How to Thicken Hair? Shake up Your Routine!

Hair is more than just something that covers our heads; it has significant societal implications. For many of us, noticing our hair is thinning can be quite distressing, and not everyday has to be a bad hair day! Although age, stress, hormones, and medical conditions can all contribute to hair thinning some people may be genetically predisposed to it. We don’t want you to get lost while looking for a way to reduce stress and relax regarding your hair. Buckle up, because you’re about to get all the infos on how to thicken your hair and even find a solution for severe cases of hair loss! Let’s start!

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The Reasons of Thinning Hair 

Before diving into all the nitty-gritty facts first, let’s go over why our hair thins or falls out in the first place. Internalizing these reasons is beneficial for understanding how to thicken hair. Actually the most common and primary cause is genetic predisposition. This situation is known as male or female pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia). So this means, if you have a family history of thinning hair or baldness, you’re more likely to experience it yourself. But hold on, although your family tree plays a major role in the hair game –  it’s not just the genetic cards we are dealing with!

Hormonal changes and stress can upset your follicles too, resulting in a condition called telogen effluvium. This condition is characterized by excessive shedding of hair, typically occurring after a triggering occasion. Fear not though, it’s reversible! Nutritional deficiencies, not-so-great hair care habits, and an upset scalp (thanks, dandruff!) can also make your hair thin. 

So, whether your genes scream ‘bald and beautiful’ or you’re in a stressful era of your life, it’s a tangled web of reasons. In all this crisis, finding answers to how to thicken hair is a real-deal. 

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How to Thicken Hair Naturally?

Let’s get straight to the point and talk about all the solutions to change your hair game. Remember though, everybody is unique and reasons and solutions can change for each individual. 

  • Elevate Your Plate: 

Fuel your follicles with a nutrient-dense diet high in vitamins and minerals that are essential for hair health. According MCAN Health’s doctor, “Incorporating foods high in biotin, such as eggs and nuts, contributes to improving hair strength, while vitamin-packed fruits and vegetables provide crucial antioxidants to combat free radicals.” Also remember to eat protein-rich foods and take enough omega 3 daily for a healthy follicular dance! 

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  • Treat Your Scalp Right:

Sometimes we can underestimate how important it is to use the suitable product for our unique hair. Using harsh chemicals, such as sulfates or strong detergents, may destroy the natural oils from your hair and scalp. This can cause dryness, breakage, and damage to the hair follicles, potentially resulting in hair loss over time. Hair products are frequently formulated to meet specific moisture requirements. Using products that are excessively moisturizing for oily hair or insufficiently moisturizing for dry hair can disrupt the natural balance.

For example, using heavy, oily products on already oily hair can cause clogged follicles and inflammation, which contribute to hair loss. So if you are asking ‘’how to thicken my hair?’’ first get to know your hair texture and needs and make sure you are treating them right! 

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  • Overwashing & Overheating – Your Hair’s Nightmare 

Have you ever thought that there is thing like ‘’overwashing your hair’’? Yes, you heard that right!  Well, actually washing your hair a bunch won’t exactly make it fall out, but too much can leave it feeling a bit like a desert – dry and damaged.  Finding a balance based on your hair type is the key. And regarding the styling, we all love to rock different looks, but too much heat and chemicals? Not cool.  Limit their use and when you do, give your hair some extra love and protection by using natural oils such as coconut, argan, almond, avocado oil. These oils are also your answer on how to make hair thicker! Kill two birds with one stone! 

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Solutions for Severe Hair Loss

Well, now that you learned the crucial tips on how to thicken hair, let us answer another important question: What if you have a severe hair loss that cannot be cured with natural ways? Do not worry, we got you covered! 

When dealing with advanced or severe hair loss, where many follicles have stopped producing hair, or in cases of irreversible conditions such as alopecia areata or scarring alopecia, hair transplant operation stands out as a transformative solution. It becomes the preferred method for those looking for an effective way to restore a fuller, denser head of hair. So, let’s look at the techniques that combine precision and artistry to redefine not only your hairline, but your entire sense of self!

  • FUE Hair Transplant: It is a minimally invasive technique that extracts individual hair follicles from the donor area and implants them in the recipient area. Unlike traditional methods, FUE produces tiny, nearly invisible scars and allows for faster recovery, making it a popular option.
  • DHI Hair Transplant: Using a specialized pen-like tool, individual hair follicles are extracted and implanted directly into the recipient area, eliminating the need for channel creation. This method ensures that transplanted grafts survive and that the angle and direction of hair growth are precisely controlled, resulting in natural-looking results.
  • Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant: It is a variation of FUE that uses blades made of sapphire crystals, which are sharp and biocompatible. This technique has been shown to cause less tissue trauma, less scarring, and possibly faster healing than traditional FUE.
  • Hair Transplant with Stem Cells: This method combines traditional hair transplantation with the use of stem cells to promote tissue regeneration and graft survival. This approach aims to stimulate hair follicle growth and improve overall hair quality by leveraging stem cells’ regenerative potential, potentially leading to better long-term results than traditional methods.

Remember though, each scalp and every individual’s hair are distinct. Therefore, when determining the most suitable method, it is essential to seek advice from a medical professional and undergo a consultation. MCAN Health, an internationally accredited and awarded company in Istanbul Turkey, has provided successful, affordable hair transplants in a top-notch clinic for many years. Take a look at our before-and-after photos and contact us for more information or a free consultation.

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