Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a sculpting masterpiece that transforms the body's contours into a work of art. With the Brazilian Butt Lift, patients can achieve the ultimate vision of a toned, curvy buttock shape that highlights their natural curves and enhances their unique beauty.

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A Brazilian Butt Lift is a cosmetic surgery to improve the buttocks' size and contour. BBL involves removing fat from several body parts, including the back, abdomen, or thighs, using liposuction techniques, and transferring the fat to the buttocks.

What is Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey, which has become increasingly popular in recent years, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that aims to enhance the buttocks’ appearance, shape, and size. Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, or BBL, is a fat transfer procedure performed with Liposuction. The procedure involves removing undesired and excessive fat from other body parts, such as the abdomen, flank (lower back), and waist (love handles). Liposuction for the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery in Turkey can be performed in multiple areas if the patient’s fat is insufficient; fat can also be removed from the outer thighs and arms, carried out under general anesthesia, provides patients with desired volume, lift, and shape by utilizing patients’ natural fats; it can improve the appearance of saggy buttocks.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery in Turkey

Proven Results Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey Before and After

A reliable and favorable medical hub performing all kinds of plastic surgeries, from breast enlargement to facial surgeries, MCAN Health has succeeded significantly in BBL in Turkey. Therefore, MCAN Health is one of Turkey’s pioneering clinics considered the best place for BBL in Turkey. Hosting many international patients from all around the world, MCAN Health has operated on approximately 1000 BBL patients in Istanbul. Here are some of MCAN’s BBL patients who have gone through a remarkable buttock transformation!

Plastic Surgery in Turkey
Liposuction and BBL Experience of Gabriella in Turkey with MCAN Health!
Our Patient from Germany had tummy tuck and BBL Procedure in Turkey with MCAN Health

BBL Turkey Journeys of MCAN’s Patients in Istanbul

Patients’ pleasure and happiness are always MCAN Health’s top priorities. Each patient’s journey and experience are designed to be remarkable.

When a patient initially contacts MCAN, BBL operation begins until the most outstanding results are obtained based on the fat volume of the patient!

Some patients have spoken about the procedure and detailed this amazing experience as becoming an influence for others. Would you want to see the charming patients of MCAN’s successful surgery and unforgettable visit?

BBL in Turkey Reviews

MCAN’s patient spreads inspiration with their reviews for others!

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Tania Castro

It was very easy to contact the Clinic. I contacted the…

GB, Sep 1, 2022

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Elena Ana Maria

I had my BBL and breast lift done with MCAN health recently,…

GB, Feb 17, 2022

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Tira Tangbuht

I can recommend MCAN Health. I had my BBL and I am so happy…

DE, Mar 26, 2020

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A x

Can’t recommend mcan enough! I got liposuction and BBL…

GB, Jun 13, 2022

Brazilian Butt Lift Cost Turkey vs. Brazilian Butt Lift Cost UK & US

People wishing for a fuller and rounder shape of buttocks mostly prefer Turkey for the BBL procedure. Turkey’s success in plastic surgery and its well-experienced doctors are unquestionable.

Besides, Brazilian Butt Lift cost Turkey is another factor catching the attention. The affordable prices with high-in quality service and technology being operated in Turkey can save you money while providing patients with smooth operation and desired results.

Brazilian Butt Lift Cost Turkey can vary depending on the complexity of the procedure and surgeon. Would you like to compare BBL in Turkey price vs. in the UK and US?

TURKEY3.700€ – 7,000€
UNITED KINDGOM9.000€ – 15.000€
UNITED STATES8.000€ – 14.000€

Why MCAN and Why Should You Prefer Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey?

Turkey has been a significant destination for medical treatments and surgeries for a long time. Turkey has advanced a great deal in plastic surgery, such as tummy tuck, mommy makeovers, rhinoplasty, and breast surgeries, the most popular ones. Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey, mostly popular among women seeking a round and curvaceous buttock appearance, has become one of the most favorable procedures fascinating people to visit Turkey to have the best BBL operation thanks to the high-quality medical facilities and skilled healthcare professionals and affordable prices lower than other countries such as the UK, the US, and Europe.

MCAN Health, located in Istanbul, is one of the best clinics performing Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey. In addition to the cutting-edge technology that MCAN Health continuously follows to give the best surgery, its specialized doctors, MCAN Health, show ultimate attention to constant development for its patients. The affordable prices of MCAN Health also include accommodation at a 5-star hotel and transportation between the airport, hotel, and hospital. To make patients feel at home, MCAN Health provides international patients with ultimate comfort with translators in various languages and patient host services. MCAN Health is always with its patients before and after the surgery; it hosts patient experience specialists to follow the recovery process even after patients leave for their countries.

