Brow Lift in Turkey

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Brow Lift in Turkey

What is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift or browplasty, is a type of aesthetic procedure that involves raising drooping eyebrows and removing the deep frown lines. A brow lift corrects sagging in the skin of the forehead, upper eyelids, and eyebrows.

A forehead lift rejuvenates your face and by removing the excess skin it restores a more refreshed appearance. A browplasty can easily lift the eyebrows and eliminate sagging skin.

How is Brow Lift Performed?

A brow lift is performed under general anesthesia and the surgery takes around 1 to 2 hours. After your surgery, you need to stay the night at the hospital.

Types of Brow Lift

There are three types of a brow lift. And MCAN Health contracted surgeons will advise you on the most suitable brow lift type by considering your needs and expectations.

Classical Brow Lift: The classic brow lift, also known as Coronal Brow Lift, involves one long cut beginning at the level of your ears and going up around your hairline. Even if Classic brow lift is not preferred by most of the surgeons, for some cases Classic brow lift can be performed to achieve the desired results.

Endoscopic Brow Lift: Endoscopic brow lift is less invasive than the classic brow lift since the cuts are smaller. Endoscopic brow lift leaves no visible scar and it lifts and tightens the skin from the hairline to the eyebrows.

Temporal Brow Lift: Temporal brow lift, also known as Limited Incision brow lift, involves slightly longer incisions than an endoscopic brow lift.


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Who is the right candidate for Brow Lift in Turkey?

Anyone who is generally fit to have surgery can have a brow lift in Turkey. If you would like to:

  • get rid of the wrinkles on your forehead
  • get rid of frown lines
  • fix sagging brows
  • have more youthful-looking face

a brow lift surgery may be a good option for you. Most people combine a brow lift surgery with other plastic surgery procedures such as a facelift or eyelid surgery.

Brow Lift Turkey

Brow Lift in Turkey

All-Inclusive Packages include operation fees, multilingual patient host, transfers and accommodation

Benefits of Brow Lift in Turkey By MCAN Health

MCAN Health offers brow lift surgery by experienced plastic surgeons at qualified and accredited hospitals. Plus, with its excellent patient care, MCAN Health is always by your side whenever you need it during and after your treatment.

With its brow lift surgery, MCAN Health offers you:

  • natural results with no visible scars
  • enhanced satisfaction with the overall facial appearance
  • enhanced self-esteem

How much does Brow Lift Cost in Turkey?

The cost of a brow lift in Turkey is very affordable compared to many countries where labour and operational costs are higher. The cost depends on the extent of your surgery but generally, the cost of a brow lift in Turkey starts from EUR 2,300.

You can contact us now to find out how much brow lift surgery would cost for you!

Brow Lift in Turkey with MCAN Health

It is time to enhance your appearance, lift your brows, increase self-confidence and feel more attractive with affordable prices!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a brow lift fix hooded eyes?

It may help to reduce it but not completely fix it. If you are also bothered about hooded eyes, then you may also need to have eyelid surgery.

Will a brow lift open my eyes?

Yes, because it lifts your eyebrows.

Does brow lift change eye shape?

It will because it lifts your brows but it is not going to change your eye shape drastically, you will have more youthful-looking eyes.

How painful is a brow lift?

Before the surgery, you will be given anesthesia. So, you will not feel any pain. You may have some pain after the surgery which can be eased by pain killers.

What age should you get a brow lift?

There is no specific age to get a brow lift. You can have brow lift whenever you feel like you need to.

Are brow lifts permanent?

The results of the brow lift are permanent. Do not forget aging and your lifestyle have effects on your skin.

Operation:Brow Lift
Operation Goal:To enhance the look of the forehead by fixing sagging skin
Operation Time:1 to 2 hours
Type of Anesthesia:General
Side Effects:Bruising, redness, itchiness, numbness
Risk:Bleeding, Swelling, Scarring
Recovery Time:After 10 to 14 days, you can go back to your daily routine
Scarring:Scars usually fade away in time

Brow Lift in Turkey: Itinerary

Arrival Day

  • A warm welcome from MCAN Health: Welcome to Istanbul! You will be welcomed at the airport. You are either taken to your 4 or 5-star hotel or to the hospital for your consultation depending on your arrival time.

Day 1

  • Say hello to your surgeon: You will have an in-person consultation with your surgeon before your surgery. You will have a chance to discuss your facelift treatment plan in detail and your surgeon will inform you about the details of your operation such as the steps to take for your desired look and the methods of the incision.
  • Consent is everything: You will sign a consent form.
  • Medical tests for your well-being: Your surgeon will perform medical tests such as blood test before brow lift.
  • Yes, it is now time for ‘the big thing’: You will undergo your brow lift surgery which usually takes around 1 to 2 hours depending on the process.
  • It is over! Now excitement kicks in! Initial check-ups: Your surgeon will do the initial check-ups when you regain your consciousness after anesthesia. You will wake up in your hospital room with your post-op dressing.
  • Enjoy your stay at a top-quality hospital: You will spend a night at the hospital.

Day 2

  • See your lovely surgeon again: You will have your first check-up before you are discharged from the hospital. Your surgeon will explain to you about post-op care in detail.
  • Say bye to the hospital: If everything is on track and your surgeon gives a green light (which is usually the case), you will be discharged from the hospital.
  • Private transfer, why not?: You will be transferred from the hospital to the hotel via a private car and private chauffeur.
  • A 4-5-star comfort: Now it is time to enjoy your hotel stay.

Day 3 & 4 & 5

  • It is time for recovery at 4-5 star comfort: You are advised to rest and relax and not to do any physical activities that may tire you.

Day 6

  • Final check-up before the ‘goodbye’: You will meet your surgeon again for your final check-up. You will also be informed about your post-op care in detail and get your safe to fly report.
  • Private transfer to the airport: Just enjoy the last ride in Istanbul!
  • Ready to take-off?: You are flying back home with your new look and hopefully with a great experience at MCAN Health in Istanbul. We will miss you! Hope you had an unforgettable journey with us.

MCAN Health Brow Lift Turkey Reviews

I had my hair transplant, rhinoplasty, and veneer treatment during my stay. I couldn’t ask for better service quality. I am quite satisfied with MCAN Health in all my three treatments, my experience was beyond amazing!

Juan from Switzerland

I came from Romania for my secondary rhinoplasty in Turkey with MCAN Health. The services are very nice. People are very open and very nice. The surgery was a success. The doctor explained everything to me. In the beginning we had a discussion of what the results should be and I felt really comfortable. I am confident with my results. I think it went very well, everything is safe and sound.

Eunice from Romania

The surgery with MCAN has been the best thing I have ever done and honestly I love Mcan health so much! I had rhinoplasty, bichectomy and fat transfer to my face. By far the best money I’ve ever spent, I would love for my current pictures to be used, hopefully it will inspire more people to go for it and to get their confidence, love you all so much and hopefully I’ll be back soon!

Layna from United Kingdom

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