FUE Hair Transplant

An effective treatment for male and female pattern baldness, FUE hair transplant Turkey gives the desired hair transplant results for the patients.

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MCAN Health, registered in UK and accredited by International Organizations performs high quality hair restoration surgeries with latest technology. Fill out the form to get a free medical consultation.

What is FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE hair transplant, also known as Follicular Unit Extraction or Excision is one of the most effective hair restoration techniques for many hair loss problems. FUE, one of the most popular techniques for hair transplant Turkey, is a modern method that does not require a strip of donor tissue. Since it is one of the less invasive techniques not involving stitches or linear scars compared to other techniques, most men and surgeons worldwide prefer FUE method for hair restoration. Based on the research by ISHRS, over 90% of hair implants surgeons choose to perform the procedure with an Follicular Unit Extraction.

So, what are the steps to perform Follicular Unit Extraction? During the procedure, the grafts are extracted one by one with micromotor. Canals, where hair follicles will be placed, are opened with Steel or Sapphire blades. In implemantation phase, hair follicles will be placed to the canals.

FUE method is much more beneficial when the patient suffers from advanced hair loss. In the Follicular Unit Extraction technique, the maximum number of grafts can be up to 5.000, which means FUE can restore the larger parts of the scalp in a single session.

FUE hair transplant Turkey
benefits of FUE hair transplant in Turkey

FUE Hair Transplant Advantages

FUE hair restoration, a safe and practical way to restore hair growth and achieve a natural-looking head, has prominent advantages.

  • FUE vs FUT is still one of the most popular questions. Unlike traditional hair loss surgery techniques, such as FUT, FUE does not require a long incision or stitches, which means that scarring is minimal and almost invisible. Besides, no linear scar is left behind as the grafts are extracted individually. FUE is the less invasive method that minimizes discomfort and pain and shortens the healing time.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction is the best technique for those with progressive hair loss who need grafts for larger areas. As mentioned, any grafts – up to 5000 can be implanted in one session with FUE technique.
  • Turkey FUE Hair Transplant gives intense results with the help of a micro punch and sapphire blades. During the extraction part of the hair follicles, the surgeon uses micro punch. The hair transplantation’s instruments, adjust the incisions’ depth, angle, direction density, and distribution, providing the patient with natural-looking results.

FUE Hair Transplant Before and After | Witness the Results

Hair loss is one of the most common problems that especially men experience. Thanks to the advancements in hair restoration techniques, individuals can solve this dreadful problem with an affordable prices in Turkey. MCAN Health has treated numerous patients with Follicular Unit Extraction since it was founded. Would you like to see some successful FUE results?

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FUE Hair Transplant Testimonials | An Amazing Journey in Istanbul, Turkey

MCAN Health performs FUE Hair Transplant Turkey in its accredited, exclusively contracted luxurious clinic. MCAN Health’s goal is to give the best possible result with an impeccable experience in Istanbul, Turkey. Would you like to see testimonials of our FUE patients?

FUE Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews

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US, Oct 5, 2022

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DK, Jul 15, 2021

FUE Hair Transplant Cost UK vs FUE Hair Transplant Cost Turkey

Turkey FUE hair transplant cost is the primary concern for most patients seeking affordable surgery with high quality. It is a fact that, due to several reasons, such as currency imbalance, the government’s support of medical tourism in the country, and the low labor and living cost, hair restoration price in Turkey is much lower than in other countries like the UK, the US, and other European countries.

The FUE prices in the UK and the US are determined based on the graft numbers. For instance, on average, in the UK, 500 grafts cost between 4.000€-14.000€. More grafts mean more charge for the patients.

MCAN Health provides All-Inclusive packages to their patients. The cost of these packages is unaffected by the number of transplanted grafts, unlike countries such as the UK.FUE hair transplant price in Turkey covers necessary medications, all transfers, and accommodation. The FUE price in Turkey has no hidden costs; patients do not come across any surprises. Take a look to our comparison table for Follicular Unit Extraction costs in Turkey with the UK and the US.

