Breast Enlargement In Turkey | MCAN Health

1) How long does breast implant surgery take?

The boob job usually takes around 2-3 hours.

2) Will I feel any pain?

The breast enlargement surgery is usually carried out under general anesthesia which means that there is no possibility of having pain during the breast implant surgery.

3) Should I get days off from work?

Yes, you should. The length of your leave depends on your work. If your job does not require any heavy physical activity, then you can go back to work after a few days of the breast enlargement surgery. If your job requires heavy physical activities, then you can go back to work after 2-4 weeks of the boob job.

4) Will I be able to breastfeed after I have a breast implant?

Yes. You can breastfeed after you have breast enlargement operation. The implants do not affect the mother or baby.

5) Am I going to lose the sensitivity of my nipples after having boob job?

Nipple sensitivity usually returns to normal sometime after breast implant. In some cases, nipple sensitivity may increase or decrease after the boob job. It is extremely rare to lose the total sensitivity of nipples.

6) Are silicone breast implants safe?

Yes. The recent medical research shows that silicone implants are safe and does not alter the normal/natural functioning of the body.

7) How much does it cost to have a breast augmentation in Turkey with MCAN Health?

MCAN Health offers the best boob job with the most affordable prices. The type of breast augmentation and the degree of enlargement desired to determine the cost of a boob job. So, feel free to contact MCAN Health for a free consultation.

8) Are the breast augmentation surgeons of MCAN Health experienced and qualified?

Yes. All MCAN Health breast implant surgeons are highly experienced and qualified with a strong educational and professional background. They are very well-known in boob job field.

9) Can MCAN Health’s breast implant surgeons speak English?

Yes. MCAN Health’s breast enlargement surgeons are proficient in English and can communicate fluently.

10) Which breast implant brand does MCAN Health use for boob job?

MCAN Health doctors use Mentor and Arion implants in breast enlargement procedures.


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