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If you are concerned about the prominence or shape of your ears, you have the option to undergo otoplasty surgery for correction. Please fill out the form and get your treatment plan immediately.

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty or Pinnaplasty, also known as ear correction or reshaping surgery, is an ear cosmetic surgery. Ear surgery provides patients with the desired ear shape and size. It can be claimed that many people possess misshapen ears; ears stick out far from the head, large or small ears, and ears with missing cartilage. Under these conditions, otoplasty saves people from ear irregularities and achieves a more aesthetically pleasing and proportionate appearance. The surgeon may use techniques such as ear pinning, reduction, and augmentation during the otoplasty procedure, performed under general or local anesthesia, depending on otoplasty’s  combination with other surgeries such as rhinoplasty.


Otoplasty Before and After

Ear cosmetic surgery has successfully been performed at MCAN Health. Patients from various countries have chosen to trust in MCAN Health and obtained the desired ear shape and size. Please swipe to see the drastic transformation!

Different Types of Otoplasty

Ear Pinning (Prominent Ear Correction)

Ear pinning, also known as prominent ear correction or pinnaplasty, is a surgical procedure that addresses ears that stick out prominently from the head. It involves reshaping the cartilage of the ear and repositioning it closer to the head. The surgeon typically makes an incision on the back of the ear or within the natural creases to access the cartilage. They may remove or fold excess cartilage to create a more natural contour. Sutures are then used to secure the ear in its new position.

Ear Pinning (Prominent Ear Correction)

Step-by-Step Otoplasty in Turkey

  1. Consultation: As with any other surgery, the first step of the procedure is the consultation. The surgeon will review the patient's medical history during the consultation and do the necessary pre-op tests. Throughout the consultation, patients discuss their goals, expectations and concerns; the surgeon will assess their ears' shape, size, and position and discuss the best approach to achieve the desired results.
  2. Anesthesia: After the consultation, anesthesia is applied just before the surgery starts.
  3. Incision Placement: The surgeon will realize the incision behind the ear, along the natural crease where the ear meets the head. This placement helps conceal any potential scarring.
  4. Reshaping the Ear: The surgeon will use various techniques to reshape the ear cartilage. Depending on the patients' needs and expectations, this may involve scoring, ear folding, or removing excess cartilage to achieve the desired shape and position.
  5. Repositioning the Ears: If necessary, the surgeon will adjust the position of the ears closer to the head. This is done by suturing the cartilage to maintain the new place.
  6. Closing the Incisions: The surgeon will close the incisions using fine, dissolvable sutures once the desired reshaping and repositioning are achieved.

Otoplasty Turkey Price vs. Otoplasty Cost UK

One of the main considerations of otoplasty patients is “How much is ear correction surgery in Turkey?” Turkey, which has been a popular destination for cosmetic surgeries, has proven itself in various plastic surgeries, such as facelift, BBL, liposuction, and many more. In addition to Turkey’s success rate in surgeries and people’s satisfaction with the procedures, the procedures’ costs in Turkey is another significant factor attracting thousands of international people. 

Compared to otoplasty cost UK, other European countries, and the US, otoplasty Turkey price is 70% less.  In Turkey, the average cost for ear surgery starts at a minimum of 1,500€ and goes up to a maximum of 2,500€. Conversely, the prices are notably higher when examining the average UK and US costs. Otoplasty in the UK ranges from 3,000€ to 5,000€, while in the US, it varies from 4,000€ to 8,000€.

It is essential to note that the prices can vary depending on the surgeon's expertise and additional services such as accommodation, airport transfers, nurse services, after-care kits, etc. In Turkey, the average prices are determined, including all these factors. Therefore, considering the operation's success, high-quality services with lower costs, and comfort during the visit, many people choose Turkey for the procedure. 

TURKEY1,500€ - 2,500€
UNITED KINDGOM3,000€ - 5,000€
UNITED STATES4,000€ - 8,000€

Who is a Good Candidate for Ear Surgery?

  • Individuals with Congenital Deformities: Some individuals are born with ear deformities that can be corrected through surgery. This includes conditions like: Microtia (Underdeveloped ear), Anotia (Absence of external ear entirely), Cryptotia (Hidden ear), Cauliflower Ear (Deformation of the outer ear), Stahl's Ear (Earfold in the upper part f the ear), Lop Ear (Downward folding of the ear), Satyr Ear (Elongated or pointed ear), Cleft Earlobe (Split or partially divided ear), Preauricular Tags and Pits (Extra pieces of tissue and tiny holes near the front of ear)
  • Those who are looking to correct a previous otoplasty that did not yield satisfactory results.
  • Candidates should have a good overall health, without any underlying medical conditions that might increase the risks associated with surgery.
  • It's essential that candidates clearly understand what the surgery can and cannot achieve, and they should have realistic expectations about the results.
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Otoplasty Surgery Overview

Operation Goal:To fix the ear deformities, alter the size, shape and position of the ears.
Duration of the Operation:1-2 hours.
Anesthesia:Local/General anesthesia.
Staying in Hospital and Hotel:1 night in hospital, 3 nights in hotel (general anesthesia), 4 nights in hotel (local anesthesia.)
Recovery Time:7 days.

