Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure suctioning excess fat from specific body areas. Would you like to sculpt your dream body and contour your curves with Liposuction Turkey?

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Liposuction Turkey helps to remove persistent fat in various areas of the body. Please complete the consultation form, contact the UK-registered MCAN Health, and prepare your treatment plan for the best liposuction Turkey results.

What is Liposuction Surgery?

Liposuction, also known as liposculpture or fat removal surgery, is carried out under a general anesthetic and removes persistent fat that cannot be eliminated by diet or exercise while reshaping the body. Liposuction can be performed on specific targeted areas such as the back, arms, chest, abdomen, legs, knees, ankles, or chin. Besides, liposuction can be performed for the mid-section of the body, which is 360 liposuction Turkey encompassing the abdominal, waist, and lower back area. A fat removal procedure is carried out according to the patient’s needs and desires.

Liposuction can also be performed for man breast reduction treatment, known as gynecomastia. Furthermore, liposuction is also preferred with other plastic surgeries, such as tummy tuck, thigh lifts, arm lifts, and breast surgeries, such as breast implants, breast reduction, and breast uplift.

Lipo Turkey Pre-op

Liposuction Turkey Before and After

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MCAN Health, the center of various plastic surgeries in Turkey, from single surgeries such as rhinoplasty, eyelids, and many others, is also favorable for the best liposuction in Istanbul, Turkey. Liposuction Turkey, also known as liposculpture Turkey, has come far with its successful results; MCAN Health is one of the leading clinics that made a prestigious name in liposuction with different fat removal techniques such as traditional liposuction, vaser liposuction, and high def vaser liposuction. MCAN Health has been hosting numerous international patients. In the past 10 years, we successfully performed over 5000 liposuction surgeries and would like to display some of our patients’ remarkable results! Would you like to see liposuction results before and after?

Liposuction Journey in Turkey
Liposuction Surgery Experience
Remarkable Liposuction Adventure
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Liposuction Experience of MCAN’s Patients in Istanbul

The happiness and satisfaction of the patients are always MCAN Health’s priority. The whole journey and experience are made to be great for each patient. At MCAN, the liposuction surgery in Turkey starts at the moment when the patient’s first contact and continues until the best results are achieved!

Some patients have expressed their feelings about the process and given the details of this incredible journey to become a muse for others. Would you like to witness the unforgettable visit and successful liposculpture surgery of MCAN’s lovely patients?

Liposuction Turkey Reviews

Check out our reviews from patients who already had their liposuction surgery at our clinic.

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Miss Begum Aug 1, 2022 locationGB
 5 Stars Verified

Having surgery abroad, can be risky and daunting especially when you go alone. I did go alone and this company did not let me down at any point. They were there to pick me up from the airport and take me to and from the hospital. The staff were kind and lovely and so grateful that I picked a great company for my breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction on the front and back. I would recommended them highly and my surgeon Professor Alhan listened to my wishes and instructions and has now given me, a body that I can make further improvements to. The nurse team, visited as scheduled and further aided in my recovery. I am so grateful that I received a brilliant service.

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Huss Apr 5, 2022 locationGB
 5 Stars Verified
The best team I could of went with. I had liposuction on stomach and back and I’m one week post opp. The results are insane!! The team was AMAZING from start to finish!!!! I can’t recommend mcan enough!! The hospital/staff/surgeon are amazing. Always there when you need them. If your thinking to book with mcan choose them! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Alisha Ortmann
Alisha Ortmann Apr 5, 2022 locationDE
 5 Stars Verified
I was there for 10 days and had my stomach tightened, plus liposuction on my arms, back and legs. Already the pickup from the airport was perfect the check in at the hotel was easy and everyone was very friendly. The doctor was competent and I was well informed. The nurses were very helpful. The hospital was well equipped and the food was delicious. The nurse I was given by MCAN (Deniz) was great and always there for me. She visited me every day in the hotel and supported me so that I did not feel alone. The hotel was nice and the staff also here totally helpful
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Shaun Mar 7, 2022 locationGB
 5 Stars Verified
Fantastic service from start to finish. Very well informed about the procedure and all the necessary aftercare. My personal experience liason Ana was fantastic, always on hand to schedule all of my appointments etc. My Nurse Deniz checked up on me daily to ensure any issue or questions I had were addressed promptly. Very professional both of them. The Surgery went as planned and I now have the body I deeply desired after my 34kg weighloss. I highly recommend MCAN health. Male Tummy Tuck and Liposuction 360 Vaser.

