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Every woman is beautiful and every man is handsome, no matter their age. But thanks to facelift surgery, you can match your youthful spirit with your external appearance. With MCAN Health, everybody has the chance to look like they are in their 20’s
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What Is Facial Plastic Surgery?

Nothing says more about ourselves than our faces. However, as years go on, many people find themselves feeling younger than they look. It is only natural to want to be regarded by who we are inside, and not by the way we look externally. That is why thousands of patients, and celebrities as famous as Angelina Jolie, choose facelift Turkey as the most cost-effective way to match body and soul.

The best face lift in Turkey results deliver a younger, firmer and smoother facial expression. A facelift Turkey operation can also be combined with a neck lift in Turkey, tightening skin and muscle below the jawline to remove all sagginess on the neck. Facelift surgery Turkey benefits from great international recognition due to the quality of its national surgeons, its medical facilities and the avant-garde technology it employs.

What Is Facial Plastic Surgery Turkey?

What Is Facelift?

A facelift is a facial rejuvenation procedure consisting of fat removal and skin and muscle tightening surgery. The natural effects of aging are added on top of gravity, exposure to sunlight, smoking, environmental conditions, alcohol consumption, and stress, to result in reduced skin elasticity. A less elastic skin shows wrinkles and lines which can cause distress and low self-esteem.

The good news is face lift Turkey offers the best solution to reverse such undesirable effects, as our face lift Turkey before and after pictures show. If you want a more complete rejuvenation, you can also combine facelift surgery in Turkey with eyelid surgery Turkey or facelift with neck lift surgery. All those operations are performed while the patients are under general anesthesia. Incisions are made in the temples or behind the ears and surgery traces are naturally hidden. Face lift in Turkey is performed by tightening and fixing sagging and wrinkled skin and muscles. The operation is undergone by thousands of men and women who want a more youthful appearance and realize the benefits of having a facelift abroad.

 A lady before facelif Turkey Surgery

How Is Facelift Turkey Performed?

Face lift surgery or rhytidectomy does not only remove sagging skin and stretches it, but also tightens muscle and underlying tissue, only thus can we deliver the best facelift in Turkey. Face contours are clearly outlined, facial skin acquires a more shiny, slim appearance, and facial features are overall enhanced, like the expression of the eyes and mouth. See our face lift Turkey before and after pictures to realize the extent of this life-changing transformation.

Different Types of Face Lift in Turkey

Facelift surgery in Turkey is performed following a variety of methods, as surgeons adapt the treatment to each patient’s conditions and requirements. A more in-depth operation, such as a full facelift in Turkey, has more clear and long-lasting results than, for example, a mid-face lift or a mini face lift. Here is the list of the different operations:

Mini Facelift Turkey (Lower Facelift Surgery)

A Mini Face lift Turkey is the less invasive type of facial surgery in Turkey. It still requires general anesthesia and is performed in under 2 hours. As its name implies, a mini face lift surgery focuses on the lower part of the face, stretching the skin along the jawline and the lower cheeks, with incisions made behind the ears, which hide them. It is believed this is the facial surgery Kim Kardashian opted for.

Mid Facelift

Also known as cheek-lift, a mid-face lift focuses primarily on enhancing the cheeks. This kind of facial surgery is performed through eyelid incisions.

Brow Lift (Forehead Lift)

A brow lift is a procedure aimed at eliminating forehead wrinkles and enhancing the frown. The incisions are operated over the forehead, naturally concealed by the hair line. Furthermore, through a forehead lift operation, the brows are also raised, which gives the eyes a more youthful expression.

Temple Lift

A temple lift is a more thorough version of the prior operation. It also eliminates wrinkles on the forehead, providing a particularly good solution to lines between the eyebrows while lifting forehead skin, dragging the eyebrows along with it. Incisions are operated above the ears.

Neck Lift (Lower Rhytidectomy)

A neck lift, medically known as lower rhytidectomy, focuses primarily on the jawline and neck, tightening skin and eliminating wrinkles by performing incisions above the ears.

Full Facelift

A full face-lift is the most complete facial surgery in Turkey. It can take up to 4 hours and it comprises a flexible combination of the before mentioned surgeries. This kind of facelift Turkey is performed with incisions that extend from the temples to behind the ears, targeting the lower, middle and upper sides of the face.

A medical consultation with an experienced surgeon is necessary to establish the best method for you. If you are considering a facelift in Turkey, we recommend you to contact us for a free consultation. We will study your case and send you a quote with your exact face lift cost in Turkey within a day. We also suggest you check our facelift in Turkey reviews to get an idea of the quality of our service and our patient satisfaction.

Best Facelift Surgeons in Turkey

MCAN Health is only able to perform the best facelift in Turkey by employing the best national surgeons. Our surgeons are hired after providing the best medical certificates and a long professional career of outstanding results. MCAN doctors have attained international recognition through the publication of scientific articles and awards such as the ones provided by the world-renowned ISAPS and EBOPRAS organisations.

