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Hair loss can result from various factors and often carries important psychological and emotional effects. MCAN Health offers all-inclusive hair transplant packages at an affordable prices backed by years of experience and exceptional after-care support. Your transform starts here!

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair is important as an eyecatcher factor and hair transplant Turkey comes as an affordable permanent solution for people suffering from male or female pattern baldness. A hair transplant consists of a surgical procedure moving hair follicles from one part of the head, typically called the “donor area,” to a bald or thinning area of the scalp, known as the “recipient area.”  A donor area is the back of the head (the nape area) which is between the ears. Turkey hair transplant has attracted many people from all over the world thanks to its experienced medical staff and top-notch clinics. 

hair transplant turkey

Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After

Turkey hair transplant has given the expected and natural-looking results to many people. Swipe to see the hair transplant turkey before and after photos of  MCAN Health!

Hair Implants Turkey - Pure Rock & Roll with MCAN
Second Turkey Hair Transplant! – Patient Review with MCAN Health
English DOCTOR's Hair Transplant Istanbul with MCAN Health

Hair Transplant Turkey Testimonials | Journey of MCAN Health’s Patients

From the moment our patients contact us until the end, MCAN Health does its best to provide the best Hair Transplant treatment experience. Our patients are talking about their unique experiences in Turkey with MCAN Health. Watch now!

Turkey Hair Transplant Reviews

Would you like to see hair transplant Turkey reviews of MCAN Health’s patients?

stars 5

haun Auger

I had a great experience with Mcan right from the start!…

GB, February, 2022

stars 5


I was really looked after by the team drivers, patient liaison…

GB, August, 2022

stars 5


I was recommended by many friends to do my hair transplant…

US, September, 2022

stars 5


MCAN was a life changing experience with very friendly staff…

GB, September, 2022

A Guide to Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant Turkey process starts as soon as the candidate applies to MCAN Health.

Before Coming to Turkey

• The very first step of the process is to arrange an online appointment with the doctor. This process will be managed with the case manager, who is a bridge between the patient and the surgeon till the patient goes to Turkey, and responsible for your accommodation, hotel-airport-clinic transfer which are included in the hair transplant package price.
• Patients are required to share the photo of the area with the case managers so that they can get them analyzed by the doctors and have a customized plan. During this process, patients need to book flight tickets.

Before Coming to Turkey
who is a good candidate for hair transplant turkey?

Are You a Good Candidate for Hair Transplant?

For people seeking hair loss treatments, getting the best hair transplant in Turkey is important. But are you a good candidate? You are ready for having hair transplant turkey operation if you,

  • experience hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia, commonly known as male pattern hair loss.
  • possess a sufficient hair density in the donor area for the procedure to be viable.
  • can use the donor area not shorter than 1-2 mm to hide the small dot-like scars.
  • do not have a medical condition (such as having at the active stage of hair fungus or Seborrheic dermatitis disease) that would impede you from hair transplant surgery.

A Quick Hair Transplant Test for You

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Are you eligible for a hair transplant in Turkey?

Before having a hair transplant in Turkey, it is significant to know the reason behind the hair loss problems of patients. There are several factors playing the main roles leading the most males and females losing their hair day by day.

Takes just a minute!


Operation Goal:To replace hair follicles between the donor area and the balding and receding parts of the scalp to provide an aesthetically pleasing look.
Duration of the Operation: 4-8 hours, depending on the extent of the hair loss.
Anesthesia:Local Anesthesia.
Maximum Number of Grafts:Up to 5000 grafts.

Different Hair Transplant Techniques for Different Cases

MCAN Health offers different hair transplant turkey methods for each patient's needs and expectations. MCAN Health choses the suitable method to get the most natural-looking hair transplant turkey results.

FUE Hair Transplant

The FUE Hair Transplant is an advanced technique ideal for those with severe hair loss. Depending on the state of the donor area, up to 5,000 grafts can be transplanted in a single session. During the procedure, each follicle is extracted individually and then they are implemented carefully to the receding parts. The procedure can take 6-8 hours. The FUE turkey hair transplant method:

• is minimally invasive.
• leaves no visible scars on the donor or recipient area.
• provides natural looking results.

FUE Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Turkey Cost UK vs Turkey

The most common question for international patients seeking a best hair transplant clinic in turkey is ‘’How much is hair transplant in turkey?’’ On average, hair transplant costs in the UK start from 5.000€ to 30.000€ based on the number of grafts, and similarly, in the US, the average cost can range from €6.000 to €25.000 or even higher, depending on various factors. However, unlike other countries, the price of hair transplant Turkey aren't calculated by graft number but by the session. MCAN Health offers the maximum suitable grafts for your scalp. On average, the cost of a hair transplant Turkey can range from €2,000 to €4,000. So, a significant difference can be observed between hair transplant cost uk vs turkey. 

Turkey Hair Transplant Package

Turkey hair transplant package offers all-inclusive services at a fraction of the cost in the UK and the US. They include consultation, pre-op tests, treatment, after-care medications and kits, accommodation in central 4-5 star hotels, VIP transfers, and aftercare follow-up services. Visit MCAN Health’s hair transplant cost page for an exact idea about MCAN Health’s All Inclusive Hair Transplant Package Turkey. 