Ear Surgery Recovery Timeline

Immediate Postoperative Period: 

  • Patients are required to stay in hospital 1 night after the surgery. 
  • In this period, the patient's ears are wrapped in bandages to support the new shape and protect the surgical area.
  • Patients start to walk as soon as possible, as it helps to reduce swelling, and lower the chances of blood clots.
  • Patients should avoid taking showers until the bandages are changed. Shower can be taken within 3 days.

First Week:

  • Some pain, swelling, and discomfort are common in the first few days. To minimize and manage these side effects of the operation, the surgeon will prescribe pain medications and antibiotics.
  • Patients should rest with their heads elevated and avoid strenuous activities.
  • Adults can go back to work approximately 5 days after the work.
  • Patients should wear a headband over the ears for 6-8 weeks while sleeping or during sports activities.

First Month: 

  • Swelling continues to subside, and the ears start to take on their final shape.
  • Patients should avoid any activity in which the ear might be bent.
  • Strenuous exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided.

First Few Months:

  • Swelling continues to subside, and the ears start to take on their final shape.

Long-Term Recovery (6 Months and Beyond):

  • It can take up to six months or more for the final results of the surgery to become fully apparent.
  • Any residual scars from the incisions will continue to fade over time.
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The Best Otoplasty Surgeon in Turkey

Dr. Ceran is a distinguished otoplasty surgeon renowned for his expertise in ear-reshaping procedures. With a profound understanding of the ear's aesthetic and functional aspects, he has garnered a reputation as a meticulous and compassionate practitioner.

Otoplasty, or ear surgery, is a specialized procedure to correct the ears' shape, position, or proportion. Dr. Ceran approaches each otoplasty with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to achieving natural-looking results harmonizing with the patient's facial features.

Benefits of Having Otoplasty in Turkey

Turkey, preferred by many women and men when it comes to cosmetic surgeries, such as facelifts, liposuction, breast surgeries etc., provides a significant number of benefits: 

  • Highly Skilled Surgeons: Turkey is known for having a well-established and skilled medical community, including highly trained plastic and reconstructive surgeons. Many of them receive international training and certifications.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Turkey boasts modern and well-equipped hospitals and clinics that meet international standards. They often utilize the latest technologies and techniques in surgical procedures.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Otoplasty Turkey price can be more affordable than many Western countries due to lower labor and operational costs. This makes it an attractive option for individuals seeking high-quality surgical care at a more accessible price.
  • Medical Tourism Infrastructure: Turkey has a well-developed medical tourism infrastructure, including facilities designed to accommodate international patients. This includes services like language support, transportation, accommodation, and dedicated medical tourism agencies.
  • Well-Developed Aftercare Services: Many clinics and hospitals in Turkey provide comprehensive aftercare services to ensure patients have a smooth recovery process.
  • Tourism Opportunities: Turkey is a beautiful country with a rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and historic sites. Patients often have the opportunity to combine their surgical journey with a vacation, turning it into a medical tourism experience.
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Otoplasty Aftercare

After an ear reshaping surgery, the patient should be aware of what should be done and should not be done during the recovery. The aftercare, as with any other surgery,  significantly impacts the results. Therefore, the patient must consider: 

Avoid “pull-over” clothing: Pulling clothing over the head can pressure the ears and disrupt the delicate healing process. It's essential to avoid unnecessary stress or pressure on the surgical site. Patients should wear loose-fitting, button-down shirts to prevent complications or discomfort.

Avoid Getting Water in the Ears: Keeping the ears dry, especially in the early stages of recovery, is important. Patients should avoid activities like swimming, and when you shower, prevent water from getting into the ears.


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Yes, you can get your ears pinned back with otoplasty surgery in Turkey. Otoplasty surgery improves the appearance of ears that stick out prominently from the head.

Patients will be under anesthesia during the surgery. Therefore, patients won’t feel any pain during the otoplasty operation.

Yes, otoplasty provides permanent results. However, it's important to note that the natural aging process can still affect the appearance of the ears over time.

Depending on specific medical criteria, otoplasty may be available on the NHS. If the surgery is just for cosmetic reasons, the NHS does not cover the otoplasty operation. However, the NHS can benefit children with ear deformities and adults with prominent ears.

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Dr. Ceran believes combining an artistic approach and technical expertise yields the most favorable patient results for plastic surgery. His proficiency extends beyond the technical aspects of plastic surgery as he is genuinely dedicated to comprehending the desires and objectives of his patients and assisting them in attaining the most optimal outcomes possible.

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