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MCAN Health provides a cost-effective hair transplant package in Turkey, a destination known for its excellent healthcare services. By completing the consultation form, you can receive a customized plan for your hair transplant Turkey procedure, ensuring you obtain exceptional outcomes following your treatment in Istanbul.

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MCAN Health has carried out hair transplant procedures in Turkey for more than 10 years. More than 10,000 hair transplant patients from all over the world visited our clinic to get the best hair transplant in Turkey. Here are some of the best hair transplant results from MCAN’s patients who have had and completed hair restoration.

Hair Transplant Turkey in
3 Easy Steps

Hair Transplant in Turkey consists of 3 easy steps to start your hair transplant journey in the best hair transplant clinic.

  1. MCAN Health offers free online consultations to create your personalized hair transplant plan.
  2. You can choose the best Turkey hair transplant package our clinic provides you.
  3. Your hair restoration is about the start of the best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, Turkey.
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Guaranteed Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant in Turkey guarantees hair restoration permanently. Hair transplant treatment is the only and best way to regain lost hair and give natural-looking hair results to patients facing dreadful hair loss problems.

When it comes to hair transplantation, Turkey is pioneering and the most favorable country to perform the best hair transplant treatments. Besides successful hair transplant results, all-inclusive hair transplant packages in Turkey and affordable prices are other factors attracting hair transplant patients.

Reviews of 1330+ Proven Hair Transplant in Turkey

Check out our reviews from patients who already had their hair transplant surgery at our clinic.

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Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

How to Choose a Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey?

Some essential factors must be considered after patients decide to have a hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey. Every patient wishes the best hair transplant clinic for a successful procedure and results. Therefore, people should collect information about hair transplant clinics. To find the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, patients should learn about the expertise of the clinic and see their social media - before and after photos posted on social media are valuable content giving a clue about the clinic - ensure the clinic offers you a free online consultation, and know if the treatment plan is the suitable one for you.

A Professional Approach to Hair Transplant in Turkey

MCAN Health was established by professionals with over 30 years of experience in the medical tourism field. Fueled by the desire to improve people’s lives, we take care of our patients at every step of your journey.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic, Turkey:

  1. 1-

    The maximum number of grafts guaranteed with no hidden costs

  2. 2-

    Over 98% operation success rate

  3. 3-

    Treatment by the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey certified by the Ministry of Health

  4. 4-

    ISO-abiding standards of quality and approval by TEMOS International Treatment in a safe and familiar environment by a friendly and international team

Don’t hesitate to fill in our contact form to receive a FREE online medical consultation and a personalized hair transplant treatment plan.

Hair Restoration in Istanbul, Turkey

How Hair Transplant in Turkey Works?

Hair transplant Turkey, a surgical procedure to address hair loss or thinning hair, is a popular solution for individuals seeking to restore a fuller and more youthful head of hair. The hair transplant Turkey procedure involves extracting hair follicles from the donor area, generally, the nape area where the hair growth is abundant and healthy, and transplanting them to areas experiencing hair loss or thinning, known as the recipient area.Hair transplant procedures in Turkey can be carried out using various techniques, such as FUE and DHI, which are chosen based on the individual needs and desires of the patients.

Hair transplantation is a transformative procedure that offers hope and renews confidence to individuals experiencing hair loss or thinning. It is a carefully orchestrated blend of artistry and medical science, aiming to restore natural-looking hair and improve overall appearance.

A hair transplant in Turkey is a surgical hair relocation procedure consisting of transferring hair follicles from a donor area to a recipient area. MCAN Health, considered one of the best clinics performing hair transplant in Istanbul Turkey, has significantly specialized in hair restoration.