TURKEY1.999€ – 6.500€
UNITED KINDGOM4.000€ – 20.000€
UNITED STATES11.000€ – 25.000€

Why Should You Get FUE Hair Transplant with MCAN Health?

FUE technique provides a smooth hair transplant experience with no scar on the donor area, back of the head, and provides high density and natural looking results.

Regarding hair restoration surgeries with high-quality services and well-known doctors, Turkey is the first country people tend to consider as a FUE treatment destination. What is making FUE procedure in Turkey so popular? Why do many people fly from far away to get the surgery?

First, Turkey gives significant importance to medical tourism; the government supports medical facilities and infrastructure, including hospitals, clinics, and specialized centers. Furthermore, the Turkish government has established partnerships with international healthcare providers to enhance the quality of medical services offered in the country. Hair restoration surgeons in Turkey who are internationally accredited doctors have many years of experience besides their talents. Therefore, Turkey has earned the trust of many international and national people.

FUE technique provides a smooth hair transplant experience with no scar on the donor area, back of the head, and provides high density and natural looking results.

The affordable and all-inclusive prices are another essential factor attracting most people to have hair implantation in Turkey. MCAN Health is one of the well-known clinics in Istanbul, Turkey performing different hair restoration techniques, including FUE, DHI, and Sapphire FUE. Working with the experts in hair restoration, MCAN Health has proven its success with its successful result.

where to have fue hair transplant turkey
best doctor for fue hair transplant turkey

Best FUE Hair Transplant Surgeons

MCAN Health, an internationally accredited health tourism company, selects its surgeons based on their years of experience and success rates. MCAN Health’s surgeons and trichologists are also internationally accredited medical staffs who are specialized in FUE technique. If patients donor area is suitable, with FUE method, our surgeons can go up to 5000 Grafts with high density and full coverage. FUE hair restoration technique generally used on patients who have large balding and receding parts.

How Does FUE Hair Transplant Works?

Follicular Unit Extraction is the preferable technique providing both males and females with successful results. The popularity of FUE comes from the natural-looking of the newly transplanted hair. Depending on the extent of hair loss, FUE takes 6 to 8 hours. And it involves these main steps:


The surgeon determines the patient's case during the consultation by considering the cause of hair loss, type of hair loss, the likelihood of hair loss progression over future years, hair type (thick or thin), the patient's expectations, age, gender, and medical history.
During the consultation, the hairline is drawn based on the natural hairline and the patient's wishes. The surgeon analyzes the donor and the recipient area; decides how many hair follicles the patient needs.
All the necessary pre-op tests (HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C) are performed; the patient's medical history is viewed by medical experts.
Consultation is one of the significant parts of the procedure. The patients need to share their expectations with the surgeon without any hesitation. MCAN's surgeons are patients' guides to give realistic opinions and the best hair transplant treatment.


FUE Operation Recovery Time

The recovery part of the procedure, which is the essential phase of the FUE hair implantation surgery determining the fate of the successful results, starts after the surgery. Because the procedure is less invasive, it is not expected to have so much pain and discomfort after the patient completes the operation. However, mild pain, swelling, bruising, blood clots, and redness will likely happen in the first few days after the surgery. However, they are temporary, and the surgeons prescribe the necessary medicines to minimize these side effects of the treatments and blood clots are cleaned in the first hair wash by the nurses.

After the surgery, protecting the scalp and avoiding any movements that dislocate the hair follicles is essential. After hair loss surgery patients can return to their work within 5-7 days. FUE recovery time requires a short time; however, the best results are seen gradually. Therefore, it is recommended to follow the doctor’s instructions carefully.