Liposuction Cost Turkey vs. Liposuction Cost UK & US

Liposuction in Istanbul Turkey prices or vaser liposuction Turkey prices, which are generally lower than in many other countries, such as the UK, varies depending on the specific procedure, the area of the body being treated, the extent of the process, and the individual provider.

Besides specialist doctors and successful operations, MCAN Health’s liposuction Turkey all-inclusive packages involving accommodation, transportation, patient host and nurse services in the hotel, after-care kits, and follow-up services attract most people to have fat removal surgery in Turkey.

Country Liposuction Cost Turkey
Turkey 1,200 Euro - 4,000 Euro
United Kingdom 2,800 Euro - 10,000 Euro
United States 2,800 Euro - 14,000 Euro

Why Should You Prefer Lipo in Turkey with MCAN Health?

Turkey, considered a medical hub for national and international people visiting for various plastic surgery treatments such as breast augmentation and abdominoplasty, is also the place of the best liposuction surgeries giving the highest quality of services and the best results. MCAN Health has been performing liposuction in Turkey since it was established and is one of the most well-known and most-visited international clinics with accredited surgeons. Besides, the prices are another crucial factor attracting many people dealing with stubborn and unwanted fat to get liposuction in Turkey. MCAN Health, which has succeeded in satisfying patients with perfect surgery results and has known its name internationally, has been hosting many people worldwide to get the best treatment.

With the high-in quality service, MCAN Health's affordable prices cover patients' needs and comfort during their visit. Experienced international surgeons of MCAN Health provide the best possible results to our patients. During their visit to Turkey, MCAN Health offers its patients accommodation at 5-star Hotels to make them feel at home; MCAN's patients' healing phase during their stay in Turkey is always followed by MCAN Health's experienced plastic surgery nurses with a daily visit to their hotel. After the patient returns to their home country, the after-care continues with a video consultation with the surgeon and phone calls.

Best Liposuction in Istanbul Turkey

Best Liposuction Surgeons in Turkey

MCAN Health, one of the best healthcare providers who provide liposuction in Turkey, works with internationally recognized doctors. International recognition of MCAN Health is achieved through outstanding surgeries performed by accredited surgeons.

MCAN Health's priority is continuous improvement and success for the satisfaction of its patients. Therefore, MCAN's plastic surgeons are meticulously selected according to their medical experience, international accreditations, quality, and success rate.

For MCAN, the success of liposuction surgery is based on the patient's expectations and the doctors' ability. Hence, the needed assistance in all the steps of the operation and the artistic approach are the priorities for the best results!

Best Liposuction Doctor in Istanbul Turkey

Our Medical Team

How is Liposuction Surgery Performed?

The liposuction procedure in Turkey starts with a consultation with the surgeon, where the patient expresses his/her expectations and needs; the surgeon marks the area where the fat removal is performed. It is one of the most vital parts of the process. In this process, patients should be clear about the expectations; remember that your surgeon is your best guide in sharing realistic opinions for a smooth operation and successful results. After your doctor marks the area, you will go to the surgery room. Thereafter, the surgeon will make small incisions and insert a suction tube; the surgeon moves the suction tube back and forth to loosen the fat and suck it out; any excess fluid and blood are drained.

Fat removal process?

Where on the body can fat removal be performed?

Lipo Turkey can be performed anywhere in the body where fat accumulation occurs. It can be partial or performed for the whole body or only for 360 liposuctions. The most common body areas are:

Quick Test

Quick Test

Are You Eligible for Liposuction in Turkey?

Liposuction in Turkey represents an attractive solution to eliminate stubborn fats at affordable prices, but only some are suitable for the procedure. Let's find it out if you are a good candidate for liposuction or not.

Easy Test Start
1-Please select your gender
2-Please select the area or areas you want to have liposuction
3. Do you have any medication that you use regularly? If yes, please specify.
4. Do you have any chronic diseases? If yes, please specify.
5. Do you smoke tobacco? If yes, how often?
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Liposuction Techniques

MCAN performs the most effective techniques of liposuction Turkey Istanbul; Traditional Liposuction, Vaser Liposuction in Turkey, Laser Liposuction, and High-Definition Vaser.

