your treatment.

7. Video Consultation with Your Doctor: If you want to book a video consultation with your doctor, you can also book it on the platform and conduct your video consultation with your doctor via the platform.

And this happens in less than 10 minutes! So, in less than 10 minutes, you find out whether you are eligible for a hair transplant or not. And if you are eligible, you find out the number of grafts you will get. You can book your treatment, pay your deposit or book a video consultation with your doctor on a day and time that suits you.

What are the benefits of DrEthos?

DrEthos is an easy to use, secure, 24/7 available hair transplant consultant.

You can use DrEthos anytime and anywhere you want. The only thing you need is a mobile phone or computer with the internet.

DrEthos gives you the freedom to find out your eligibility, learn the number of grafts you get, book your treatment in minutes without the need to talk to anyone. And if you would like to talk to your doctor, you can do so via the platform thanks to its video consultation feature.

Your information is stored in a confidential way. DrEthos complies with the GDPR (General Data Protection Rules) of the European Union and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) of the United States.

Why should you use DrEthos?

Why shouldn’t you? DrEthos offers Instant Treatment Plan, Instant Quote, Instant Booking 24/7.

In short, if your answer is “Yes” to these questions:

  • Do you care about your data privacy?
  • Do you want to learn your hair transplant treatment plan and finalise your booking in minutes at anywhere 24/7?

Then, you should use DrEthos, which is the future of hair transplant consultations! You can start your virtual hair transplant consultation now!

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