Hair transplant treatment at MCAN involves the following steps:

  1. Consultation: MCAN's hair transplant experts start the patient's hair transplant journey by analyzing the donor and the recipient area to see the density, measure the maximum amount of grafts, and determine the best hair transplant technique. In the consultation process, it is vital to express expectations and desires. Hair transplant is about aesthetics, and Turkish hair transplant experts emphasize the desired look! MCAN's hair transplant experts guide every patient toward Turkey's best and most successful hair restoration.
  2. Local Anesthesia:Sedation is applied for a painless procedure.
  3. Extraction: Surgeons extract hair follicles from the patient's donor area and store them for relocation.
  4. Incision (Opening channels in recipient area): According to the number and characteristics of the grafts. The incision part of the hair transplant procedure has a significant role. To get a natural-hair look, the direction of the canal must be natural!
  5. Hair Implantation: As the last step of the hair transplant procedure, a hair implant is performed in the hair loss areas.

Proven Hair Transplant Techniques in Turkey

The best hair transplant clinic is the one taking into consideration the expectations and needs of every patient. MCAN Health, one of the best hair transplant clinics in Istanbul, Turkey, performs diverse hair transplant techniques according to the different hair transplant cases.

Methods Used in Hair Transplant Turkey: DHI&FUE

If you are looking for the best course for hair transplant Turkey, but are indecisive about going with DHI or FUE hair transplant, you may wish to consider the following to compare and contrast.

  • FUE Hair Transplant
  • Sapphire Blade, V-shape canals, provides a natural hairline and look
  • Maximum number of grafts
  • Incision performed before implantation.
  • Implantation for larger areas
  • Hair shaved
  • Minimum Bleeding
  • No visible scars and trauma
  • A good deal of density
  • The healing phase may take 1-2 weeks.
  • CHOI Pen, provides a natural
    hairline and look
  • Maximum number of grafts
  • Implantation and incision performed at the same time.
  • Implantation for smaller areas
  • In some circumstances, no need for shaving
  • Minimum Bleeding
  • No visible scars and trauma
  • A good deal of density
  • The healing phase may take 1-2 weeks.

Hair Transplant Turkey Price

The affordability of Turkey hair transplant cost is a significant concern for many patients seeking high-quality yet cost-effective surgery. Regarding high quality, well-experienced surgeons, and budget-friendly hair transplant costs, Turkey has been a popular destination where patients can have a smooth and successful hair transplant procedure at the best prices.

In most countries, such as the UK, the US, and other European countries, hair transplant cost can vary depending on the number of grafts. However, Turkey hair transplant cost does not change according to the number of follicles. The hair transplant technique, FUE hair transplant, Sapphire Hair transplant or DHI hair transplant, and additional services determine the cost of the procedure. Turkey hair transplant cost is generally all-inclusive packages that provide patients extra services, including accommodation and hotel-clinic-airport transfer. Still, hair transplant cost in Turkey is much lower than in the UK and the US. Turkey hair transplant cost can start at 1.999€-6.500€; however, in the UK, the minimum charge, depending on the number of the grafts, can be 4.000€, while in the US, hair transplant cost are between 11.000€-25.000€.

Country Cost
Turkey 1.999€-6.500€
United Kingdom 4.000€-20.000€
United States 11.000€-25.000€

Why Should You Have a Hair Transplant in Turkey and MCAN?

Turkey is home to some of the world’s leading hair transplant clinics and surgeons. That’s why Turkey is recognized for its expertise and success rates in hair transplantation. MCAN Health, the best hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, provides its patients best hair transplants with high-quality service and affordable hair transplant costs. Since its establishment, MCAN Health has treated more than 10000 hair transplant patients with different hair types, bringing along international recognition.

International Hair Transplant Doctors at the MCAN Clinic

MCAN Health works with internationally recognised doctors in the best clinic in Turkey. Our surgeons are meticulously selected according to their medical experience, international accreditations, their quality and their success rate.

MCAN doctors have achieved international recognition through their outstanding surgeries and the publication of medical articles in acclaimed international reviews.

Dr. Uslu stresses on the importance of after-care procedures to achieve the best possible results: ʻwearing the bandages, not using any hats and following hair wash instructions carefully will make all the difference.”

