Plastic Surgery: The New Trend?

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It is a way to enhance your physical appearance through surgical or non-surgical procedures. Although it seems like a recent trend, these procedures have a longer history than most of us would expect. We do not exactly know when the first plastic procedure has been performed. But it is believed that the seeds of modern plastic surgery have been planted as early as the 6th century BC.

Unarguably, the desire to look one’s best is one of the ancient desires of human beings. But is this enough to explain the huge growth of such procedures globally in recent years?

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, ISAPS, annual Global Aesthetic Survey, in 2017, more than 23 million plastic procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, were performed. Liposuction, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and rhinoplasty are the most performed procedures globally. The number of such procedures performed in 2017 has increased by almost 60% compared to 2011 according to ISAPS.

This huge and steady growth requires an answer to this question:

Why do more people undergo plastic surgery?

It looks like a simple question, right? Actually, it is not. It leads to many more questions. To better understand this incredible growth, let’s unpack some of those questions!

does social media promote plastic surgery


Does (social) media promote plastic surgery?

A big Yes!

In our ‘selfie societies’, we are highly influenced by celebrities and social media influencers who excessively promote plastic operations. This results in constant dissatisfaction from our bodies, endless journeys of plastic operations, risky combined procedures and, underage procedures.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) statistics, in 2018, more than 220 thousand plastic procedures were performed on people aged 13 to 19.[4] This is worrying! Because it shows that they are very much normalised. For some, undergoing such operations becomes like an addiction due to constant dissatisfaction. Experts and surgeons warn women and young girls about the life-threatening consequences of risky combined and recurring procedures.

Are you thinking of a combined procedure? It would be nice to hear from an expert, right? Then, watch this space! The 2nd part of this blog post will include an interview with an experienced plastic surgeon focusing on combined surgeries. Yay!

Does plastic surgery make people happy?

Both yes and no. Research shows that there is a relation between improved body image and self-esteem. But again, a research made by Norwegian Social Research also says that undergoing these operations does not have any effect on psychological problems. Meaning that this is not a magic wand that will solve all your problems in your life and make you happy. It is just a tool to enhance beauty and make you feel better about yourself. Better to think of plastic surgery as a ‘confidence booster’ rather than a ‘source of happiness’.

Is plastic surgery affordable?

Yes, it is! Thanks to medical tourism, it is affordable more than ever! Developing countries like Turkey has a booming medical tourism industry because of low-cost and high-quality treatment options. In addition to that, medical travel companies like MCAN Health offer all-inclusive packages for plastic surgery in Turkey; including flight tickets, accommodation, airport transfer, transfers between hospital and hotel and patient host services to make the process much more easier/hassle-free and to give their patients a peace of mind.

is plastic surgery safe


Is plastic surgery safe?

‘The risks from plastic surgery, as with any surgery are great’ says the President of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Fazel Fatah. Yes, there is always a risk in any procedure, even in a simple operation. Every person is different so as their circumstances. Your surgeon should be the one to advise you about the risks and safety of the procedure you will have. But it would not be wrong to say that thanks to technology, procedures are safer and more reliable than before. The key thing is here to choose the right surgeon and hospital to minimize and completely eliminate the risks. To be able to do that, medical travel companies like MCAN Health work with experienced surgeons and internationally accredited hospitals.

Does plastic surgery have health benefits?

It might be surprising for some but yes, it does! It is reported by various patients that Botox is helpful to fight with major depression. It is also used as a treatment option for chronic migraines. Some may want to get rid of excess skin, some to have bigger breasts or to change the shape of their nose to enhance their look and to feel more confident. These operations may help improve self-esteem which in the end makes a positive impact on well-being.

These operations are on the rise because they are very normalised in our ‘selfie societies’. But they are also more affordable, accessible and safer today. Scientifically proven that they also have some positive impact on health and well-being. But still, if you are thinking of having one, you should think through it properly.

Which treatment are you interested in?

You can have a free consultation whenever you want!


Always ask this question to yourself:

Is plastic surgery right for me?

Deciding whether or not to a cosmetic surgery requires thorough thinking to avoid unpleasant consequences, disappointment, and regret. These small tips below may help you in the decision-making process.

  • Be clear on Why you want to have the operation: you want to have it to boost your confidence or you want to have it to solve all your personal problems and make others happy?
  • Be realistic on What you want to have: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should! It may be good to go ‘all the way’ in some cases (like when you have a burger at Five Guys) but certainly not in such procedures.
  • Decide Where to have the procedure: choose your medical travel company or surgeon wisely! Go with the ones that are well-known with a good reputation and a good track record.
  • Communicate well with your surgeon on what you want to avoid any disappointment after the surgery. Never assume that your surgeon would get what you want, always be specific!

And, never forget that beauty is not only about how we look. There is only one You on this lovely planet earth. So, You are beautiful and unique with your own personality and internal warmth, with or without plastic surgery.

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