How to Wash Your Hair After Hair Transplantation

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You have had your Hair Transplantation done. Now you are ready to go back your home country. But you have a question in your mind: How will I wash my hair? You may even think that washing your hair may damage the transplanted area. Nevertheless, washing your both donor area and the transplanted area will help to remove the dead skin and the scabs to peel off.

This is one of the most asked questions by Hair Transplant patients. As each patient has a unique Hair Transplantation case, your doctor may give you different instructions. However, the general instructions are always the same. Below you can see the post-operational hair care instructions that MCAN Health suggests to its patients:

The Initial Hair Wash

Your initial hair wash will be made by the medical team in the clinic or you will be trained on how to wash your hair during your check-up. They will give you all the necessary post-operational hair care instructions. After your initial hair wash, you can hand wash your hair/scalp gently by using the special shampoo that has been provided to you by MCAN Health. While taking a bath, please avoid using high-pressure water.

Spray – Shampoo – Dry

Before washing your hair, first you need to moisturize the transplanted area. Apply the spray to the area that the hair transplantation has been done. Keep it for 45 minutes. Then rinse it gently with warm water. While cleaning the spray, please use low-pressure and cool water. You should use the spray for 10 days.

After you have moisturized your transplanted area and rinsed it, you should gently apply the shampoo to your donor and the transplanted areas. While doing it, please do not rub. Then rinse it gently with warm water. You can use the special shampoo until it has been finished. During the first 10 days after Hair Transplantation, you can wash your hair twice a day with the special shampoo.

After you have washed your hair, always pat your hair gently with a towel and do not use  hair dryers for 1-2 weeks.

For the first 10 day after Hair Transplantation, we suggest you to follow the hair wash procedure above. You need to clean your hair and body separately for the first 10 days. First, wash your hair and then you can clean your body.

The moisturizing spray and the special shampoo will be given to MCAN Health Hair Transplant patients on the check-up day.

Be Careful!

After washing your hair, please do not use hair dryers for 1-2 weeks. When you comb your hair, do it very carefully and try to avoid combing the grafts part. It usually depends on the patient’s recovery, but hair cuts and dyes should be applied after you completed 2 months.

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