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Breast Reduction Turkey

Are you tired of the extra “burden” on your shoulders? No need to worry anymore! MCAN Health is here to help you with Breast Reduction in Turkey, the size of your breasts can be reduced dramatically and you can have a younger look with no more backache. You only need to follow these steps:

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What is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction also called reduction mammoplasty is a type of plastic surgery aiming to reduce the size, volume and weight of the breasts. Breast size varies from one woman to another. It is determined by hormones, genes, and weight of a woman. Disproportionate breast size to body may lead to both physical and psychological problems. Large and droopy breasts may cause physical problems including chronic backache, neck pain, poor posture, skin irritation, over sweating as well as emotional problems such as low self-esteem, being unhappy about the look of breasts.

Breast reduction surgery offers a solution to women who are unhappy and uncomfortable about the disproportionate size of breasts by lifting and making them smaller. Women have breast reduction surgery to physically feel more comfortable, to enhance the look of their breasts and to boost self-esteem and femininity. Every year almost 700.000 women worldwide get breast reduction operation to decrease the disproportionate size and to uplift their breasts. Breast reduction is among the most commonly demanded type of cosmetic surgeries carried out worldwide.

Breast Reduction for Men: Gynecomastia in Turkey

Breast reduction is also preferred by men who have enlarged breasts condition which is called gynecomastia. Obesity, genes, hormone imbalance, too much alcohol consumption, liver cancer or failure, and excessive weight loss without sports can be among the reasons of gynecomastia. Breast reduction surgery is used to flatten the breasts of a man who feels discomfort due to his enlarged breasts.

For men, breast reduction can either be performed in the same method or with liposuction. The unique case of the patient determines the treatment plan.

How is Breast Reduction Performed?

Basically, breast reduction surgery is usually performed through incisions on the breasts followed by the removal of excess fat, breast tissue, and skin to resize and reshape the breasts with stitches to be proportional to the body.

Breast reduction can be explained in 3 steps:

1. Incision

There are several different incision methods used for breast reduction. There are 3 most common incision techniques used for breast reduction surgery:

  • Anchor type (Inverted T reduction): This technique involves an anchor-shaped incision starting around the areola, going down vertically and then horizontally across the breast crease.
  • Circular pattern around the areola: Involves incision around the areola in a circular pattern.
  • Keyhole (Racquet-shaped) pattern: This technique involves an incision around the areola and vertically down to the breast crease.

Your surgeon will choose the most appropriate incision method of breast reduction by considering the size and shape of your breasts as well as your desired breast size.

2. Repositioning the nipples and removing tissue

After incisions are done, breast reduction carries on with repositioning of the nipples (which remains attached to its original blood and nerve supply). The nipples and areola may be removed and repositioned on an upper part of the breasts (as a skin graft) if the breasts are extremely large. Then excess fat, breast tissue, and skin are removed.

3. Closing up the incisions

The incisions are brought together to reshape and reduce the size of the breasts. To create and support the reshaped breasts, the surgeon puts stitches deep within the breast tissue. For stitching/closing up the cuts, skin adhesives or surgical tapes are used. Incision lines are permanent, however, usually they disappear or fade away substantially in due course.

Breast Reduction in Turkey

All-Inclusive Packages include operation fees, multilingual patient host, transfers and accommodation

Who is the right candidate for breast reduction in Turkey?

If you are complaining about:

  • Constant backache, neck pain and poor posture due to large and sagging breasts
  • Skin irritation and over sweating on your breast area
  • Your breasts are limiting your physical activity
  • Feeling uncomfortable in your clothes
  • Feeling unattractive

You are the right candidate for breast reduction in Turkey by MCAN Health, if you want to:

  • Have increased self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Feel more attractive and feminine.
  • Have more clothing options.
  • Be able to take part in sports and physical activities.
  • Have an improved posture.
  • Get rid of backache, neck and shoulder pain

Breast Reduction in Turkey with MCAN Health

MCAN Health offers you a breast reduction surgery:

  • With lower costs
  • Performed by highly talented, English speaking contracted breast reduction surgeons
  • With natural-looking results
  • With a patient-centric approach

Breast Reduction Cost in Turkey

In the United Kingdom and Europe, breast reduction prices are between £6500 and £8000. Moreover, this only covers the surgery itself as consultation and aftercare are extra expenses.

The gap between the prices of Turkey and the United Kingdom is caused by the difference in labour cost and operational fees. In Turkey, the labour cost of the surgeon and the medical team is lower than it is in European countries, so is the operational fees which cover the hospital related expenses. This difference leads to a great advantage to doctor to perform more operations and gain more experience. With their experience on variety of cases from all around the world, MCAN Health contracted plastic surgeons are very well-trained to perform plastic surgeries with great results.