TURKEY€2.000 - €4.000
UNITED KINDGOM€5.000 - €30.000
UNITED STATES€6.000 - €25.000

How to Choose the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey?

Things to consider when finding the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey: 

  • Learn about the clinic and the surgeon; years of experience, accreditations from legal and international authorities such as the Ministry of Health (to stay away from the black market), and success rate.
  • See hair transplant turkey before and after photos on websites, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.
  • Check for turkey hair transplant reviews of people who have already had hair transplant turkey operation. 
  • Check if there is support to take care of you before and after the procedure.
  • Check the success rate of the growth ratio of implanted hair follicles if it is over 85%
what is the best hair transplant clinic in turkey
hair transplant in turkey all you need to know

Leading the Way in Hair Transplant: MCAN Health's Excellence Since 2015

MCAN Health, one of the leading health tourism companies, has performed many hair transplant procedures since it was founded in 2015. Accredited by both the Turkish Ministry of Health and TEMOS International, MCAN Health guarantees successful hair transplant turkey procedures in a luxurious setting. Notably, we have an astounding 95% success rate.

For MCAN Health, the whole journey of the patient is as essential as the surgery itself and its aim is to provide the best hair transplant in Turkey experience in every aspect. Hence, accommodation in the 4-5 stars hotel, VIP transfers between airport-hotel-clinic, and translators in various languages (English, Spanish, German, French, and Persian) are provided. MCAN Health also provides after-care and consultations in London which patients can visit for a check-up and consultation.

The Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Turkey

Dr. Cesur with 21 years of experience in turkey hair transplant states that ‘’Hair transplant is a work of art. Analyzing the hair loss areas, considering the patient’s desires and needs, applying the the most suitable technique for each individual as well as implementing the right angle while implanting the hair are all important factors for a natural-looking outcome.’’ Dr. Cesur, expertised in different turkey hair transplant techniques performed numerous life-changing surgeries with her artistic point of view.

best hair transplant surgeon in turkey

Hair Transplant Recovery Timeline

After a successful hair transplant turkey operation, the recovery phase starts. The phases are as follows:

1st Day:

Patients might see temporary small red holes in the donor area. Also, fluid drainage from injected medication might give a bleeding sensation in the donor area.

2-15 Days:

Mild bruising, pinkish discoloration, and scabbing may continue, but they will fade gradually in the first week. Avoid touching and scratching the transplanted area. 

2-4 Weeks:

The patient will likely experience hair shedding (shock hair loss) on either donor or recipient area (or both) as a temporary side effect. 

2-4 Months: 

The hair initially grows in thin and fine patterns, but it becomes longer and thicker with time.

6-12 Months:

80% of the transplanted hair is expected to grow. The success rate can  go up to 90%-%98 as long as the patient follows the necessary steps during the recovery. 

12-18 Months:

Patients complete the final phase and get the final and best hair transplant in turkey results. 

Hair Transplant Aftercare

Ensuring proper aftercare is essential for achieving optimal results after a hair transplant turkey operation. 

Avoid strenuous activities: Refrain from activities that may lead to excessive sweating or pressure on the scalp. Follow your surgeon’s recommendations to start heavy exercising. 

Don't pick or scratch the scalp: Picking or scratching can damage the transplanted hair follicles and lead to complications after hair implants turkey.

Hair Transplant Turkey FAQ

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A well-performed operation can look natural. Surgeon’s experience and skills, the quality of the donor's hair, the design of the hairline are all important factors in this regard.

The pain level varies among people. Generally patients report discomfort and pain during the anesthesia stage. Our doctors recommend needle free anesthesia, if you have a low tolerance to pain.

It is not true. A patient’s donor area is valuable, it may be needed for future operations. A maximum number of grafts should be interpreted as the optimal graft number needed and the growth rate of the implanted graft is more important than the number of extracted grafts.

The collected hair follicles from the donor area are typically resistant to the effects of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is responsible for causing pattern baldness. So, the transplanted hair from the donor area is permanent; it doesn’t fall again. 

To get the optimal hair transplant turkey results,  elevate your head with pillows to lessen swelling after the operation. Avoid direct pressure to the transplanted area using a U-shaped pillow.

Patients can wear a hat after 10-14 days when the scabs are off. The cap should not be tight and sit over the front head, not the grafts. You should leave a small gap between the grafts and the top of the hat.

In general, waiting until the donor area has sufficiently healed before shaving is advisable. This typically takes a few months. You also should use scissors to cut your hair during the first 6 months.

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Dr. Sefadiye, who holds a Medical Degree (M.D) in the Faculty of Medicine from Ege University, has specialized in medical aesthetics. Dr. Sefadiye's admiration for Medical Aesthetics was shaped while studying and led her to have various educational pieces of training. Mainly focused on hair transplantation, Dr. Safediye performs, ozone therapy, mesotherapy, acupuncture, and aesthetic fillings.

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