“A hair transplant can be performed as long as the patient has no chronic illnesses or medical conditions making him/her unsuitable for the procedure.” DR. Sefadiye Cesur

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Dr Sefadiye - Turkish Hair Transplant Surgeon

Step-by-Step Hair Transplant Recovery After Hair Transplant Turkey

A hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgical procedure with minimal chances of complication. After a hair transplant in Turkey, the donor area takes a little longer to heal, but its recovery is completed within a month, whereas beard hair grafts (if transplanted) are liable to be shaven even 7 days after the operation.

On a general note, these are the steps you need to follow before and after a hair transplant Turkey:


In Turkey hair transplant process starts with your doctor checking your medical and health conditions. If you are under any other medication, you must let them know. It is also recommended to stop alcohol and smoking before a hair transplant Turkey.


Redness and swelling are expected to occur within the first week after a hair transplant Turkey. Symptoms are gone entirely after seven days.

In the second week, all scars disappear. Afterward, there are no visible signs of the operation.


1 to 2 months after the operation of hair transplant Turkey, the implanted hair starts to grow. Soon after, the newly transplanted hair falls out, only to grow back in the coming months. This is called ʻshock lossʼ, and it is perfectly normal, so donʼt worry!


After the shaded hair on the recipient area starts growing again, 3 months after your hair transplant Turkey, you can cut your hair with scissors. Continue to avoid all chemical products.


At the beginning of the 4th month, transplanted grafts are 4 to 6 cm long and much thicker. 6 months after your hair transplant, you can cut your hair any way you want.


In this period, your hair continues growing and thickening. Remember that the best hair transplant results also depend on the patient's aftercare and following the doctor's instructions. If you do what you need to do, you have the best hair transplant in Turkey.

Hair Transplant Turkey Overview

Operation Goal To regain lost hair back.
Duration of the operation 4-8 hours, depending on the extent of the hair loss and the technique.
Anesthesia Local Anesthesia
In/Outpatient Outpatient
Staying in the hotel 2-3 days
Possible Side Effects Bleeding, bruising, swelling, discomfort, pain, and necrosis.

Hair Transplant Turkey FAQ

Turkey is a medical hub with many visitors for various treatments. Hair transplant in Turkey is the most popular among them. High-quality services, Turkish hair transplant experts, successful hair transplant results, and Turkey’s hair transplant packages covering patients’ accommodation, medicines, and follow-up are the main factors attracting people to a hair transplant in Turkey.

You can have your first haircut one month after the hair transplant procedure. For the donor area, you can use clippers and scissors for the recipient area for the first two to three months.

You can wear a hat when the scabs are off (10-14 days after the surgery). The cap should be tight enough and sit over the front head, not the grafts. Leave a small gap between the grafts and the top of the hat.

After a hair transplant surgery, if the patient does not have any swelling on the forehead, it is not necessary to wear a headband.

Shock loss or hair shedding after hair transplant surgery is the reaction of the body patients may experience thinning of their hair, which is normal. It is a temporary situation that might come out the first month after the hair transplant procedure. After the shock loss, your hair starts regrowing immediately, so do not worry!

Every hair transplant patient and every case differs in the aspects of hair loss, the hair, and the skin types. Generally, the minimum number of grafts ranges from 600 to 4,0000 for extensive hair loss. Your hair transplant surgeon measures the number you need with Norwood-Hamilton or Ludwig scale.

Males and females dealing with androgenetic alopecia (hair loss) are eligible for a hair transplant. However, the donor area and hair density of the patient's donor area is vital for the procedure. For successful hair transplant results, your hair must be sufficient. In addition, some chronic diseases such as liver, kidney, and heart problems impact hair transplant operations. That's why informing the hair transplant surgeon about your medical history and chronic illnesses you have before the procedure.

It is essential to prepare for the hair transplant procedure. Hair transplant patients should stop using some medicines such as blood thinners, Aspirin, Anti-inflammatory medications, and B or E vitamins a week before the procedure. If you are on medication or have chronic diseases and allergies, you should inform your hair transplant surgeon in advance. Please avoid smoking or consuming alcohol a few days before the procedure. On the procedure day, patients should have a light breakfast for the blood pressure and wear comfortable clothes with zippers.

