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Hair Transplant in Turkey: Journey Video

Hair Transplant Turkey: How to Begin Your Journey?

• For your treatment, our case managers ask your head pictures and ask a few questions related to your medical status.

• The doctor will provide your personal treatment plan based on the head pictures and your medical status.

• You will receive your hair transplant treatment plan and all-inclusive package offer.

• You will book your hair transplant date and we will arrange each and every detail for you.

• And the rest is as seen on the Hair Transplant Turkey video above.

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Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant cost in United Kingdom, in the United States or in Europe starts from € 10,000 and in some countries there is a waiting period for the treatment.
Prices for Hair Transplant Turkey start from €1499 with the trustable and accredited healthcare providers. The cost of hair transplant depends on various factors.
Contact us now and get detailed information about your treatment. Packages that come in different types including accommodation, airport and internal transfers, patient host, flight ticket and city tour.

  • FUE Hair Transplant:
    €1499 - €2150

  • DHI (Unshaved FUE)
    €1800 - €2450

  • Beard Transplant
    €1499 - €2150

  • Needle-Free Option
    €1699 - €2250

  • Sapphire Percutaneous Transplant
    €1799 - €2350

Hair Transplant Turkey: The Permanent Solution to Hair Loss

Why Hair Loss Happens?

Hair loss is a natural condition that can affect everyone in certain periods of life regardless of gender and age. The cause may be numerous such as stress, hormonal disorders, genetical, seasonal, diet-related or use of certain medicines. Some hair loss types are permanent while others can be temporary.

Our first principle is to understand the type of hair loss. If it looks temporary, we prefer to wait and watch the hair loss progress. If needed, we have the best solution for hair loss. To see if you are a good candidate for hair transplant, read our article to get more information: 5 Things That Makes You The Perfect Hair Transplant Candidate.

Also, you can always contact us for a free consultation by a professional, the treatment can be done only in 3 days with our All Inclusive Package!

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is an outpatient surgical treatment in which hair is transplanted from one part of the body, the donor site, to another part, the recipient site. In other words, it is a process of Hair Redistribution.

Usually, the donor site is located on the back or the sides of the scalp, but it can be on other parts too. The recipient site is the balding part of the head or the areas that have thinning hair.

After the operation, you can expect a perfectly natural hair with good density. Also, as the hair taken from the donor site is immune to any kind of hair loss, your new hair will be absolutely permanent. You can also check the BBC article told by a patient who experienced hair transplant in Turkey.

How Hair Transplant is Done?

We offer a safe out-patient treatment with the latest technology. Carried out under local anesthetic, it takes 6 to 8 hours.

The procedure is pain-free, and in fact, patients watch a movie or listen to some music and even fall asleep during hair transplant. For our patients who do not prefer needles, we also provide needle-free local anesthesia.
The procedure has 3 main steps:

1) Graft Extraction
The first step of hair transplant procedure is the graft extraction from the donor area that is immune to hair loss and located on the back of your head and between two ears.
The reason why the donor area is immune to hair loss is related to a hormone called DHT. It is produced by specific enzymes that convert testosterone into DHT. Due to its resistance towards DHT, the donor area is very suitable for graft extraction. During the graft extraction step, the hair follicles are taken from the donor area one by one.

2) Canal Opening
We have the hair follicles now, but where to transplant them? We need some space to put the grafts in. So, we open very tiny canals on the scalp, so small that only a single hair follicle can fit. One by one, canals are being opened for the last stage.

3) Implantation
Finally, the strong hair will meet the newly opened canals. This part is the most crucial part of the procedure. The way the grafts are put into canals will determine the shape of your new hair. For a natural result after hair transplant, our trichologist makes a unique plan considering the angle and direction of each graft.

After all the canals are filled with hair follicles, hair transplant procedure is done! To get detailed information about the stages, read our article now: Hair Transplant in Turkey: Step by Step Treatment.

Important Note: Hair Transplant Aftercare is as important as the treatment itself. So please follow the aftercare instructions. Visit our hair transplant aftercare instructions page and learn how to get the best of your hair transplant in Turkey!

Methods of Hair Transplant

In hair transplant, there are two different methods of graft extraction: FUT and FUE.
Since FUT leaves a scar, our surgeon extracts the grafts only with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method for better results and no scars at all.
The canal opening and implantation process may change but all of them can be classified as different methods under FUE. Here you can have short information about each method:

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) can be defined as the first modern method for hair transplant with natural and successful results.
In FUT, the strip technique is used to extract the hair follicles from the donor area. As this technique includes incisions on the donor area to take strips of tissue that is transplanted into the recipient area, it leaves scars on the donor area which prevents a natural hair look.
That’s why it is accepted as an outdated method and it is replaced with its successor FUE Hair Transplant which contains no scar.

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is accepted as the best method today. Unlike FUT Hair Transplant, this method requires no surgical incision or stitches. That’s why it is more comfortable and has a higher success rate with a natural look with no permanent scars.