Our surgeons operate in the best medical facilities in the country, providing excellent facelift Istanbul operations at the most affordable face lift cost in Turkey. MCAN doctors will be by your side from the consultation stage to post-operatory follow-up, remaining at your disposal even 12 months after your surgery.

According to Prof. Dr. Alhan , “a facelift operation requires the greatest meticulosity from the surgeon’s side, which is only possible by employing the best team and equipment.”

His colleague, Dr. Polat focuses on how important aftercare is “in order to have the best possible results. Avoiding alcohol and cigarette consumption, drinking a lot of water and always wearing the pressure garment is crucial.”

Our Face Lift Turkey before and after photos are the best testimony of how outstanding the quality of our surgeons’ work is, you can check them right below. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free online consultation if you want to have more information. After a few medical questions, we will be able to establish the best surgical plan for you and send you a quote with the total facelift Turkey price for your operation.

Who Is the Good Candidate for Facelift in Turkey?

You are an eligible candidate for a facelift Turkey if you are generally healthy (if you do not have any medical condition that would prevent you from having surgery), and if you:

  • Are bothered by the wrinkles or loose skin on your face
  • Are tired of hiding your neck due to sagging skin
  • Feel insecure about the “tired” look of your face
  • Want to boost your confidence and self-esteem
  • Do not want to have a conflict between how you feel and how you look
  • Want to benefit from our great Facelift Istanbul price

Facial Cosmetic Surgeries, Botox, Facelift Turkey

Coming to Turkey is a life-changing experience for thousands of patients who decide to enjoy the touristic wonders of Istanbul and offer themselves a beauty treatment. Turkish hospitality is renowned, and Turkey is one of the best touristic destinations in the world, with great gastronomy, hotels, facilities, monuments, museums, hospitals and beauty clinics. The all-inclusive experience is easily affordable for overseas patients, who benefit from great quality services at the most attractive full or mini face lift cost Turkey. Other than facelift Istanbul has plenty of clinics offering botox, fillers and other popular facial cosmetic surgeries. Make sure you ask about all we can offer to make the most out of your facelift abroad!

Face Lift Cost Turkey

Facelift cost in Turkey is much more affordable than in the UK or the US, due to the lower labour costs, government subsidies to the industry, and the comparatively lower value of the Turkish currency. Lower prices attract a larger number of patients, meaning that cheaper prices do not translate into lower quality services, as Turkish surgeons are more experienced than their American and European peers. A mini face lift cost in Turkey is even cheaper than a full face lift in Europe, including hotel, flight and hospital costs. The same applies to thread face lift cost Turkey, and remember, for that price, you will be operated by the best facelift surgeons in Turkey.

There is a catch: we cannot give an exact mini face lift cost Turkey or a full or thread face lift cost Turkey without a medical consultation. This is because a great deal of considerations have to be taken into account. The total face lift cost in Turkey is subject to variation depending on the surgical method employed, the kind of package selected, the hotel accommodation, and the total time of stay, for instance. Therefore, giving an estimate can be misleading. As a rule of thumb, however, you can estimate that the all-inclusive facelift Turkey price is 50-60% less than in Europe, and worth every penny.

Before Facial Plastic Surgery in Turkey

Important note here: there is a series of things you should avoid one week before surgery. These include, very importantly, alcohol and cigarettes, aspirins, and the following foods: garlic, kiwi, cherry, herbal teas, red pepper and turmeric, all of which augment the chances of bleeding during the operation. Smoking in particular should be halted up to three weeks before surgery and after the surgery takes place. Consider that tobacco has not only accelerated your aging process, but also considerably slows down your recovery and reduces good results.

Cosmetic Surgery and Facelift Surgery Turkey Recovery and Aftercare

The healing process after a face lift in Turkey varies depending on the surgery method that has been applied, as well as from person to person. We will explain the average recovery process to use it as a general guideline.

  • Right after the operation: patients remain 1 or 2 days in hospital, depending on their case and surgery method, before being discharged, with aftercare treatment by our surgeons and nurses.
  • 1 week after the operation: at the end of the first week your surgeon will remove the stitches on your face and eyelids. During this time, edema and swelling are quite common, but they will rapidly decrease after the third and fourth days, completely disappearing 3 weeks after the operation.

10 days after the operation, patients are in condition to return back home and resume their normal work routine. Rest assured, your surgeon will remain in contact with you and will give you all the necessary recommendations regarding how you make the most out of your healing process. We will remain at your complete disposal to answer all questions you may have. We will get in contact with you regularly and, if you wish, we will show our new patients how good you look! Make sure you check our face lift Turkey before and after pictures to know what to expect from the transformation.

You may want to access more detailed instructions in our facelift aftercare page. Bear in mind, your surgeon will always remain in contact with you and will give you all the necessary recommendations to make the most out of your healing process. We will remain at your complete disposal at all times.

Why is MCAN Health the Best for Facelift in Turkey?

MCAN Health’s facelift surgeons are highly talented. They have been working with women and men from different ethnic and age backgrounds for decades. Thanks to their dilated experience they provide the best face lift in Turkey at the best Facelift Istanbul price. .