Traditional Liposuction

Traditional lipo is the standard fat reduction surgery used for many years and is generally considered safe and effective for removing larger amounts of fat. Traditional liposuction allows for the most significant fat removal surgery. The traditional method is a fat extraction by inserting a cannula in the fat removal areas. Because of the size of the insertion holes (2-3 millimeters wide), traditional liposuction does not leave any visible scars.

Turkey Istanbul MCAN Health

Vaser Liposuction

Vaser liposuction, also known as Vaser liposculpture or Vaser Lipo, is a type of liposuction using ultrasound wave technology to melt fat tissue before extraction, facilitating the process. During the procedure, the surgeon injects a tumescent solution into the target area to numb the area and constrict blood vessels. The fat cells are then made liquid using a tiny ultrasonic probe put into the skin. The melted fat is then removed from the body using a cannula. The benefit of the vaser technique is a shorter recovery time because vaser liposuction is less invasive. There is no risk of damage to nerves and vessels; as the nerves are not damaged, pain in the short term and numbness in the long term may be minimal or absent. Like traditional liposuction, because of the size of the insertion holes (2-3 millimeters wide), Vaser Liposuction does not leave any visible scars. For more information, read this article about the advantages of vaser.

Turkey Istanbul MCAN Health

Laser Liposuction

The laser method, also known as laser-assisted or SmartLipo, consists of breaking down fat cells with a laser before their extraction. The main advantage of the laser technique is that it reduces fat cells while tightening the skin. Due to its benefits in skin tightening, plastic surgeons prefer to employ lasers in areas such as the face, the neck, and the jowls. Besides, the recovery time for laser liposuction is generally shorter; most people can return to work and normal activities within a few days.

Turkey Istanbul MCAN Health

High-Definition Vaser

High-definition Vaser is a body sculpting to reveal muscle tone and curves by using Vaser. It enables surgeons to extract fat tissue and perform body sculpting simultaneously. The procedure uses the same ultrasound technology as Vaser liposuction but is performed with greater precision and attention to detail. The surgeon uses ultrasound energy to selectively target and remove fat cells in the abdomen to create a more visible muscle definition, such as a six-pack or two-pack. High-Def Vaser liposuction is particularly effective as a belly fat removal technique, making it the preferred method of men undergoing six-pack liposuction.

Turkey Istanbul MCAN Health
Quelle quantité de graisse peut être prélevée par liposuccion?

Liposuction Turkey Recovery Process

No matter the kind of surgery, even in minor surgeries, such as eyelid surgery, patients are expected to experience swelling and bruises, which is normal after the procedure. The recovery process of liposculpture is fast and smooth. The patient should only wear a corset, walk as much as the body allows, drink over 2-liter water, and avoid challenging physical exercise. Following the surgeon's instructions has tremendous significance in shortening the healing period. Patients return to regular routines in 1-2 weeks after the operation.

During your visit, MCAN provides its patients with constant care by our surgeons and nurses, whether at the hospital or in the hotel. Lymphatic massage and extra medicine are also offered. MCAN follows its patients' progress even after they leave for their countries.

Which People are Suitable for Fat Removal Surgery?

No matter how diligently they exercise or adhere to a strict diet, many people have trouble losing fat pockets in specific areas of their bodies. Liposuction is a popular preference for those who cannot get rid of persistent fat. While allowing for the removal of a significant amount of fat (3-7 liters) in a single session, which is not achievable with non-surgical options, liposuction reshapes the body according to the patient’s desires. However, liposuction is not a weight-loss surgery! It is to get rid of local fat cells and reshape the body. Therefore, patients can keep the effects of liposuction only if they do not gain weight thereafter.

On the other hand, not all people are suitable for liposuction. To be suitable for lipo in Turkey, people must have a problem with body or facial fat deposits that are too large to lose through diet and exercise due to heredity or pregnancy.

  • Are in good overall health; do not have ​​serious medical conditions that could increase the risk of complications during or after the surgery.
  • Have a stable weight and are not significantly overweight or obese. Liposuction is not a weight loss solution and is best for people at or near their ideal weight.
  • Have firm, elastic skin that conforms to the body's new contours after the procedure.
  • Have stubborn pockets of fat on specific areas of your body such as the abdomen, hips, waist, thighs, back, arms, necks, chin, and necks.
  • Are a non-smoker or willing to quit smoking 1 month before the surgery because smoking can increase the risks of the operation.
  • Have lipoma or gynecomastia.
Eligible for Liposuction in Turkey

What Not to Expect from Liposuction?

