MCAN Health’s New Award: ‘’The Most Successful Innovative Health Tourism Company of the Year!’’

On March 4th, 2024, MCAN Health, a leading company in health tourism, earned another award: ‘’The Most Successful Innovative Health Tourism Company of the Year.’’ This recognition is more than just an award; it demonstrates our solid commitment to innovation and our ongoing efforts to set new standards in the rapidly evolving field of health tourism.  We are grateful to everyone who contributed to this success, including our incredible and proactive team and our patients, who put their trust in us from all over the world! 

MCAN Health Award
MCAN Health’s Founder Gülsultan Doğan Receiving the Award

Leading the Excellence in Health Tourism with Compassion and Hardwork

Since its founding in March 2015, MCAN Health has been on a transformational journey, dedicated to growing into a leading force in health tourism. Our core mission has always been crystal clear: to provide comprehensive, high-quality healthcare services that are internationally accredited, all while prioritizing our patients’ well-being.

Every step we’ve taken has been driven by our genuine concern and empathy for those we serve. The numerous awards that we have received over the years, including ‘Best Customer Service’ in 2017 and 2018, ‘Best Medical Tourism Company’ in 2017, ‘Best Medical Aesthetic Company’ in 2019, and the prestigious ‘The Most Successful Health Tourism Company of the Yearin 2023, are more than just recognition; they reflect our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service. 

At MCAN Health, enhancement of our patients’ well-being is more than a task; it is a fundamental part of our identity. So, let’s take a look at our innovative and rigorous approach to our work. 

MCAN Health's team photo
MCAN Health Team 

Innovation Unleashed: MCAN Health’s Industry-Defining Initiatives 

Let’s briefly explore MCAN’s journey that has earned us the esteemed recognition of this award in 2024 together! 

In a pivotal move shortly after our foundation in 2017, MCAN Health became the first company that transitioned its operations to a CRM system in the health tourism industry. This innovative leap marked a watershed moment as we seamlessly integrated the CRM into every workflow, digitally transforming our processes. The decision to implement this system was motivated by a desire to improve efficiency, communication, and provide personalized services based on extensive customer data.

CRM evolved into a strategic tool for quick decision-making, data accuracy, and long-term patient relationships, in addition to improving our operational capabilities. We recognized that CRM was not just a solution; it was a key ingredient in our recipe for delivering exceptional quality.

MCAN Health Team Photo
MCAN Health Team in a Meeting

In another industry first, we embraced innovation in 2015, when complication insurance was still not a standard offering from Turkish insurance companies. We partnered with a brokerage firm in the United States to introduce an unprecedented annual policy that covers potential post-operative complication expenses for our patients. This ground-breaking initiative, implemented shortly after our foundation in 2015, was a watershed moment, demonstrating our firm dedication to providing comprehensive services. 

Our proactive approach, guided by an unwavering commitment to prioritizing our patients’ well-being, enabled us to anticipate and address potential post-surgery challenges. The introduction of complication insurance, an industry first in Turkey, exemplifies our commitment to ensuring our patients’ peace of mind and providing holistic care right from the beginning of our journey in health tourism.

MCAN Health office

In 2018, MCAN Health had quickly complied with the 2017 governmental regulations, securing TURSAB membership and ranking among the first ten companies accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

In 2019, MCAN Health began conducting Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, deviating from the traditional single-question format, in an ongoing effort to improve quality. Unlike traditional NPS surveys that only ask one question, such as “would you recommend our services to others?” MCAN pioneered an innovative approach. In our NPS surveys, patients rate MCAN employees, contracted hospitals and doctors, hotel services, and transportation.

MCAN Health is proud to have achieved an outstanding NPS score of 8.8, which demonstrates our unwavering commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction!

MCAN Health patient

In late 2019, MCAN Health set a new industry standard by pioneering personalized nurse care for patients staying in hotels after discharge—an initiative aimed at significantly improving patient safety and facilitating a smoother recovery process. Our in-house English-speaking nurses visit patients in the hospital before they are discharged and pays daily visits to their hotel rooms. This comprehensive service includes dressing changes, vital sign monitoring, drain removal, shower assistance, garment wear guidance, post-operative medication education, and general support. Furthermore, the nurse is available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist patients with emergency needs.

MCAN Health team and patient

Staying true to our commitment to exceptional care and innovative approach, we received TEMOS accreditation in September 2020, making us one of the firsts in the industry to meet this global standard for healthcare quality. This accreditation, which we proudly maintain in 2024, demonstrates our unwavering commitment to upholding the highest levels of transparency and excellence in our services.

MCAN Health closed the chapter in 2020 with the introduction of its self-developed Virtual Consultation module, which transformed the patient experience by allowing international patients to receive online medical suitability assessments. This innovative tool ensures 24-hour communication, demonstrating MCAN Health’s commitment to accessible and progressive healthcare solutions.

Quality Certificate of MCAN Health in Istanbul Turkey
MCAN Health Accreditation Certificate

Elevating Excellence and Pioneering Innovations: Completing One Chapter, Looking Forward to Many More!

Overall, since the early days of MCAN Health, our commitment to innovation has resulted in significant improvements in service and quality. While we are unable to list all of our accomplishments due to lack of space (a good problem to have!), rest assured that our plans are just as numerous as our achievements. As we conclude this chapter, prepare yourself for the exciting sequel, in which we are not only raising the bar, but also redefining the entire experience. The best has yet to come! We are dedicated to improve our plastic surgery, dentistry and hair transplant in Turkey services!

Finally, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has played a role in our journey, no matter how big or small, from the awards we’ve received to the continued recognition. Your involvement has not only helped us provide exceptional services, but it has also allowed us to carry out a number of social responsibility initiatives that have had a positive impact on both the environment and society. Thank you for contributing to our success and sharing our commitment to excellence!

mcan health award night 2
Footage of MCAN Health Team from the Last Award Night in 2024