BEST BBL Clinics in Turkey
The best BBL doctor in Turkey

Best BBL Doctor in Turkey

One of the best BBL clinics in Turkey, MCAN Health, collaborates with internationally renowned medical professionals. MCAN Health is recognized internationally for its remarkable surgeries carried out by licensed surgeons.

MCAN Health’s aim is constant progress and success for the delight of its patients. As a result, the plastic surgeons at MCAN are carefully chosen based on their qualifications, success rates, and international accreditations.

According to MCAN, the patient’s expectations, safety, and the surgeon’s skill determine the success of the BBL surgery. So, the need for assistance at all process stages and an aesthetic approach are essential for the best results!

How is Brazilian Butt Lift Performed?

Like other procedures, the Brazilian Butt Lift process starts with pre-op tests and x-rays, a doctor consultation where expectations and desires are expressed; the doctor gives his/her professional ideas. During the consultation, the doctor specifies the areas where excessive and undesired fat cells to extract. The process begins with general anesthesia in the surgery room.

BBL procedure in Turkey

The first step of BBL, after general anesthesia, involves liposuction. In this step, small incisions are made to the donor areas, where the fat cells are extracted, to insert a cannula. Excess fat from the particular part, the abdomen, waist, or lower back (the fat can be extracted from the outer thighs or arms as additional), is removed to be re-injected back into the buttocks.

BBL Fat Purification

The second step of BBL is centrifugation. In this step, the harvested fat cells are separated from other tissues and fluids, such as blood and oil, suctioned out during liposuction. Following that, fat cells are filtered through a special filter which helps to remove any impurities, such as blood cells, oil, and other debris that may be present.

Fat Grafting BBL

The last step of BBL is inserting the purified fat cells into the targeted area. The surgeon makes small incisions underside the buttocks and injects the fat back into the area to create the desired shape and size.

Proven BBL in Turkey Techniques

MCAN Health, according to the patient’s needs and expectations, performs 3 different BBL techniques: Fat Grafting, Traditional Butt Lift, and BBL with Vaser Liposuction.

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting, also known as fat transfer or fat injection, is one of the most popular BBL techniques in which fat cells are harvested from a particular body part, such as the abdomen, lower back, and waist, with which excess fat is dense; fat cells can be extracted from the additional areas, thighs, and arms. In this procedure, the surgeon performs liposuction of the areas of the body with excess fat. After the harvested fat is purified, they are transferred to the buttock area to enhance its size and shape.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey Recovery

Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey Recovery Process

Following any surgery, including face surgeries like a nose job, patients can expect to experience swelling and bruises, which is regular and temporary after the procedure. During the first few days after BBL in Turkey, patients may experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort in the treated areas. MCAN Health’s doctors will prescribe pain medications and compression garments to help to manage these symptoms.

To overcome the recovery process smoothly, patients should follow the instructions such as avoiding sitting or lying on their back, only sitting on a BBL pillow for 6 weeks, strenuous activities for up to 6 weeks post-surgery, consuming alcohol and smoking, maintaining a healthy diet, drinking water, and doing daily exercise. The BBL recovery period lasts about 2-3 weeks when the necessary recovery steps are considered and followed.

Whether at the hospital or the hotel, MCAN offers its patients round-the-clock care by our doctors and nurses throughout their stay. Other medications and lymphatic massage are also available. Even after patients return to their home countries, MCAN continues to monitor their development.

Which People are Suitable for Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey?

Brazilian Butt Lift is a remarkable cosmetic procedure for those who would like to improve the appearance of their buttocks without artificial implants. However, not all patients are suitable for BBL.

You are a good candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift Turkey if you:

  • Have adequate fat stores. BBL involves transferring fat cells from other body areas to the buttocks. Therefore, patients should have enough fat available for the transfer. So, thin patients are not suitable for the procedure.
  • BBL patients should be in good overall health to undergo the procedure safely. Patients with certain health conditions, such as heart disease or diabetes, may not be good candidates for the procedure.
  • Patients should be committed to following their surgeon's instructions during the recovery period to ensure the best possible results.
BBL candidate
BBL improvements

What not to expect from Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian Butt Lift provides patients with significant improvements, such as desired size, good shape, and contour for buttocks. However, it is essential to have realistic expectations and understand what not to expect from the procedure.

