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A tummy tuck in Turkey is the most cost-effective treatment to eliminate excessive skin currently available. MCAN Health has operated on more than 6000 patients in the last 8 years. Would you like to swipe to witness the astonishing results of tummy tuck Turkey?

Establishing Your Tummy Tuck Cost in Turkey

Tummy tuck cost Turkey depends on many factors, including the surgeon, the hospital, the type of surgery, and the patient's medical conditions. Establishing a medical plan and a special price after a medical consultation is possible. As an estimate, consider that the average price of a tummy tuck price Turkey is approximately a third of the total abdominoplasty cost in the UK, the US, or most of Europe. Tummy tuck Turkey cost includes hotel accommodation, a private driver, nursery services, and all hospital fees.

The popularity and the affordable price of plastic surgery in Turkey increase the experience of doctors. Hence, you can get operated by some of the best professionals in Turkey for a more affordable abdominoplasty cost. The cost of a panniculectomy in Turkey is cheaper than in Europe. Still, the quality of the treatment is also better.

The body of a woman after tummy tuck
A woman's body after liposuction and tummy tuck

Liposuction vs. Tummy Tuck Turkey What to Choose

Neither liposuction nor tummy tuck is weight loss surgery. The former is a body sculpting procedure focused on eliminating unwanted body fat. In contrast, the latter is a skin removal operation. The ideal candidate for tummy tuck Turkey is someone who has lost a significant amount of weight in the months before the intervention. Liposculpting, on the other hand, is a better choice if you don’t have hanging skin and want to get rid of stubborn fat. Many patients opt for combined liposuction and tummy tuck to get the best results.

6000+ Tummy Tuck Reviews

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Our Inspiring Patient Stories about Tummy Tuck in Turkey

Simple Guide to Tummy Tuck Surgery in Turkey

Tummy tuck reshapes the abdomen area by removing excess skin before stretching and stitching. The result is a flat stomach with tightened muscles. This kind of surgery is not performed as a means of losing weight. It is operated on patients who have experienced heavy weight loss before the operation, often due to bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) such as gastric sleeve surgery or pregnancy.

There are different ways of proceeding with the operation. The surgical choice depends on the patient's circumstances, and the intervention results are permanent if good life habits are maintained after the tummy tuck in Turkey.

When is a good time to have a tummy tuck Istanbul?

Tummy tuck Turkey is a standard operation after considerable weight loss. Drastic weight loss means that the body cannot keep up with the transformation; thus, excess skin after weight loss creates a saggy look on the stomach. Choosing the best time to get operated on means that you are not overweight and have no medical conditions that may interfere with the operation and the results. Also, no further pregnancies must be planned after surgery. We suggest you wait about 6 months before the procedure if you just gave birth.

Introducing the Different Types of Tummy Tuck

Find the details of the different ways of performing the operation.

Different Types of Tummy Tuck including short scar, mini, standard and extended tummy tucks

Key Insights into How a Tummy Tuck is Performed

The purpose of an abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, is to reform and reshape sagging and loose skin areas on the abdomen. The procedure follows the next steps:

1. Incision

The incision is generally made from hip to hip and can be hidden underneath the underwear, across the lower abdomen. The second incision can be made around the belly button in order to remove unwanted skin and reposition the central abdominal area (known as tummy tuck belly button).

2. Removal of the excess fat and stretching the skin

After the incisions are operated, excess fat and skin are removed. Stretched muscles are then gathered together and stitched. Finally, the remaining skin is pulled down and your belly button is re-positioned accordingly.

hourglass body after tummy tuck in turkey

MCAN Health’s International Team of Surgeons

Mcan health plstic surgery doctors: Dr. Polat and Dr. Alhan

MCAN Health is proud to work with the best surgeons in Turkey, performing surgeries at the best medical facilities. MCAN Health doctors have achieved international recognition by acquiring prestigious medical awards provided by widely acknowledged international institutions such as ISAPS and EBOPRAS .

Our surgeons are regularly examined according to their surgical results and patient satisfaction rates. They will remain at your disposal at every stage of your journey, even when you return home, carefully examining your case. You can also check our before and after photos to get a clear idea of the quality of their work.

You can contact our surgeons by simply filling the consultation form. They will establish a personalized treatment plan for you and send you a medical quote online for free, in less than 24 hours.

Tummy Tuck Overview

  • Procedure


    Tummy Tuck, Abdominoplasty

  • Time


    1-5 Hours

  • Stay


    1 night at the hospital, 5 nights at the hotel

  • Anesthesia


    General Anesthesia (full sedation)

  • Recovery


    3 to 7 days

  • Results


    6 months after the operation

Tummy Tuck Clinics in Turkey: Finding the Right One

Tummy tuck Turkey is an attractive plastic surgery that most national and international people prefer to undergo. The popularity of tummy tuck Istanbul, Turkey, led to the establishment of many clinics specializing in plastic surgery. The tummy tuck is a safe surgery when it is performed by specialized surgeons, so the risks of the surgery can be minimized. Particularly in Turkey, tummy tuck Istanbul is the center for the surgery; tummy tuck Istanbul price is another factor attracting a significant number of people dealing with loose skin and who want to improve the shape of abdomen. When choosing a tummy tuck clinic in Turkey, it is always helpful to see tummy tuck before and after photos because before and after can give a clue to the clinic's success rate! Besides, tummy tuck Turkey reviews can show the experiences of people who have already had the surgery.