Best Candidates for FUE Technique

Anyone, both men and women, who:

  • have hair loss caused by androgenetic alopecia, also known as male/female pattern hair loss
  • have a good density of hair on the donor area for the procedure to be successful. (If the patient’s hair density is not enough, s/he does not eligible for the FUE),
  • have big balding areas or extensive hair receding
  • do not have an illness (hair fungus, Seborrheic dermatic disease) that prevents them from having a hair restoration surgery.
  • looks for high quality and affordable FUE hair implantation

can have FUE hair transplant in Turkey.

who is suitable for fue hair transplant turkey
experts for fue hair transplant turkey

What You Shouldn't Expect From FUE?

Although FUE surgery can be a successful treatment for hair loss, there are some restrictions on what it can accomplish.

  • Instant results: It takes time for transplanted hair to grow and achieve the desired thickness and density. It may take several months before patients see noticeable results.
  • A full head of hair: Hair implant surgery can restore hair to areas that have experienced significant hair loss, but it may not create a full head of hair if there is not enough donor hair available.
  • A permanent solution: Hair loss may continue in other areas of the scalp where transplantation is not applied. Additional surgeries may be needed to maintain the desired hair density.
  • A pain-free experience: While modern hair restoration techniques are relatively painless, discomfort and swelling may be experienced during and after the procedure. However, these side effects are mild and can be managed with over-the-counter pain medications.

FUE Technique Overview

Operation Goal:To regain lost hair back.
Duration of the Operation:6-8 hours, depending on the extent of the hair loss.
Anesthesia:Local Anesthesia.
Maximum Number of Grafts:Maximum number of grafts can be up to 5,000 grafts
Hair Shaving:Hair shaving is done in the clinic.
Staying in the hotel:2-3 days.
Possible Side Effects:Bleeding, bruising, swelling, discomfort, pain, and necrosis.

Possible Side Effects of FUE

FUE procedure, as with any other procedure, can come with some temporary side effects such as:

  • Bleeding
  • Blood clots
  • Swelling and bruising
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Necrosis

To minimize the complications and side effects, MCAN Health takes crucial precautions to provide the patient with smooth surgery and the best results.

MCAN Health:

  • Performs all necessary blood tests before the procedure; reviews the patient's medical history.
  • Provides the post-up surgery information
  • Performs the first hair wash in the clinic
  • Provides follow-up for 12 months to monitor the patient’s healing phase.

FUE Recovery & Aftercare Instructions

The best FUE results are achieved with good aftercare. Therefore, patients should know what to do and what not to do after hair transplantation.

  • Avoid wearing a hat or scarf: Until the scabs are off, patients should avoid wearing a hat or scarf for 10-14 days after the surgery.
  • Sleep on your back:Patients should sleep on their back with the help of a neck pillow not to dislocate the grafts. Patients return to regular sleep after 10-14 days when the hair follicles are safe and rooted.


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Patients can observe the newly transplanted hair growing day by day even 1 week after the hair transplantation. Hair transplant is a long-running process. There are some healing phases that the transplanted hair go through, such as adaptating. Generally, patients can expect to see around 30-40% of the final results within 3-6 months after the surgery and approximately 70-80% within 12 months. It takes about 18 months for the final results to be visible, when patients can see the full growth and thickness of the transplanted hair.

FUE hair transplant lasts for lifetime. Independent from the technique, hair transplant enable hair follicles in donor area to be moved to receding and balding parts. Hair follicles in donor area are resistant to any change and will protect its nature which enables a healthy growth.

FUT also known as Follicular Unit Transplantation removes a strip from the scalp, afterwards hair follicles are seperated one by one and then transplantation phase will start. Due to removing a strip from the donor area a linear scar will be left at the back of the head.
In FUE technique surgeon will remove hair follicles one by one from the donor area with a help of a micromotor. After incision, separated hair follicles will be placed to the canals. FUE leaves no linear scar at back of the head.

FUE may leave scars, although they are usually tiny and less noticeable than the scars other hair restoration techniques leave. The scars from FUE are caused by the tiny incisions in the donor area to extract the hair follicles. These incisions usually heal quickly, and surrounding hair growth can conceal the small circular scars left behind.

Yes, they can. FUE method is an effective solution to restore hair loss and provides both males and females with natural-looking hair permanently.

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