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Immediate Before & After Results

Thirty minutes is what our dentists take to perform teeth whitening in Turkey. Right after, you’ll smile in the mirror and notice a change. Our pictures can give you a good idea, but real-life results are truly impressive.

Smiling Releases Endorphins

Do you feel discomfort about the colour of your teeth? Are you tired of hiding your smile? MCAN Healthwill let your smile shine with teeth whitening in Turkey.

It is commonly believed that ʻthere is a magic in smile and laughterʼ. Smile and laughter are considered to be signs of internal happiness and self-confidence. The more we smile, the better we feel. A confident smile is also one of the key elements to attract and impress people around us. Whereas people with white and bright teeth smile confidently, people with yellow teeth feel hesitant to smile although they want to. This can be very disturbing and can cause distress on the person. Teeth whitening, a procedure involving bleaching, offers a great solution for people who want to smile without restrictions.

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MCAN Health Offers you:

  • Treatment in a first class clinic equipped with the latest technology.
  • Experienced and talented English speaking dentists who have work experience abroad.
  • 100% satisfying results.
  • Feel happier
After Teeth Whitening in Turkey with MCAN Health, you will:
  • Have brighter and whiter teeth.
  • Feel more confident.
  • Will smile and laugh by showing your teeth with no hesitation.

Meet Our Patients & Hear it From Their Own Mouth

before after

Jennifer’s Dental Transformation in Turkey

Jennifer came to Turkey from the UK and had a great experience abroad. We took care of her from her arrival to her departure and she left us with a broad, new smile!

before after

Kenneth’s Dental Experience Abroad

Would you cross the whole Atlantic Ocean for a dental procedure? Kenneth did, and he wouldn’t have without a strong reason. His smile will last for many long years.

All You Need to Know about Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening?

Have you ever seen someone on TV and thought: “Wow. His teeth are really white.” That’s teeth whitening.

Due to coffee drinking, tea drinking, eating, smoking, and even just breathing, it is almost impossible to keep your teeth white enough for a considerable amount of time. Let alone the fact that, in today’s world, we barely have time to brush our teeth!

For most of human history, people have resigned themselves to having dirty teeth. Today, it is possible to reach ultar-white brightness through a very pocket-friendly procedure, with results lasting forever if your mouth hygiene is good.

How is Teeth Whitening Performed?

Length of the Procedure:

This may take 1 to 2 hours depending on the condition of the teeth.

Inpatient or Outpatient:



Local Anaesthesia

MCAN Healthʼs dentists use the latest technology for teeth whitening.

Your MCAN Health dentist first cleans your teeth thoroughly to remove any remains and tartar on your teeth. Then the shade (colour) of your teeth is recorded by your MCAN Health dentist. To protect your gums from the whitening/bleaching material, your dentist will put a rubber shield or a gel on your gums. After the protection for gums is in place, your dentist will apply the whitening/bleaching compound to the surface of your teeth. Then this chemical will be activated via laser light. This process is done two more times. Then your dentist will wash and rinse your teeth; remove the protection to see the results of whitening by comparing it with previous shade of your teeth.

This is an easy dentistry procedure with no pain and no need for anaesthesia.

Cost of Teeth Whitening in Turkey

Teeth treatment costs are extremely high in some countries, so people look for alternatives abroad. Turkey is one of the preferred destinations for teeth whitening. Teeth whitening in Turkey employs the latest technology in a very cost-effective manner. Every year, Turkey attracts a high number of people because of low costs and high quality dental treatments.

Why MCAN Health is the Best Option for Teeth Whitening in Turkey?

MCAN Healthʼs talented and experienced dentists help patients to regain their confidence by providing them with bright smile.

Instructions for Pre-Operation

  • This operation does not require you to do much before the operation. In any case, you will have a chat about pre and post operation instructions with your MCAN Health dentist. You may be required to:
  • Keep your teeth clean before the procedure
  • Inform your MCAN Health dentist about your medical record.

Instructions for Post-Operation

  • The durability of the effect of your teeth whitening is very much dependent on you. As long as you give the basic care to your teeth, the brightness of your teeth will last long.
  • For few days after the surgery, you may be advised to avoid any product that leave stain on your teeth such as coffee, tea, wine, etc.
  • Your MCAN Health dentist may prescribe you with a special gel in case you have sensitivity in the area treated


Ask Now

Does the procedure offer a permanent solution?

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alhan

    This procedure enables you to have whiter and brighter teeth. However, in due course, decolourization may start. Therefore, we advise our patients to have teeth whitening every 6 months.

Benjamin B

Is this procedure painful?

Antonio Clark

For how long do I need to avoid smoking?

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alhan

    Smoking, consuming products that leave stain such as coffee, wine, tea may result in decolourization of teeth. We advise you not to consume these products for 2 days after the procedure.

Nathan Stone

What is the cost of it in Turkey?

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alhan

    It is lower compared to other countries. MCAN Health promises high quality with lower prices. The cost of teeth whitening procedure depends on the circumstances of each patient. So please contact MCAN Health to get a free consultation.


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