In FUE Hair Transplant, a device with a micro motor is used. Applied under local anesthesia and with the micro blades on the tip, the treatment will be completely pain-free.
The methods listed below are also based on FUE but they differ in details.

DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplant is also known as Unshaven Hair Transplant or Hair Transplant Without Shaving. In Direct Hair Implantation method, instead of micro motors, a special pen called Choi (Implanter) is used.

Thanks to Choi pen, the scar and bleeding potential is minimum. This method combines the canal opening and implantation steps and they can be done at the same time. It also gives you the chance to have an unshaven hair transplant. However, the maximum number of grafts that can be transplanted in one session is lower than FUE.

Percutaneous Hair Transplant

Percutaneous Hair Transplant is also a popular method done in 3 steps. The difference in this technique is the sapphire blades used instead of metal ones. Sapphire is a valuable and delicate element.

You will see the difference in the canal opening step of your hair transplant. The canals will be even smaller and their shape will be circular instead of lateral. Thus, the implanted grafts cannot move once they are put into the circular canals.

Body Hair as Donor Area

For some patients, the donor area may not contain enough grafts. In such cases, mostly beard is used as the donor area. However, if the beard is also not suitable then body hair is used. Mostly chest hair is preferred for this purpose as it contains strong and dense hair.

After sending your pictures for a free consultation, our doctors will examine the capacity of the donor area. If it is not sufficient, then other methods such as body hair to head transplant can be considered.

Moustache and Beard Transplant

Moustache and beard are two features that are very important to men. As they are seen as the sign of masculinity, none or thin beard may be a great problem for many men. Or you may have some spots on your face without beard which may prevent you to get the look you want.

Luckily, hair transplant methods can also be used for a beard with satisfying and natural results. FUE technique is used for beard transplantation. The hair is taken from the donor area on the scalp. But, the canals are opened on the parts of the face without a beard. Comparing with hair transplant, it is shorter and can be done in 2-5 hours.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP Treatment)

A patient who will have hair transplant in Turkey may also receive a PRP Treatment after the operation.
There are three main reasons:

-PRP enhances the survival of transplanted hair follicles.
-PRP lowers the possibility of scarring after hair transplant.
-PRP stimulates the new hair growth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplant in Turkey:(Hair Transplant FAQ)

1) Does Turkey offer high-quality hair transplant services?

Is hair transplant in Turkey safe?
Yes, hair transplant in Turkey with MCAN Health offers a high-quality treatment with its expert medical team in MCAN Medical Aesthetic Clinic where you will enjoy luxury and comfort.
As MCAN Health, we always advise those who want to have hair transplant in Turkey to ask the provider if they are accredited by the Ministry of Health. MCAN Health is proud to be the first clinic approved by the Ministry of Health and follow all the medical regulations perfectly.
For further information about surgeons, hospitals and clinic of MCAN Health, you can check the doctors page.

2) Why hair transplant in Turkey?

Hair Transplant in Turkey offers high-quality service and advanced techniques to hair loss with affordable costs compared to other countries.

3) Why is hair transplant cheap in Turkey?

Does it affect the quality of service?
Although MCAN Health offers reliable and high-quality service, the cost of hair transplant in Turkey is more affordable compared to other countries. It is because the travel and the accommodation costs are relatively cheaper in Turkey. Furthermore, the cost of labor and rent is much lower in Turkey compared to European countries.

4) How experienced are the contracted surgeons?

MCAN Health’s surgeons have long years of experience, more than 20 years, in hair loss treatment. They are not only experienced but also talented because they constantly research and develop new techniques and methods for hair loss treatment.
For instance, OSL (Oblique Semi-Latera), a cutting-edge hair transplant method, is developed by one of MCAN Health contracted surgeons. You can check their profiles here.

5) Which is the best hair transplant in Turkey?

Why should I choose MCAN Health?
MCAN Health offers its patients a reliable, customer-focused, high-quality and the best hair transplant in Turkey. MCAN Health’s customer-focused service makes MCAN Health unique compared to others.
Exclusive offers such as full-insurance for the patients (along with many examples), Ministry of Health accreditation and multiple awards for Best Customer Service make MCAN Health differ from other alternatives.

6) Is the hair transplant painful?

Does hair transplant hurt?
Thanks to developing technology, hair transplant is no longer painful. The operation is carried out under local anesthetic and takes place while the patient is relaxing by a nice film or music.

7) Are hair transplant scars permanent?

Thanks to the advanced technology used by MCAN Health, no permanent scar remains after your hair transplant.

8) Can hair transplants look natural?

Yes, with FUE and OSL techniques used by MCAN Health surgeons, your hair will look absolutely natural.

9) Is Hair Transplant a permanent solution?

Hair transplant in the bald areas stays there permanently with no possibility of hair loss. However, the treatment by itself does not prevent future/further hair loss for the rest of your hair.

10) Is hair transplant one-off operation?

Do I need to have a second hair transplant session?
It depends on the patient. For some patients one session would be enough, for the others, further operations might be necessary due to continuing hair loss. You will have an exact idea after the consultancy.

11) Is the same technique used for both men-women?