  • A Brazilian Butt Lift is not a weight loss surgery. While some fat is extracted from other body parts, it is usually just enough to transfer the necessary fat to the buttocks. You should not expect to lose significant weight due to the procedure.
  • Brazilian Butt Lift can improve the overall appearance of the buttocks; however, it cannot remove cellulite.
  • It takes 6 weeks for the transferred fat to settle, as early results; final results can be taken 6-12 months. Therefore, patients should not expect to see the result immediately after the surgery.
  • The results of a Brazilian Butt Lift are long-lasting as long as the patient takes care of themself by following the doctor's instructions, eating healthy, and exercising. However, they are not permanent. The body can reabsorb the transferred fat over time, and the results may begin to fade after several years.
  • The expectations of the patients must be reasonable. Brazilian butt Lift provides volume based on the available fat cells by considering the patient's safety. Therefore, huge buttock expectation is not possible in one session. The patient may need an additional session to have the big volume.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey Facts

Operation Goal:Enhancing the size and shape of the buttocks, correcting asymmetries, and restoring the volume.
Duration of the Operation:2-4 hours. (It depends on how much fat and how many areas the liposuction takes place.)
Anesthesia:General anesthesia is applied for the surgery.
Recovery Time:3-7 days. (Patients return to their work and daily routines under the control of patient experience specialists.)
Staying in Hospital and Hotel:1 night in the hospital, 5 nights in the hotel.
Possible Side Effects:Infection, bleeding, scarring, fat embolism, seroma, swelling, bruising, pain, and allergic reaction.

Possible Complications of Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Brazilian Butt Lift surgery in Istanbul carries potential risks and complications, some of which can be serious or life-threatening. Before surgery, patients should know the possible complications of the BBL procedure.

Here are some of the possible complications of BBL:

  • Fat Embolism
  • Infection
  • Blood Clots
  • Seroma
  • Nerve Damage
  • Scarring
  • Skin Irregularities
  • Anesthesia Complications

To minimize the complications and risks of the BBL procedure, MCAN Health guides its patients for the best. MCAN Health makes patients' BBL journey less risky and satisfactory.

Here are the precautions MCAN takes:

  • MCAN Health will provide instructions on preparing for the surgery; all necessary tests for in-depth analysis of the patient's state are carried out, and the patient's medical history is reviewed.
  • All essential medicines and aftercare are provided. Nurses play an active and vital role in caring for patients during the patient's stay at the hotel after the surgery. MCAN's nurses do daily checks and dress changes.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage is applied to reduce swelling and inflammation, improve circulation, and promote healing.
  • MCAN Health provides its patients with follow-up services for 12 months after the patients leave for their countries.

Brazilian Butt Lift Aftercare

Following post-operative instructions is crucial to receiving the best results, keeping healthy, and avoiding complications after the initial treatment.

  • Avoid taking a shower: The patient should avoid taking a shower until the check-up. Keeping the treated areas dry is essential to prevent infection and other complications for 48 hours. Please follow your doctor’s instructions.
  • Daily Walk: Patients should pay attention to the walking activity. Walking 10 minutes after the surgery is beneficial to prevent blood clots.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery FAQ's

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The length of the BBL procedure can vary depending on several factors, including the amount of fat to be transferred and the surgeon's experience. On average, BBL surgery takes 2-4 hours; however, it may differ based on the individual's case.

Patients can start to see some improvement in their buttock shape and size in 6 weeks. However, the final results can be visible in 6-12 months. In this process, following the doctor’s instructions and taking good care of yourself is vital to promote and complete the recovery and have successful BBL results.

Patients can get multiple BBL procedures if they are not satisfied with the results of the first BBL surgery. However, the number of times you can get a BBL depends on your health status, the amount of fat available for the transfer, and the extent of your desired results.

BBL surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The patient is fully asleep and unaware during the procedure, which allows the surgeon to perform the necessary surgical steps without causing pain or discomfort to the patient.

Although both procedures aim to improve the appearance of the buttocks, there is a massive difference in techniques. BBL is a fat transfer procedure, harvesting the fat cells from some body areas, generally the abdomen, waist, and thighs. BBL uses the individual’s fat to enhance the look of the targeted area. However, in butt implants procedure, to increase their size and shape, surgical placement of silicone or saline implants into the buttocks is involved.

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