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Are you tired of the extra “burden” on your shoulders? No need to worry anymore! MCAN Health is here to help you with Breast Reduction in Turkey.

Breast reduction also called reduction mammoplasty is a type of plastic surgery to reduce the size; volume and weight of the breasts. Breast size varies from one woman to another. It is determined by hormones, genes, and weight of a woman. Disproportionate breast size to the body may lead to both physical and psychological problems. Large and droopy breasts may cause physical problems including backache, neck pain, poor posture, skin irritation, over sweating as well as emotional problems such as low self-esteem, being unhappy about the look of breasts.

Breast reduction surgery offers a solution to women who are unhappy and uncomfortable about the disproportionate size of breasts by lifting and making them smaller. Women have breast reduction surgery to physically feel more comfortable, to enhance the look of their breasts and to boost self-esteem and femininity. Every year almost 700 thousand women worldwide get breast reduction operation to decrease the disproportionate size and to uplift their breasts. Breast reduction is among the most commonly demanded type of cosmetic surgeries carried out worldwide.

Breast Reduction Turkey

Women choose to have breast reduction surgery abroad because of low costs. Women have a breast reduction in Turkey with low and affordable costs compared to other countries. Breast reduction in Turkey is carried out by specialized and experienced breast reduction surgeons at the top quality medical facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology. Therefore, an increasing number of clients/patients from different parts of the world choose to have a breast reduction in Turkey each year.

Why is MCAN Health the best for Breast Reduction in Turkey?

MCAN Health offers you a breast reduction surgery:

  • With lower costs
  • At JCI accredited hospitals
  • Performed by highly talented, English speaking breast reduction surgeons
  • With natural looking results
  • With a patient-centric approach
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