Why should you have a Tummy Tuck in Turkey and MCAN?

As Turkey is the prestigious medical hub for aesthetic treatments. The successful results of tummy tuck surgery and intimate tummy tuck reviews of the patients have proven it. High-in-quality services and achievable results make Turkey go ahead of many countries. In addition, tummy tuck Turkey prices are much more affordable when compared to European countries. MCAN Health, one of the best clinics in Istanbul, Turkey, has been performing all kinds of plastic surgeries for a long time. MCAN Health offers its patients the best surgeons, treatment in one of the best hospitals in Turkey, accommodation, and transportation, which are all included tummy tuck Istanbul price!

Why should you have a Tummy Tuck in Turkey

Tummy Tuck Surgery: In Which Situations Should It Be Applied

Tummy tuck surgery helps people dispose of extra skin or fat that cannot be reduced through exercise or diet. The excess loose skin, fat, and stretch marks appear because of pregnancy, and significant weight loss can be thrown off with tummy tuck surgery which tightens the abdominal muscles and give patients the desired appearance. Tummy tuck is not a weight loss surgery. As a result, each person's typical weight loss after a stomach tuck will be different. Some people may go down one or two clothing sizes, while others may maintain their current weight but have a more toned body. After a tummy tuck Turkey, patients must follow a balanced diet and exercise routine to keep their weight consistent, as weight changes might damage the procedure's effects.

How Long Does the Tummy Tuck Recovery Process Last for?

Most pain and discomfort will be gone by the end of an 8 day period, but the full recovery time can vary. It can take patients up to 3 months to return to their pre-op period, without any symptoms of fatigue or discomfort, particularly if they have opted for a combined procedure, as in the case of a BBL and Tummy Tuck recovery .

Your personal surgeon will regularly follow up with your recovery and give you all the necessary instructions to ease your healing. For example, patients are expected to maintain a healthy diet, to exercise lightly, to drink plenty of water and to avoid smoking and alcohol. Simply follow your surgeon’s recommendations and everything will run smoothly.

Alternatively, you can read our aftercare instructions or check our patient reviews to get a clear idea of the recovery!

Tummy Tuck Turkey Recovery Process


Tummy tuck is a serious but safe procedure if you choose a trustful clinic compromising with experienced surgeons. Like other procedures, patients can see side effects of tummy tuck procedures, such as numbness, bleeding, infection, and swelling. However, a reliable clinic does its best to minimize the risks!

Before having a tummy tuck Istanbul, patients are expected to be at a stable weight. After the procedure, surgical drains stay in place for the first week. Besides, patients should know that complete healing can take up to a year.

Following a tummy tuck surgery, it's typical to reduce two to three pant sizes. However, if you combine this treatment with liposuction and have a lot of extra skin, you can drop four or more trouser sizes.

​​After a tummy tuck surgery, the patients have a horizontal scar along the lower abdomen due to the incision. However, the scar fades over time following the surgery. The degree of the scar's severity depends on the skin type and surgical technique.

While recovery times for tummy tucks vary from person to person, most patients are prepared to return to their regular activities between 3-6 months after their initial treatment. While everyone's recovery from tummy tuck surgery happens at a somewhat different pace, each patient must continue with a good diet and exercise program to keep in shape.

You can get a second tummy tuck if you've dropped a lot of weight and don't have any plans to have kids. Doctor’s consultation is critical deciding whether you can have second tummy tuck or not.


Ask Now
Marjan rahimi

I want do my tummy tuck and liposuction surgery how can i make an appointment and how it cost.

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alhan

    You can book a video consultation with us by contacting with MCAN Health Case Managers. Please write your request via whatsapp to +90 850 255 6226.

Caroline Cook

How long do Tummy Tuck results last for?

Kevin Forbes

I also have some scar marks due to childbirth; can I get rid of these scars via tummy tuck surgery?


Am I going to have visible scars after tummy tuck surgery?

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alhan

    Thanks to the avant-garde technology that MCAN Health tummy tuck surgeons utilize, incision lines will be easily hidden after the operation. Also, the scars fade away slowly after an abdominoplasty.

Leah Roman

I am pregnant, can I still have tummy tuck?

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alhan

    No, you cannot. A tummy tuck cannot be performed even with a small chance of pregnancy. You may consider having abdominoplasty after childbirth.

jessica Lourdes

When will I see the results?


For how long do I need to wear a corset after abdominoplasty?

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alhan

    Such post-surgery instructions will be transmitted to you by your surgeon according to your case. Usually, the corset is advised to be worn for 6 weeks after an abdominoplasty.

Paris E

I am not sure if I need a full or mini tummy tuck, how can I decide?

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alhan

    You do not need to make a decision about it. Your tummy tuck surgeon at MCAN Health will advise you about the most suitable type of surgery considering the amount of excess fat on your abdomen.


Can I have liposuction and tummy tuck at the same time?

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alhan

    Yes. Liposuction and Tummy Tuck is a very popular option. If you are thinking of having both liposuction and tummy tuck, it is advised to have both operations at the same time to avoid an unnecessary, second-time general anesthesia.


What age should I be to have a tummy tuck?

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