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Breast Lift Turkey

Breast uplift surgery also known as mastopexy is an operation to reshape and lift sagging breasts. A mastopexy involves the removal of the skin and the tissue in the lower part of the breast with repositioning the nipples. The firmness of the breasts is determined by genes. However, there are some other factors affecting the firmness of breasts and causing sagging breasts such as childbirth, breastfeeding, significant weight loss, aging and gravity.

The breasts sag due to the relaxation of ligaments. Sagging breasts which is usually associated with aging is considered as a negative thing and affect a woman’s self-esteem. Sagging breast can cause emotional distress and depression if it is not treated. Breast Uplift (Mastopexy) operation gives women a chance to regain the firmness of their breasts, look younger and, feel better. Every year almost 800 thousand women worldwide have boob uplift operation to regain their youth. Breast uplift is among the most commonly preferred type of cosmetic surgeries carried out worldwide.

Breast Lift in Turkey with MCAN Health

Many women around the world prefer having breast uplift abroad due to the higher costs offered by their local healthcare system. Turkey has the technology and qualified cosmetic surgeons competing with European standards. Thanks to lower labor costs, Turkey offers cost-effective breast uplift surgery. Women who want to have both: good quality and affordable costs choose Turkey to have a breast lift.

Why MCAN Health for Breast Uplift in Turkey?

Reliable and high-quality service: MCAN Health’s breast lift surgeons are highly reputable in cosmetic surgery. They are very well-known with work experience abroad. They are so talented and experienced that you will have natural looking breasts after your breast lift surgery. For your comfort and to provide you the best quality, MCAN Health only works with JCI accredited hospitals for breast uplift surgery in Turkey.

Patient-focused approach: To ensure ultimate patient satisfaction, MCAN Health also offers full insurance coverage for your breast lift surgery.

Affordable costs: MCAN Health guarantees the best price by price matching.


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