How Does It Work with MCAN Health?

Let’s see the steps you need to follow for a “Rejuvenated & New You

1. Check-out Our Website and Get Information About Your Treatment

You can get information about your surgeon, treatments, itinerary, recovery time, benefits and risks, testimonials and FAQ related to your treatment (Hair Transplant, Plastic Surgery, Weight loss Surgery or Dental Treatments).

our treatments

2. Start Your Virtual Consultation or Contact Us and Get Your Free Treatment Plan

You can start your virtual consultation to check your medical availability for the treatment you desire, upload your pictures, receive your treatment plan and cost of your treatment package, book your treatment, and pay your deposit in minutes in a secure way 24/7.

You can also contact us by filling in the form or using the live chat on our website and through our social media channels. Then, your Case Manager will ask you to send the pictures of your treatment areas. And you will be asked to fill in a medical history form to state your current health condition.

After the evaluation of your pictures and your medical history form by your surgeon, you will be provided with a personalised treatment plan and a Quote including accommodation and transfers.


3. Book Your Treatment

Once you are happy with your treatment plan and Quote, you can secure your place by making a small amount of deposit payment online either by Credit Card or Bank Transfer.

If you had your consultation via  DrEthos, you can make your deposit payment via the platform.

You do not need to decide the date of your treatment while making a deposit payment, you can have your treatment within 6 months of the deposit payment.


4. Start Your Medical Journey

Once you have decided your treatment day, you will contact your Case Manager to check the surgeon’s availability, then you will buy your flight tickets, send us the flight information.

And as soon as you send your flight information, your Case Manager will send your medical travel itinerary that includes all information on your treatment details, transfers, accommodation, hospital, and surgeon.

Before your arrival, your Patient Experience Specialist (PES) will email you your medical travel itinerary, with the attachment of medical consent forms of the hospital where you will have surgery. This email will also include detailed information on your preoperative guidelines and some practical information related to your medical journey. Then, your PES will call you to go through all this information and answer all of your questions.

Our driver will meet you at the airport with your name card and drive you to your hotel via a private electric car. And do not worry, you will not leave carbon footprints to the environment 🙂


5. Treatment Day

First, you will have face-to-face consultation with your surgeon. You can ask all your questions and explain your expectations in detail to your surgeon.

After your consultation, you will have preoperative tests such as  blood tests. And your PES will be with you during your consultation and support you during your preoperative tests.

Then, you will have your desired surgery.

Treatment Day

6. During Your Hotel Stay After Your Discharge

After your treatment has been completed and you are discharged from the hospital, you will be taken to your hotel by our drivers and get rest.

For plastic and weight loss surgery patients, MCAN Health’s in-house nurse will visit you at the hospital before you are discharged and at your hotel during your stay to change your dressing, to check on your vital signs (your blood pressure, temperature, pulse), to remove the drains, to help you shower, to assist you wearing your garment, to guide you post-op medicine usage, to explain you aftercare instructions, and to support you for all other needs.

During Your Hotel Stay After Your Discharge

7. Final Check-up and Back Home

After your treatment, you will stay for a while for your recuperation in Turkey. You can enjoy the city during recuperation until your final check-up time. You will have your final check-up with your surgeon.

You will then be taken to the airport via a private electric car.

Final Check up and Back Home

8. Aftercare Follow-up and Support

You are back home but you will be regularly contacted by MCAN Health’s Follow-up Team to make sure you are recovering well. In case you need further aftercare support, your Follow-up Team arranges a video consultation with your surgeon.

Aftercare Follow up and Support

9. Best Treatment and Best Service with MCAN Health

MCAN Health always aims for the well-being and satisfaction of its patients by working with the surgeons who are carefully selected and regularly evaluated based on their performance and satisfaction of the patients.

MCAN Health only works with hospitals which have international accreditations.

That is why MCAN Health’s excellent and exceptional patient-centric approach was acknowledged and awarded by TEMOS International GmbH that is a global standard in healthcare given to organisations that have an established track record in providing excellent patient care.