Hair Transplant Turkey Aftercare

Optimal outcomes of hair transplant Turkey procedure are attained through effective post-operative care. Patients must know the dos and don'ts following their hair transplantation to ensure successful results.

  • Smoking and alcohol consumption: Both smoking and alcohol can impair the healing process by reducing blood flow and interfering with the body's natural healing mechanisms. It is best to avoid smoking and limit alcohol consumption for a certain period following the hair transplant.
  • Hairstyling and hair products: Avoid using any hairstyling products, such as gels, sprays, or hair dyes, for a few weeks after the procedure. It is also recommended to avoid any hairstyles that put excessive tension or pressure on the transplanted area, such as tight ponytails or braids.
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Ask Now
E. C.

Can white or silver hair (due to age) be successfully transplanted? To get the coverage do you have to transplant more hair. Can you get full coverage on someone stage 6 on the Norton Scale?
Dr the best coverage,

    Dr. Sefadiye

    The color of the hair does not determine its strength of the hair. That’s why, yes white or silver hair can be successfully transplanted. For a successful hair transplant operation, you donor area where the grafts are extracted and implanted should be in good density and health. So, we need to examine the scalp to say certain things. Stage 6 on. Norwood Scale means advanced hair loss, full coverage in one session might be unrealistic. It depends on the donor area’s sufficiency. You can contact us at +90 850 255 6226 or fill out the consultation form for a free consultation.

Dr. Hisham Hamza,M.D.

I am a Doctor in private practice in USA. How much do you charge for implanting 2500 follicle via DHI in the frontal area? without travel, hotel please. I have family in Tukey.

    Dr. Sefadiye

    Hello Dr.Hisham. The cost of a hair transplant does not depend on the number of grafts. The technique and the service determine the cost. You can check the all-inclusive hair transplant cost page.


I would like to go for hair transplant at mcan. How to get appointment and budget for the transplant.
Please let me knwo the procedure in the getting appointment, coming to Turkey, accommodation, trasnport, and transplant cost.

    Dr. Sefadiye

    To get an appointment for hair transplant you can reach us by filling our consultation form or from our official whatsapp number +90 850 255 6226

Danny B

Can you do hairline and beard at the same time?

Jonatan Gomez

How long does the head take to heal?

    Dr. Sefadiye

    Most people go back to work 3 days after surgery, whereas all redness and scarring is expected to disappear in the first 1-2 weeks after the operation.


When can I remove my bandage?

    Dr. Sefadiye

    The hair bandage can be removed 1 day after the transplant takes place. Patients should not remove bandages by themselves. Our medical staff will remove them during your check up appointment at the MCAN Clinic.

ronald richard

How long does hair take to grow after a hair implant operation?

    Dr. Sefadiye

    A3 months after your operation a substantial amount of new hair will begin to appear. 12 to 18 months after, you will see the final results of your operation.

Ron Arora

How long after the operation can I workout?

    Dr. Sefadiye

    Patients can resume sport activities 15 days after their operation. It is recommended to exercise lightly at first, avoiding sweating. More engaging work-outs should be postponed for at least 1 month after the operation.


How long does the operation take?

    Dr. Sefadiye

    The duration of the operation depends on the type of technique performed and the number of grafts to be implanted. Generally, the surgical procedure takes around 6 to 8 hours. DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) might take longer depending on the number of grafts.


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Dr. Sefadiye, who holds a Medical Degree (M.D) in the Faculty of Medicine from Ege University, has specialized in medical aesthetics. Dr. Sefadiye's admiration for Medical Aesthetics was shaped while studying and led her to have various educational pieces of training. Mainly focused on hair transplantation, Dr. Safediye performs, ozone therapy, mesotherapy, acupuncture, and aesthetic fillings.