Liposuction is a common cosmetic treatment that gives people a more toned and sculpted appearance. However, it is essential to understand the limitations of liposuction and have realistic expectations before undergoing the procedure.

  • Liposuction is not a weight loss solution. While it can remove excess fat from targeted areas of the body, it is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a balanced diet.
  • Liposuction cannot address issues like cellulite or loose skin. Liposuction removes fat from the body but does not affect the underlying connective tissue, so it will not remove cellulite but can improve cellulite's appearance.
Patients’ Liposuction Expectations


Operation Goal To reshape and tone up the body by removing the stubborn fat from the various parts of the body
Duration of the Operation Depending on the treatment area and amount of fat removal, duration of liposuction operation can take 1-5 hours.
Anesthesia General Anesthesia is applied for the surgery.
In/Outpatient Inpatient
Staying in Hospital and Hotel 1 night stay in the hospital, 5 nights at the Hotel.
Possible Side Effects Temporary soreness, bruising, or bleeding.
Recovery Time 3-7 Days.

Possible Complications of Liposuction Procedure

It is always better to be cautious about the treatment's complications before going under surgery.

Here are some possible, complications of the liposuction procedure:

  • Swelling After the Procedure
  • Contour Irregularities (wavy-bumpy appearance)
  • Fluid Accumulation
  • Temporary Nerve Irritation
  • Skin Infection (rare but possible)
  • Fat Embolism
  • Numbness
  • Lidocaine Toxicity

The precautions MCAN takes to minimize the chances of complications:

  • Carrying out all necessary pre-op tests for in-depth analysis of the patient’s state.
  • Reviewing patient's medical history.
  • Providing all essential medicines and aftercare.
  • Lymphatic drainage treatment (also known as lymphatic drainage massage.)
  • Daily vital check and dressing change in the hotel.
  • Following up for 12 months after the patients leave for their countries.

Liposuction Aftercare

The aftercare process is vital to a patient’s recovery:

Patients’ diet, ideal weight, clothing, and smoking habits before and after the procedure are crucial to a smooth, safe, achievable surgery, recovery, and desired results. Therefore, liposuction patients must be well-prepared for the surgery; after the surgery, they must follow the doctor’s instructions cautiously.

  • Avoid Swimming: For 4 weeks, avoid swimming or submerging in water, such as in a bathtub or pool. It may lead to wound infection!
  • Avoid Exercising: Do not exercise for 3 weeks. But keep walking. Thereafter, you may resume low-intensity exercises. In the 6th week, you can exercise regardless of intensity.
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Fat Removal Surgery FAQ

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Liposuction does not help to get rid of cellulite. Cellulite is caused by fat deposits close to the skin's surface and pushing against connective tissues, resulting in a dimpled or "cottage cheese" appearance. Liposuction targets deeper fat deposits and does not directly address the underlying structural issues that cause cellulite. Liposuction can improve the appearance of cellulite; however, it does not remove it.

The surgery's complexity, general health, and surgeon's advice will affect how long you must stay in Turkey after liposuction. Most patients can expect to stay in the country where the procedure was performed for a week after the surgery. This allows for a post-operative check-up with the surgeon and time for any necessary follow-up care or monitoring.

In most cases, patients are advised to wear a compression garment immediately after their liposuction surgery and to wear it continuously for 6 weeks. Patients can stop wearing compression garments 6 weeks after the surgery. However, the length of time you will need to wear the compression garment can vary depending on the extent of the liposuction, your surgeon's recommendations, and your healing process.

Correcting a botched liposuction application through revision surgery is often possible. However, the degree and type of the initial liposuction will determine whether the revision surgery is successful, as well as the skill and experience of the surgeon performing the revision.

Liposuction is not a method of losing weight and is not designed to help patients lose significant amounts. Liposuction is a body sculpting technique that eliminates targeted pockets of fat from particular body parts. It is best suited for patients who are already at or near their ideal weight but have stubborn areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise.

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Dr. Ceran believes combining an artistic approach and technical expertise yields the most favorable patient results for plastic surgery. His proficiency extends beyond the technical aspects of plastic surgery as he is genuinely dedicated to comprehending the desires and objectives of his patients and assisting them in attaining the most optimal outcomes possible.

Published by MCAN HEALTH

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