Mammoplasty in Turkey with MCAN Health

It is time to enhance your appearance, reshape your breasts, lift your self-confidence and feel more attractive with affordable prices!

Operation:Breast Reduction (Mammoplasty)
Operation Goal:To reshape by reducing the sagging breasts and reshape them to a firmer and younger look.
Operation Time:3 to 4 hours
Type of Anesthesia:General
Side Effects:Temporary loss of sense on the breasts
Risk:Infection, bleeding
Recovery Time:Full recovery takes 12 months. After 1 – 2 weeks you can go back to work and daily routine
Scarring:Depending on the incision type, generally very minimal

Arrival Day

  • A warm welcome from MCAN Health: Welcome to Istanbul! You will be welcomed at the airport. You are either taken to your 4 or 5-star hotel or to the hospital for your consultation depending on your arrival time.

Day 1

  • Say hello to your surgeon: You will have an in-person consultation with your surgeon before your surgery. You will have a chance to discuss your breast reduction treatment plan in detail and your surgeon will inform you about the details of your operation such as the type of incision.
  • Consent is everything: You will sign a consent form.
  • Medical tests for your well-being: Your surgeon will perform medical tests such as blood test before breast reduction.
  • Yes, it is now time for ‘the big thing’: You will undergo your breast reduction surgery which usually takes around 3 to 4 hours depending on the process.
  • It is over! Now excitement kicks in! Initial check-ups: Your surgeon will do the initial check-ups when you regain your consciousness after anesthesia. You will wake up in your hospital room dressed in your compression bra.
  • Enjoy your stay at a top-quality hospital: You will spend the night at our internationally accredited, high-quality hospital.

Day 2

  • See your lovely surgeon again: You will have your first check-up before you are discharged from the hospital. Your surgeon will explain to you about post-op care in detail.
  • Say bye to the hospital: If everything is on track and your surgeon gives a green light (which is usually the case), you will be discharged from the hospital.
  • Private transfer, why not?: You will be transferred from the hospital to the hotel via a private car and private chauffeur.
  • A 4-5-star comfort: Now it is time to enjoy your hotel stay.

Day 3

  • Who does not like lazy days in bed?: You are advised to rest and relax and not to do any physical activities that may tire you.

Day 4

  • ‘Should I stay or should I go?’: You can either continue enjoying the comfort of your hotel or go out and do some sightseeing to enjoy Istanbul, the city of two continents!

Day 5

  • Final check-up before the ‘goodbye’: You will meet your surgeon again for your final check-up. They will remove your stitches and drains. You will also be informed about your post-op care in detail and get your safe to fly report.
  • Private transfer to the airport: Just enjoy the last ride in Istanbul!
  • Ready to take-off?: You are flying back home with your new look and hopefully with great experience at MCAN Health in Istanbul. We will miss you! Hope you had an unforgettable journey with us.
It is totally up to you. Breast reduction can be performed at any time either before or after pregnancy.
You can have a breast reduction surgery if you are over 18.
Yes. MCAN Health offers breast reduction in Turkey which is carried out by highly skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeons at hygienic hospitals/clinics that are equipped with cutting-edge technology tools/equipment. Furthermore, breast reduction surgery of MCAN Health in Turkey is cost-effective.
Breast reduction scars will not disappear completely however they will fade away substantially over time.
Yes. The results of breast reduction are permanent.
It depends on your job. Generally, patients resume working 2 to 4 weeks after a breast reduction surgery.
You will be sleeping during the breast reduction surgery because you will be under the effect of general anesthesia. To minimize post-operation pain, you will be prescribed with medication by your surgeon.
Yes. Men who have a condition called gynecomastia which means having enlarged breasts can have breast reduction surgery that MCAN Health offers.
Yes. The purpose of breast reduction surgery is to eliminate and minimize the discomfort that women with large breasts have. Breast reduction surgery aims to resize your breast proportional to your body.

You can view aftercare instructions for breast reduction here.

Breast Reduction Turkey Before After

MCAN Health Breast Reduction Turkey Reviews

I choose Mcan health after allot of research online & I'm so glad I did. I'm very happy with my results I had tummy tuck, 3 area lipo, muscle repair and breast uplift with 295 g implants. When arriving in Istanbul I was very nervous, however after meeting the team and Dr my nerves was put at ease. I couldn't be happier with how I look now. Thankyou mcan for a delightful experience and I will be back for my rhinoplasty in the next few years!


Posted 2 days ago

The staff at MCAN upon arrival to Istanbul were very organised and reassuring. They planned my whole stay to the last detail and kept in contact with me at all times. Doctor was very professional and skilled. My rhinoplasty procedure went amazingly well and the hospital facilities were very modern and clean. All in a