Dr Baha
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Dr. Baha

Bariatric Surgery


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About Me:

Dr. Baha is highly experienced in advanced laparoscopic surgery thanks to his crucial training and vast number of procedures performed. He has acquired a great reputation among his patients as an easy to talk to surgeon.

Dr. Baha has been working as a bariatric surgeon in his own practice since 2015. He was recruited for suburban practices at the Syrian-Turkish border. During his practive between 2014-2015, he gained experience in war surgery and advanced laparoscopy. He started to operate bariatric surgeries during his residency in the highest volume center in laparoscopic surgery in Istanbul between 2009- 2014 (Bakirkoy Dr. Sadi Konuk Training and Research Hospital). Dr. Baha graduated from the prestigious Pamukkale University Faculty of Medicine. He earned his PhD in 2005, after extensive education and practices in the field of sleeve gastrectomy procedures in Turkey.

In 2007 he passed the United States Medical Licensing Examination. He has several published articles in medical literature.

Dr. Baha is married and has children. He speaks English fluently, has an intermediate German level and recently started learning Russian.

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