Yes, the same techniques are used for both men and women.

12) Which part of the body do you use as a donor-site?

Usually, the back of the scalp, where hair follicles are genetically strong and resistant to hair loss, is used as the “donor-site”. However, in some cases, hair follicles could be transferred from the beard area and other parts of the body.

13) How long does it take to grow hair after hair-transplant?

It varies from one patient to another. It may take from 2 – 6 months.
First, the new hair will grow and it will fall out. Then, you will see the transplanted hair is growing stronger and thicker.

14) Can I colour my hair after hair transplant?

When can I dye my hair after hair transplant?
Yes, you can. However, we recommend you to do it 5 – 6 weeks after the operation. You can also contact us any time after the operation and your doctor will respond to your questions.

15) What happens if I have a complication?

Hair Transplant is a very safe treatment and there is a very small risk of complication such as swelling. In case of any kind of complication, your doctor will prescribe you some extra medications to make your healing process comfortable.

16) How much does hair transplant cost in Turkey?

Hair transplant in Turkey is more affordable compared to other countries. However, the cost may differ from one patient to another according to the needs of the patient.

17) What is the best age to get a hair transplant?

Am I too young for a hair transplant?
There is no age limit for hair transplant and the best age depends on the individual but as MCAN Health we do not encourage the young candidates to have a hair transplant unless their hair loss is diagnosed as needed by our hair transplant experts. We would like to apply the treatment only when it is necessary.

18) Will I be able to communicate in English?

Yes. All MCAN Health surgeons speak English very well. Also, there will be an English speaker host with you at all times. Moreover, we have bilingual hosts who can speak fluent German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Arabic.

19) Does the transplanted hair fall out?

No, the transplanted hair is definitely permanent because the donor area is resistant to DHT, the hormone that is composed out of testosterone and responsible for male hair loss.
As the hair follicles extracted from the donor area are also resistant to DHT, the transplanted hair carries the same resistance. If DHT is prevented as such, there will be no possibility for hair loss.

20) Will I need a second hair transplant?

There is no simple answer to this question. It may change from person to person and method to method. To get a better idea, you can get a free consultation from our hair transplant experts.

Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews


Marco D.
from Spain

I chose MCAN Health for my hair transplant in Turkey without even considering the others because of their website and newsletters which contain interesting facts. I didn’t have enough donor area but the doctor managed to harvest a total of 3.800 grafts, 1.300 from my beard and 2.500 from the back of my head. Everything went very well and I was treated as a VIP and yet as a very close friend. Hereby, I would like to sincerely thank you for practicing what exactly they offer me in their hair transplant Turkey package and for satisfying my specific requirements.


Andrew P.
from London

I can say my experience is better. Very pleased with the surgeon, clinic, and price I have previous work in London, I can say my experience of hair transplant in Turkey is better with of course excellent price!


Salma G.
from Morocco

My hair loss was started due to my chronic anemia about 4 years ago. It was getting worse and worse every day and since I'm still a 24 years old female, I was starting to get depressed. Now, five days after my hair transplant in Turkey. I’m back home and they are still following my case and checking up on me. New hair is starting to show up and I cannot describe my happiness with the results. Seriously! I cannot have hoped for a better experience for my hair transplant in Turkey. I’m usually a very picky person but I’m pleasantly surprised and extremely satisfied!


Miriam T.
from Canada

Services were very good. I suggest to people, who is not comfortable with their hair, to do FUE Hair Transplant Turkey with MCAN Health. Because it is an easy and simple procedure. Medical Team was great. They teach you what to do after. The hotel, the transfer, the translation services. Everything was great, perfect. I suggest to people MCAN Health have their hair transplant. Thank you, guys.

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MCAN Health Offers

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The best hair transplant with cutting-edge technology


Reasonable and affordable cost, compared to Europe and overseas


Pain-free and scar-free, natural-looking permanent hair loss treatment


Guaranteed treatment for hair loss


Experienced, well-known, and English-speaking hair transplant surgeons


Periodical follow-up after your operation

PRP Turkey

Maximum number of grafts with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment


Accommodation and transfer are arranged before you arrive


Award-winning customer focused service for Hair Transplant

Hair Tourism

Sightseeing tours & cultural activities after the operation to celebrate your new look

Who is Mcan Health?
MCAN Health is a medical travel company based in Turkey. It is accredited by the Ministry of Health and a member of TURSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies). MCAN Health is offering hair transplant in Turkey, with top-quality service and low-costs, that is performed by specialized and experienced trichologists and plastic surgeons. One of the reasons why hair transplant in Turkey getting so popular is that the surgeons are very skilled and experienced as our doctors have performed far more operations than any of their colleagues in other countries. Besides, the latest and most satisfying hair transplant technologies are closely followed to provide the best treatment available.

Aiming to have the maximum patient satisfaction, we want to be sure that the patients get the most out of our treatments. Even after the operation, we contact each patient regularly as follow-up aftercare to find out if they are satisfied and need further assistance. Although it very rarely happens, the corrective surgeries are always free of charge in case of any kind of need.


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