Needle Free Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Needle-free anesthesia, a less invasive and 70% less painful process than conventional methods.

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Many people travel to Turkey for needle-free hair transplant procedures, and among the top options is MCAN Health. This is due to their reputation for providing high-quality and cost-effective services. If you seek a successful needle-free hair transplant, MCAN Health is the perfect choice. You can quickly contact us by filling out a form.

What is Needle-Free Hair Transplant?

Definition and Principles of Needle-Free Hair Transplant

Needle-free anesthesia or needleless anesthesia is a hair restoration procedure that does not involve using needles during the anesthesia part of the procedure. Instead, it utilizes air pressure to numb and prepare the area for extraction and implantation. Also known as a pneumatic or air-powered hair transplant, a needle-free hair transplant makes the procedure more accessible and more comfortable for those with needle phobia. Needle-free hair transplant, a minimally invasive, 70% less painless procedure than traditional techniques, is suitable for all hair types. Therefore, anyone with a fear of needles, and because of that, those having second thoughts about hair transplantation, can get a hair transplant operation without any hesitation.

Needle-free anesthesia Turkey
Painless hair transplant

Advantages of Needle-Free Hair Transplant over Traditional Hair Transplant Methods

Local anesthesia comes first before the hair graft implantation starts. The surgeon uses a specialized pneumatic injector during needleless anesthesia, which causes less trauma or pain than the traditional anesthesia technique. Needle-free anesthesia does not mean individuals will not feel pain, so it is not pain-free. The pain originated from the medicine itself (anesthesia liquid). However, without the needle strikes, a needle-free hair transplant significantly reduces the pain and discomfort during the procedure.

How Needle-Free Hair Transplant Works?

How Needle-Free Hair Transplant Works

To reduce pain and the discomfort commonly associated with traditional numbing injections, a specialized device is utilized during the needle-free anesthesia hair transplant to deliver anesthesia without requiring injections.

The needle-free technique, also known as needleless anesthesia or needleless injection, is an innovative approach to administering local anesthesia without using traditional needles. In a needle-free hair transplant, the anesthetic medications are applied to the scalp through jet injection, consisting of a nozzle or aperture generating a high-pressure stream of medication. This allows the anesthesia solution to penetrate the outer layers of the scalp and reach the underlying tissues, effectively numbing the area to be treated.

The Benefits of Needle-Free Hair Transplant

Needle-free anesthesia offers several advantages:

  • It minimizes the pain and discomfort associated with needle injections.
  • Many individuals have a fear or anxiety related to needles. Needle-free hair transplant helps ease this fear, making the procedure more accessible and less intimidating for patients anxious about traditional needle injections.
  • Needle-free anesthesia eliminates the risk of such injuries, ensuring a safer procedure for the patient.
  • The jet injection device is used in a needle-free technique, allows for precise anesthesia delivery to the targeted areas of the scalp. This helps ensure accurate numbing of the treatment site, minimizing the risk of inadequate anesthesia or unnecessary spread of anesthesia to surrounding areas.
  • It can reduce the time required for anesthesia administration compared to traditional needle injections.
  • It minimizes trauma to the scalp caused by needle punctures; provides a quicker recovery period.
Advantages of Needle-Free Hair transplantation
Advantages of Needle-Free Hair Transplant

Is Needle-Free Hair Transplant Suitable for Everyone?

The eligibility criteria for needle-free anesthesia can vary depending on factors such as the individual’s hair and scalp characteristics and the extent of hair loss.

  • Patients with specific scalp conditions or characteristics, such as thick or tough skin, excessive scarring, or certain medical conditions affecting the scalp, may not be suitable candidates for this procedure.
  • Although needle-free hair transplant techniques provide benefits, it’s crucial to be informed of any potential drawbacks and dangers attached to this method.
  • The availability and effectiveness of needle-free devices may vary. The quality and performance of the equipment used for jet injection can impact the overall success of the procedure. Ensuring that the surgeon and clinic have access to reliable, high-quality, needle-free devices is essential.
  • The proficiency and experience of the surgeon in performing needle-free hair transplants are crucial. A skilled surgeon will have the expertise to assess whether a patient is a suitable candidate for the needle-free technique and can appropriately handle any complications during the procedure.


Operation Goal:To regain lost hair back.
Duration of the Operation:4-8 hours, depending on the extent of the hair loss and the technique.
Anesthesia:Local Anesthesia.
Staying in the hotel:2-3 Days
Possible Side Effects:Bleeding, bruising, swelling, discomfort, pain, and necrosis.

Recovery & Aftercare

Adequate aftercare guarantees the best recovery and outcomes following a needle-free hair transplant treatment.

  • Avoid excessive touching or scratching: Refrain from touching or scratching the transplanted area, as this can disrupt the healing process and dislodge grafts. It is normal to experience some itching but resist the urge to scratch.
  • Avoid strenuous activities: Engage in light workouts, and avoid strenuous exercises or activities that may cause excessive sweating or strain on the scalp. Follow your surgeon’s guidelines on when it is safe to resume normal physical activities.

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The extent of the transplant, the number of grafts to be transplanted, and the hair transplantation technique can affect the procedure’s duration. Needle-free hair transplant procedures can take approximately 4-8 hours to be completed.

In a needle-free hair transplant procedure, anaesthetic medications are administered to the scalp using a jet injection system. Needle Free anesthesia will add additional 100 to 200 Euro to standard hair transplant package price.

It is a fact that needle-free anesthesia minimizes the pain and discomfort associated with needle injections compared to traditional needle-based techniques. However, it is not a pain-free procedure. Depending on the pain tolerance, patients may still experience mild pain and discomfort due to anesthesia liquids used during the process.

While needle-free anesthesia procedures generally have a low risk of complications, it’s important to be aware of potential risks. These may include inadequate anesthesia, discomfort, a slight chance of infection, minimal bleeding, potential graft damage due to mechanical forces, and temporary swelling or bruising. Therefore, choosing a trustable clinic with well-experienced surgeons and adhering to post-operative care instructions are critical to reducing these risks.

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