Patients choosing MCAN Health choose a group of caring and dedicated people who will work day and night to give you the best facelift abroad. If our patients choose to talk about their experience and share their feelings and photos (see our facelift in Turkey reviews),, this is because of how thankful they feel and how good we made them feel.

Face Lift Turkey Results

Certain post-op conditions, such as swelling and soreness are expected, but will diminish day by day until they disappear completely in less than 3 weeks. You must wear the pressure garment at all times and keep your head stable and elevated to help the healing process. All stitches will be removed before you leave Istanbul and return back home.

The best part of a facelift recovery is that you will be perfectly able to walk the day after surgery. This means that you can visit the city and walk around normally, just wear your face garment, even if you don’t like how it looks! You can go back to your normal work routine approximately 7-10 days after surgery, but all physical exercise should be avoided for at least 1 month. The results will be long lasting and will make you look ten years younger. You can also check our facelift in Turkey reviews or our face lift Turkey before and after pictures to get a very clear idea of what results will look like!

Face Lift Turkey Reviews

Alex from Ireland

I came from Ireland to have my liposuction, abdominoplasty and BBL in Turkey. I definitely recommend MCAN Health. They’ve been really really great and helpful. I thought the language barrier would be a little difficult, but everyone was so helpful that I had a great time. You should go with MCAN Health for any of your plastic surgery.

5 Stars
Alex from Ireland
Kate from United Kingdom

I am Chantel from the UK. I came to Istanbul to have my breast surgery with MCAN Health, very happy with service! The hospital is amazing, the surgeon is very very good, all the staff is very very helpful. The communication, the care and the guidance is flawless. I’d recommend it to every person. I love MCAN Health and I love my boobs!

5 Stars
Kate from United Kingdom
Monique from Netherlands

I am nearly 50 years old and part of my big journey was having tummy tuck and liposuction and I am so glad I found MCAN Health. They were helping me here and now. The surgery is done and now I have a body I never had before. I am very pleased with my doctor and all his colleagues in the hospital because it was great and if you ever consider to have plastic surgery in Turkey, consider MCAN Health.

5 Stars
Monique from Netherlands

Face Lift Turkey Before and After

More Before & After Photos

Facelift Turkey Overview

  • Operation:
  • Operation Goal:
    To enhance the look of the face and neck by tightening and fixing sagging and wrinkled skin and skin muscles.
  • Operation Time:
    2 to 4 hours
  • Type of Anesthesia:
  • Side Effects:
    Bruising, redness, itchiness, numbness.
  • Risk:
    Bleeding, swelling, scarring.
  • Recovery Time:
    Full recovery takes 12 months. After around 2 weeks you can go back to work and after 4 weeks you can continue all your activities
  • Scarring:
    Depending on the incision type, generally very minimal.

Face Lift Frequently Asked Questions

Is facelift operation Turkey an outpatient or inpatient surgery?

Facelift in Turkey is usually an inpatient surgery, we advise patients to stay in the hospital for 1-2 days after facelift Istanbul.

Who is suitable for facelift operation Turkey?

Any women or men who are in good health conditions are suitable for facelift operation Turkey.

At what age is facelift performed?

There is no usual age or age limit for facelift. However, it is mostly people over 30 that opt for face lift Turkey.

Does MCAN Health work on men for facelift surgery?

Yes. MCAN Health’s contracted facelift surgeons are experienced working with men and women.

Do I need to change my bandages after facelift surgery?

No. After a face lift surgery, you will have a check-up appointment with your MCAN Health surgeon. The bandages on your face will be removed by your surgeon. Once it is done, you do not need to wear any bandages or garments.

When can I go back to work?

You can go to work 1 or 2 weeks after your face lift surgery Turkey.

Can I see the results right after my face uplift surgery?

Yes. You can see the results as soon as the swelling on your face is gone.

Am I going to have a natural look after my facelift surgery in Turkey?

Yes. MCAN Health’s contracted facelift surgeons are very talented and have long years of experience in performing deep plane facelift surgery in Turkey. After your facelift surgery, your face will have a natural and youthful look. All this for a minimum mini face lift cost Turkey and a generally very affordable facelift Turkey price.

When is the best time of a year to have a facelift surgery, summer or winter?

After your facelift surgery, you need to avoid sunlight. Therefore, it is better to have the operation during late summer, spring or winter.

What is the total facelift cost Turkey?

The final facelift Turkey price will depend on several factors, including the kind of facelift you choose, your medical condition and many others. In order to give you an exact facelift Istanbul price we will need to review your specific case and proceed with a medical consultation. This is a service we provide online, for free. So don’t hesitate to contact us. You will receive your facelift Istanbul price in less than 1 day.

What is the total mini face lift cost Turkey?

Just as the full facelift Turkey price, the mini face lift cost Turkey is subject to variation depending on your travel package (for instance: the accommodation you choose, the hotel costs, etc.), on top of your personal conditions and the hospital. This is why we suggest you contact us for a free online medical consultation to give you a facelift Istanbul price.